devops lightlytics eipwheatleysiliconangleLightlytics is a cloud-focused startup that helps technology companies accelerate their cloud infrastructure and reduce operational costs. By leveraging best practices and an existing cloud environment, the corporation’s services can be deployed quickly, increasing scalability and reducing downtime. By automating processes, the company’s services can free up time for developers to focus on other tasks while maintaining reliability in their applications. Furthermore, Lightlytics’ products are designed to save time and money while providing reliable results.

The company provides comprehensive resources to help customers understand how to improve their cloud operations by utilizing best practices that build stakeholder trust. With its centralized dashboard, customers can view up-to-date metrics such as resource utilization and performance alerts in real-time to view the status of their infrastructure without having to manually check it multiple times per day. Furthermore, the service also analyses monthly usage patterns to identify potential cost savings or areas for improvement within client’s cloud infrastructure deployments.

Apart from optimizing resource usage and capability allocation across different clouds as well as across hybrid environments, Lightlytics also offers automated deployment services for applications in various technology stacks that range from DevOps CI/CD pipelines with built-in Jira integration on top of various database engines such as MySQL and MongoDB with support for multi-cloud scaling along with full application modernization capabilities such as migration of Legacy systems into managed Kubernetes clusters on Cloud Platforms like AWS EKS or Google GKE with support credentials rotation & encryption at rest/in transit compliance standards like SOC2 Type 1 Certification standards programmatically enforced via a state transition pipeline managed by Terraform orchestration tooling integrated into developer workflows enabling seamless deployments into multiple clouds minimizing #failfast cycles during every subsequent development roundtrip thus accelerating SaaS platform design & delivery timelines delivered by internal development teams whilst significantly reducing operational overhead costs through logging & monitoring integrations offered by Datadog which allows alerting upon anomalous patterns being observed which can assist teams in proactively addressing performance bottlenecks before they become hindrances towards high availability targets expected out of modern platforms today (basically .trustbutverify – KWebb TLA™) through API integrations offered by other SAAS vendors such as Pingdom offering complete packet inspection capabilities simultaneously helping identify malicious activities along performance sweeps pervasively over allocated resources within customer environments thus helping maintain HIPAA / GDPR / CCPA compliance requirements expected out of modern software businesses today maintaining long term customer security standards such organizations are committed towards preserving publicly at large continuously now&forevermore!

Lightlytics Secures $30M in Funding to Help DevOps Teams Operate Cloud Infrastructure With Speed and Confidence

Lightlytics is a cloud monitoring platform that helps DevOps teams securely and rapidly operate their cloud infrastructure. The company recently secured $30M in funding to further improve the platform’s capabilities.

It boasts an impressive suite of features allowing its users to monitor their cloud resources in real-time and track any performance changes. Its intuitive dashboard and easy to set up configuration provides an all-in-one platform for cloud infrastructure operations.

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Lightlytics is a cloud-based configuration management and automation tool that helps improve your cloud infrastructure’s speed, reliability and scalability. The platform provides real-time monitoring and automated solutions for your cloud environment to help you identify anomalies in your system and prevent unexpected downtime. Its’ intuitive interface allows you to easily manage, monitor, analyze and control all of your clouds assets in a single dashboard. As a result, it helps you maintain high performance levels while reducing costs by delivering quick solutions without manually intervening with every instance.

With Lightlytics, organizations can gain visibility into their infrastructure performance with real-time insights on the performance of different components across multiple environments. It helps identify potential issues before they arise so that they can be addressed quickly, saving time and efforts during mission-critical operations. Additionally, it allows organizations to ensure compliance & security requirements are met through its powerful policy engine which lets you define different policies for different points within your infrastructure. These policies then alert administrators when violations are detected so that corrective measures can be taken swiftly.

Overall, Lightlytics is an ideal solution for organizations who wish to gain improved performance & scalability from their cloud implementation while staying compliant with industry regulations & standards.


Lightlytics is an AI-powered cloud infrastructure automation platform that helps organizations to reduce their operational costs and achieve higher scalability in the cloud. With its simple yet flexible architecture, this platform enables organizations to optimize costs, automate operations, ensure reliability and security of cloud infrastructure services.

Lightlytics offers many benefits that can help to speed up cloud infrastructure services. These benefits include:

– Cost savings: Lightlytics helps organizations manage their cloud costs by automatically optimizing compute resources and reducing expenses across multiple cloud providers. It instantly identifies areas of cost savings while still maintaining service quality and performance.

– Automation: This platform enables users to automate operations such as scaling or maintenance tasks with high reliability and efficiency by relying on AI powered analytics to make better decisions faster.

– Reliability and Security: Lightlytics offers automatic monitoring tools that continuously measure server availability, fault handling capabilities and resource usage to ensure stable performance and secure hosting systems in the long term.

– Enhanced User Experience: Lightlytics provides improved usability through advanced automation algorithms which allow users to interact with interactive prompts instead of running complex scripts manually when dealing with infrequent tasks or actions.

How Lightlytics helps speed up cloud infrastructure

Lightlytics, a cloud security and automation platform, has raised a $30M funding round to help DevOps teams manage and operate their cloud infrastructure quickly and confidently.

This funding round will help Lightlytics to further develop its automation tools and features, which will help to streamline and accelerate the process of managing cloud infrastructure.

In this article, we will look at how Lightlytics helps speed up cloud infrastructure.


Automation is one of the key technologies used by Lightlytics to help speed up cloud infrastructure. By using automation, provisioning and managing server resources can be speeded up and automated, freeing up time for other operations. Automation allows tasks to take place quickly and efficiently with no manual steps. When thinking about automation in the context of cloud infrastructure, it generally means:

• Deployment: Automation can be used to automate deployment of server resources into a cloud environment, e.g. spinning up entire environments on demand

• Configuration: Automatically performing tasks such as configuring network resources or software deployments to ensure a consistent set up across different environments

• Monitoring: Constantly monitoring hardware health and performance levels to ensure optimal system performance

• Scaling: Automatic scaling of resources in response to changing workloads, eliminating manual resource management

• Maintenance: Automatically performing software updates or patching according to a predefined schedule

• Security: Automatically assessing security risks and responding appropriately through industry-leading policy enforcement tools for greater peace of mind

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Lightlytics provides a secure way to speed up cloud infrastructure across numerous enterprises and industries. The company’s technology enables the implementation of digital control points in the network stack and provides comprehensive security features to protect key assets. This increases agility and helps secure data in transit provide external (public) facing environments with reliable firewalls, sniffers and overall security policies.

Lightlytics further improves cloud infrastructure performance by providing an authentication layer integrated directly onto a single signature certificate or from an identity provider of choice when authenticating users. The core of the Lightlytics technology is its distributed platform that expands across multiple clouds for maximum flexibility and performance optimization for cloud services on-premise or off-premise. By utilizing signature certificate authentication, Lightlytics helps streamline user logins to gain access to data more quickly without breaking user privacy or sacrificing any level of security while ensuring data integrity and safety.

The platform also offers automated management tools including metrics collection, server health check monitoring, incident investigation analysis, 24/7 risk management audits, unified issue tracking, AWS S3 replication and other advanced capabilities to ensure public-facing operations are running smoothly instead of slowing down operations due to slow response times from mundane tasks like checking for broken links or searching for viruses on multiple suspect files. This is an important layer of protection because it reduces points-of-failure which can lead to devastating consequences for enterprise organizations who utilize potentially vulnerable services like web servers or email servers in the environment.


Lightlytics’ performance optimization platform is designed to maximize your cloud infrastructure’s performance and cost efficiency. Our platform provides comprehensive features that can help speed up deployment processes, optimize server resources, and improve overall system performance.

For instance, our advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms can pinpoint specific issues in your cloud infrastructure, recommends areas for improvement, and visualize the results. With such insights, teams can provide better customer experiences using fewer resources.

Our multi-tier partitioning capabilities allow you to take advantage of different hardware configurations that produce an optimal cost savings without compromising system performance. This makes it easy to run multiple applications or services on one instance with minimal effort. Additionally, our caching technology ensures fast access to data even when running multiple applications or services simultaneously on one instance.

Finally, we offer scalable solutions tailored for various business needs based on advanced automation and workflow management systems which help streamline delivery pipelines by minimizing manual processes and ensuring that deployments run as intended at all times. In addition, our agile approach ensures a seamless deployment process for all team members involved in the development process regardless of experience level or size of operation.

Lightlytics Secures $30M in Funding

Lightlytics, a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform, has announced it has received a $30M Series A funding round to help DevOps teams operate their cloud infrastructure with speed and confidence.

Lightlytics aims to help DevOps and app developers deliver faster deployments and identify problems quickly with the help of its platform. The platform automates infrastructure monitoring and analytics, providing insights into cloud applications’ health and performance.

Let’s learn more about what Lightlytics can do and how it can help organizations operate their cloud infrastructure quickly and confidently.

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Lightlytics, the cloud infrastructure automation and optimization startup, has secured $30 million in a Series B funding round. This influx of capital will help expand the capabilities of its automated software solutions, allowing organizations to recognize inefficiencies and gain insight into their cloud infrastructure operations.

The startup focuses on automation for both cloud-native infrastructures and legacy environments. Its solutions learn over time thanks to machine learning and AI, helping companies identify problems before they happen by understanding patterns in their day-to-day workflows. Then, it uses these insights to suggest changes and optimizations that can improve a company’s efficiency—saving time, controlling costs, taking advantage of application scalability, simplifying ongoing maintenance related tasks and improving resource utilization metrics.

Lightlytics’ solutions put the power of automation into the hands of developers and IT administrators—following best practices automatically within customer IT environments makes delivering technical applications easier for teams already spread thin across multiple projects. The company can also take manual repetitive tasks out of engineers’ hands—enabling them to focus on higher level projects—and ensure that organizations save time and money while ensuring customer engagement is as optimally efficient as possible.


Lightlytics is a software company dedicated to helping organizations speed up and manage their cloud architecture more effectively. The company recently announced the completion of a Series C funding round that secured $30M in capital. This investment will go towards furthering new product development and expanding into new markets.

Lightlytics’ goal is to make cloud architectures easier to understand, monitor, and optimize for businesses of any size. To do this, its platform provides several key benefits for IT departments:

-Boost Network Performance: Lightlytics Cloud Optimizer reduces latency times across entire hybrid and multi-cloud networks by analyzing performance on server, containers, applications, databases, cloud storage peaks and valleys in application traffic. It then automatically route traffic flow through alternate paths to ensure optimal performance.

-Enhance Visibility: Receive real-time insights into application behavior with Cloud Log Detector tool feedback. This helps IT teams identify issues quickly without knowing exactly where they are occurring in the network infrastructure – saving time when diagnosing events or issues impacting performance.

-Ensure Application Uptime: With Continuous Compliance Monitoring every change made across cloud architecture is audited for exact dependencies that provide evidence for compliance requirements or security concerns. Automated checks occur at scheduled intervals allowing IT teams to stay ahead of evolving regulations or policy standards related to GDPR, PCI DSS and other security certifications needed in their environment.


In conclusion, Lightlytics provides a powerful solution to speed up your cloud infrastructure by offering two major capabilities you don’t find anywhere else — continuous monitoring & optimization of your cloud resources and the ability to proactively anticipate application performance and infrastructure issues. Considering the size and complexity of today’s cloud infrastructures, this can easily translate into huge cost savings for businesses that depend on their cloud systems for business operations.

Using Lightlytics, you can track usage trends in advance, ensuring you have sufficient resources dedicated to different workloads before they become an issue. By deploying predictive analytics through machine learning frameworks, you can also detect any abnormalities in system behavior that could cause issues down the line. In addition, automated scripts help simplify configuration and setup times for deployments and scale out compute based on our predicted usage requirements.

Overall, Lightlytics has proven to be a power tool to help businesses save time and money when managing their cloud infrastructures.

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