Halo Infinite will mark the first Halo game in which players can collect everything from weapons and armor to vehicles, helmets, shoes, dog tags as well as battle stations. The collection process is both manual and automatic for players who want a full experience rather than simply grinding out gameplay.

Halo Infinite is a game that is set to release on the Xbox One and Windows PC in 2020. The “halo infinite recovery collectibles” are all the items that you need to find in order to complete the game.

Halo Infinite: All Outpost Tremonious Collectibles & Locations

In Halo Infinite, there are five Outpost Tremonious treasures. Unlike some of the other hidden things in the game thus far, the majority of these places are rather close together. However, there is no need for you to go looking for them on your own. That is the purpose of this tutorial.

Some of these treasures will be the first you see at Outpost Tremonious for two achievements:

  • “I found and secured a Spartan Core,” says the hidden experience.
  • “Accessed your first Armor Locker Mjolnir,” says the bank.

There are five total collectibles at Outpost Tremonious: three Spartan Cores, one Banished Audio Log, and one Mjolnir Armor Locker.

Always keep in mind that Scan can be used to search for valuables in the local vicinity. On the PC (mouse and keyboard), press “Z,” and on the controller, press down on the directional pad. Collectibles will glow orange, albeit not all of them will be visible depending on their placement.

Tremonious Collectibles Locations in Halo Infinite Outpost

1st Spartan Core


It’s difficult to overlook this Spartan Core treasure at Outpost Tremonious. This green and silver pulsing container with the UNSC insignia above it will be in front of you as soon as you reach the area from Foundation after defeating the monster. Picking up this Spartan Core will grant you the Hidden Experience award.

Spartan Core 2 is the sequel to Spartan Core.


The bunker will open after facing Escharum’s hologram soon after the first Spartan Core, revealing the open environment of Zeta Halo. Turn right when you reach the metal platform’s edge. Turn right again as you approach the cliff edge. To get to the end of the trail, go beyond the Outpost Tremonious bunker. The Spartan Core collection chest will be surrounded by debris.

Spartan Core 3 is a third-person shooter.


Turn around 180 degrees from the second Spartan Core and go toward Outpost Tremonious’ main goal (use scan to find its direction). Beyond the bunker, descend into the encampment, but keep to the left, beyond the orange shields.

Keep an eye out for the opponents and go through the shattered metal slats/bars on the wall in front of you. Turn left just after that. A massive red and grey armory box full of firearms will stand in front of the Spartan Core collector crate.

Outpost Intel — In Your Honor — Banished Audio Log


Turn around and proceed straight ahead from the third Spartan Core. The landscape will drop in front of you, leading to a weapons rack and several enormous red and grey containers. The Banished Audio Log item will be buried amid the boxes on the left side of the cliff, resting against the huge crates.

Mjolnir Armor Locker


Go up to the Outpost Tremonious landing pad, which is the main goal. Look to the right of the landing spot just before you approach it. A tall Mjolnir Armor Locker collection may be seen resting against a lamp post. The green UNSC insignia is prominently displayed over the Locker.

When you interact with it, you’ll get the Money in the Bank accomplishment.

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That concludes the hidden treasures in Halo Infinite’s Outpost Tremonious. There are several more sites to discover during the campaign, such as Mjolnir Lockers and Spartan Caches. Visit our Halo Infinite guides center for additional information.

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Halo Infinite is the next installment in the Halo franchise. The game will feature a new map, all of the collectibles and locations that were present in Halo: Reach’s campaign mode. Reference: halo infinite ransom keep collectibles.

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