Spoiler alert: The Coronation Street wedding is happening and the Emmerdale killer has been caught.

Soap spoilers: Emmerdale and EastEnders killers caught, Coronation Street wedding

Curtis in Coronation Street, Gray in EastEnders, Meena in Emmerdale

In the soaps, this is a week not to be missed, as shocking revelations are revealed! (Image courtesy of ITV)

The season of goodwill is approaching, and in soap land, expect shock twists, horrific discoveries, and drama aplenty, just like every other year.

The wedding day for Emma and Curtis comes on Coronation Street, but will everything go smoothly? To put it another way,

Huge breakthroughs are made in Emmerdale and EastEnders, as Manpreet Sharma and Whitney Dean uncover crucial information about their respective serial killers!

Is Meena Jutla’s and Gray Atkins’ reign of terror coming to an end this holiday season?

In Hollyoaks, a major incident alters the Osborne family’s lives, while Cindy Cunningham is crushed by Luke Morgan’s response to her attempts.

This is a week not to be missed, and here are all the major events to look forward to.

Coronation Street’s big day for Curtis and Emma

Curtis and Emma in Coronation Street

Is the pair going to say ‘I Do’? (Image courtesy of ITV)

Emma’s big day approaches, but she remains skeptical about Curtis. Meanwhile, Steve admits that the charity funds never arrived in his account, prompting Amy to admit that Curtis is a compulsive liar who isn’t dying! Steve is taken aback, as Emma waits for Curtis to arrive at the wedding location. Will he, however, show up? Or did he make off with the money?

In EastEnders, Whitney learns the truth about Gray.

Whitney in EastEnders

Whitney makes the breakthrough that we’ve all been waiting for! (Photo credit:)

Whitney makes it her goal to stop Chelsea from marrying Gray, and she achieves it by doing some research. She talks to Laura once again, pushing her to speak with Chelsea, but she feels alone in her search now that Kheerat has confirmed that he will attend Gray’s wedding. She soon makes a big discovery, though, when she realizes Gray murdered Chantelle — and she has evidence!

As Dawn loses Lucas, Meena meddles in Emmerdale?

Meena and Alex in Emmerdale

Meena takes unexpected steps to wreak havoc on Dawn and Billy’s lives (Picture: ITV)

When Lucas’ father, Alex, arrives in the community, Dawn is taken aback. A fight breaks out between Alex and Billy, forcing Meena to intervene, claiming that Dawn has been ignoring Lucas, making Alex feel insecure. Dawn is frightened when Lucas goes missing soon after.

In Hollyoaks, Christmas at the Osbornes offers lots of surprises.

Nancy, Charlie and Jack in Hollyoaks

For the Osbornes, it was a day to remember! (Photo courtesy of Lime Pictures)

Following Charlie’s birthday, shocking events occur at the Osbornes, leading to a life-altering choice. Christmas Day brings even more anguish for the family in question, as the choice puts a pall over the festivities, and Ella then makes a shocking disclosure!

Coronation Street’s Abi’s Christmas gift

Abi in Corrie

Seb gives Abi the mother of all presents (Picture: ITV)

Kevin obtains a handful of Seb’s items, one of which being a letter that causes Kevin’s jaw to drop to the floor. Kev pulls out all the stops for Abi after reading the letter, thanking him for the nicest Christmas gift possible. Kevin informs her that Seb was the perpetrator.

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EastEnders’ Janine plots

Janine and Mick in EastEnders

Mick is going to be beneath Janine’s Christmas tree this year (Picture: )

Janine dresses up as Santa’s Little Helper, but Mick overlooks her efforts, much to the delight of Nancy and Shirley. Later, the con artist discovers that Mick will not be spending the holidays with Linda.

In Emmerdale, Manpreet finds Meena is a serial murderer.

Meena and Manpreet in Emmerdale

Manpreet has her sights set on Meena. (Image courtesy of ITV)

When Billy left her to reconcile with Dawn, Meena is shocked, and she says she’s pregnant with his child. Manpreet, on the other hand, is skeptical of her sister, and she subsequently converses with Carol, the sister of Nadine, one of Meena’s victims. Carol believes Meena murdered Nadine, which has shocked Manpreet.

In Hollyoaks, Cindy discovers a terrible discovery.

Cindy in Hollyoaks

Cindy’s Christmas hardship (Photo courtesy of Lime Pictures)

Cindy is determined to make Luke’s Christmas one to remember, considering that it may be his last, but the big day is wrecked when his response to her decorations is less than favorable. Oh, and he loses track of whose sister he should be with! Zara, on the other hand, discovers something exceptional that saves Christmas for the family in question.

In Coronation Street, Nina’s anxiousness grows out of control.

Carla and Nina in Corrie

Nina’s guardian angel turns out to be Carla (Picture: ITV)

Nina’s nervousness continues to plague her, and Carla observes how uncomfortable she’s gotten. Soon enough, she realizes the extent of Nina’s concern. Meanwhile, Asha has no clue, and Nina has been upset by her invitation to Christmas dinner. Carla, on the other hand, gives her a really unique Christmas present.

In EastEnders, Phil asks Sharon to Christmas dinner.

Phil, Kat and Sharon in EastEnders

Will Phil and Sharon’s romance blossom this Christmas? So, how about Kat? (Photo credit:)

Phil’s private investigator has been unable in finding Jada, who has gone missing. Sharon extends an invitation to Phil and Kat to her holiday party, but Kat rejects. Phil goes to the meeting, and this time he has a message from his PI. Kat had a nasty argument with Sharon, which upsets Phil, so he asks Sharon to his house for Christmas dinner!

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