Smelting is a necessary part of Minecraft, being required to create certain items and giving the player an increased ability to process raw materials into useful tools. It is a simple process with few potential problems, but there are some things you should know before smelting begins.

Essential Information: – Wood blocks can be used as fuel in the furnace, and charcoal can be created from most wooden items. – Coal can also be used as fuel (and may be more abundant than wood at lower levels), but is significantly less efficient. – If you accidentally put a non-flammable block next to the smelting furnace, it will “pop” into the fire and become an item.

Minecraft How to Make Blast Furnace

Wooden tools are needed to craft blast furnaces in minecraft. Crafting of Blast Furnace requires 2 x lava buckets and 2 x stone bricks. To get the recipe for making Blast Furnace you need to collect 4 pieces of stone bricks and then turn them into stone brick blocks (at the crafting table).

Go ahead and craft a blast furnace, using 9 iron ingots from your inventory. Now get out of the crafting GUI, and mine 3-6 blocks worth of stone. Place it into the furnace, then get 2 lava buckets from somewhere nearby. Place them in the furnace as well. It will smelt all of the iron you have put in, and it will produce a whopping 8 iron ingots.

With this method of smelting you can get at least two diamond ore per lava bucket . This is a very effective way to use the furnace and build up your supply of diamonds.

It takes a considerable amount of time to smelt one chunk with a single furnace. Using multiple furnaces can greatly increase the speed at which you smelt items. Using a great number of furnaces will start slowing down your computer, so using half a dozen or more is not recommended unless you have a very good computer.

Tips and Tricks for Smelting Success:

  • Lava buckets can be placed into a furnace while full, but water and lava source blocks need to be emptied first. – Using lava buckets (and only lava buckets) as fuel in the furnace will provide a smelting speed bonus for items smelted with them.
  • If you accidentally put a non-flammable block next to the smelting furnace, it will duplicate into the fire and become an item. – If you accidentally put a flammable block next to the smelting furnace, it may disappear or even start a blaze (if it is netherrack or wood).
  • Furnaces can hold a maximum of 54 items. This number is increased by 1 for each level in the furnace upgrade branch.
  • Coal ore smelts 50% faster than the base speed, and other ores have variable smelting speeds depending on their rarity. – You can place different types of wood/coal into a furnace together. The more items put in, the less efficient it will be.
  • If you can’t smelt a certain ore because it requires another ore as fuel, try heating up an iron block and throwing it into the lower slot of the furnace. You might even be able to smelt multiple ores with a single iron ingot using this method.

The Benefits of Becoming a Master Smelter in Minecraft.

It can be very handy knowing how to smelt various ores and materials in Minecraft, especially when you’re stuck without any decent tools or armor. There are fourteen different items that can be created by smelting certain things in the furnace; these items are used for a variety of purposes and can be crafted into even more useful gear and equipment.

The furnace is the heart of any smelting operation in Minecraft, and it’s also where you’ll find most of your success when trying to smelt anything. For example, there are only three different ways to create a furnace in vanilla Minecraft; you can either place four cobblestone blocks in a square formation and then light the center block on fire with flint and steel, or you can create a 2×2 square of cobblestone and light the inside on fire, or you can use the crafting table to make a furnace. There are several other furnaces out there that can be used for smelting, but these three should suit your needs nicely (unless of course you’re trying to smelt things in hardcore mode).