Tarkov is a hardcore battle royale shooter with a unique set of mechanics, fast-paced combat, and a high degree of realism. If you die at the hands of the enemy and do not acquire insurance, you can lose all the accumulated equipment.

Beginning of the Game

To start, you need to choose your side, which you will represent throughout the conflict – an American or a Russian private military company. The main differences between PMCs from different countries:

  • Phrases and language of operatives regardless of game settings.
  • The difference in uniform.
  • Different starter kit – weapons, ammo, drink.

In the first stage, you should get acquainted with the game, get used to the mechanics of shooting and movement, collect resources, and the behavior of the character on the game map.

Escape From Tarkov is, first and foremost, a simulator, not an arcade battle royale, and you need to get used to its mechanics before you go to fight with experienced players. When you die on the battlefield, you will lose all the equipment you have obtained; therefore, in order to avoid losing interest in the game from a series of defeats, it is better to prepare and learn how to shoot and move when playing against bots.

You need to memorize the map – learn to navigate it, understand where to get the best weapons and ammunition, places where a fight with opponents can start, and points where it is most profitable to take it.

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Please note – there is no mini-map in Escape from Tarkov. For navigation, a regular map is used, on which you need to get used to navigating, and a compass, which you have to buy or get by completing tasks.

There will be no hints, markers, or places of accumulation of enemies or weapons on the map. You will navigate like a real military man – using real card-reading knowledge. Gradually you will master this skill and will combine visual orientation and comparison of each element of the landscape and orientation on the game map.

In orientation, you will be helped by large objects – a Sawmill, river, and other elements of the map. If you keep track of their location, you will be able to match the exact entry, and exit points from the location and ammo reload points.

Tips for Playing Escape From Tarkov

When you go out on a combat mission, take a minimum of equipment with you – a pistol and a cheap first aid kit. When a character dies in battle, he loses absolutely all equipment and weapons and everything that was in his inventory.

A measure with a pistol and a first aid kit allows you to get weapons, ammunition, useful equipment, and medical supplies without the risk of losing everything you had before. If, along the way, you also kill the enemy, you will be able to equip yourself, and the process will go faster and more comfortably.

Use the Wild Character

In addition to opposing private military companies, bandits and random mercenaries are often found on the map. Often these are harmless bots that can replenish your ammunition, but you should not underestimate them, especially if you are wearing all the farmed equipment. Escape from Tarkov mechanic will allow you to become a Wild character on your own.

This means that you will have random equipment and a completely different character. Many players use this tactic for farming in-game money, equipment, weapons, and ammo without risking their main character.


There is also a minus – you can be attacked by representatives of two factions.You will have the opportunity to mine everything you find on the game map for a limited time until the rent of the Wild character ends.

Other Wilds will not harm you, except when the same player as you is on the wild character. Attacking other players in the Scav status is not profitable; these are full-fledged PVE characters who have their own reputation system with local buyers, and for violating game ethics, you will have worse opportunities when trading with them. You will have less time to rent a Wild, higher cost, poor equipment at the start, and even aggression from all the bots on the game map.

Do not worry – reputation can be both lost and restored with some effort. Kill wild under the control of other players who attack their own. Use special exits for the private military company and wild ones.

To marry your character through a paid exit (You pay for transport that takes you out of the game map after a minute of waiting). Kill another member of a private military company while playing a wild character.

Try to keep a high reputation score with the merchant faction. This will bring you more time on the wild character, discounts, and better prices when buying and selling equipment. Bots will help you, and bosses can take your side. With a high level of trust, you will be able to buy the equipment of other players that they lost in battle.

Wild saves you from worrying about lost equipment. You can always take a new fighter and try again. When the time is up, you will be able to pick up everything that was obtained in the process of hunting and searching for your main character. This way, you get useful equipment and training in in-game mechanics.