Minecraft is a game where you can build anything that comes to your mind. This time I would like to bring you an automatic smelter, because raw ores are really too common (and boring) in the game.

If you have a sorted out storage of ores it would be nice to smelt them automatically. The smelter is made from an Iron Furnace block and two hoppers, one for inserting the ores and the other one for the products. There are also some optional redstone mechanisms that can be used to increase its productivity or just play around with.

How to make a smelter in minecraft 1.14

The automatic smelter in Minecraft consists of three main parts. The furnace, the tiles and the redstone mechanisms. You just need an iron furnace block. It is also possible to smelt every ore in the game by using a diamond furnace but I found out that it doesn’t save much time and is less efficient.

You can put a hopper in front of the furnace side for inserting the ores. And you need another one behind it for collecting the smelted products. If you have a sorted out storage of ores i recommend to use a double chest so that the input hopper doesn’t get blocked up.

What is an automatic smelter in Minecraft and how does it work?

Now let’s get to the part that makes it work. You need two hoppers, one for inserting the ore and one for collecting the products. I usually put them on top of each other because it looks nice and saves space in my smelter design. The goal is to have only one side open so that the ores can be inserted. I put a random looking block on top of the tiles for this purpose.

You need a redstone mechanism to be able to insert ores automatically and one more for extracting the products. The best way would be to use a ‘weighted pressure plate’ so that you don’t have to manually insert ores in the smelter. This mechanism can be used to insert ores, but it’s also possible to use the left side for this purpose. I just used that one to save space in my smelter design. And finally you have to put an ‘output chest’ right behind the other hopper where the products will be placed automatically.

How to build an automatic smelter in Minecraft

A simple way to make the smelter automatically get ores is to use a ‘weighted pressure plate’. This means that you have to put one hopper in front of the other, both with an opening on the right side. The second one should be open at least two blocks downward.

Now connect the horizontal part of the ‘weighted pressure plate’ (under the hopper with the opening on top) to a redstone mechanism. The number of items that will be inserted into the furnace is set by this mechanism and depends on how much power it gets from the redstone current.

Benefits of using an automatic smelter in Minecraft

There are some benefits to using an automatic smelter in Minecraft. First of all, ores are too common and therefore it’s boring to mine tons of them. If you build an automatic smelter in your world, this won’t be needed anymore because the process is fully automated. Also it saves time when you want to collect products like iron, gold or redstones.

How to make an automatic smelter in Minecraft

To build an automatic smelter you just need some wood, sand and cobblestone. After you have put down the furnace with a hopper on both sides you can activate the mechanism by powering it with redstone. Now there are no limits to what you can use the automatic smelter for. Also you can use it to produce ore blocks by inserting ores in it. But this isn’t worth the effort so I don’t recommend it.