The first major content update for PSO2’s Sandstorm is live today, with new enemies, quests and more. The upcoming release of the full-blown PlayStation 4 version has also been announced.

The “new genesis pso2” is a major content update for the popular free-to-play game, Phantasy Star Online 2. The update introduces new quests and events in addition to two new dungeons that are sure to keep players entertained.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis’ ‘major’ Sandstorm Requiem content update is live today


Beyond spending AC on Scratch Tickets, Phantasy Star Online 2: Fresh Genesis now has something new to do. The game’s massive Sandstorm Requiem content upgrade went online yesterday, bringing with it the Retem area, extra narrative, and a new level cap, among other things.

The patch notes provide a detailed overview of everything Sandstorm Requiem has to offer, including glimpses of Retem’s locations, collecting nodes, combat sectors and the dangers that await them, and the many NPCs that appear in the second chapter of the game. NGS has also seen a level maximum increase to 35, as well as new abilities and strategies for each class. The game has also included five-star rarity weapons and armor, as well as new augments and urgent tasks, beginning of today, December 15th.

The Stellar Grade Recovery Operation will be the first of NGS’ World Trials, which will begin next week on Wednesday, December 22nd. World Trials are large-scale events that take place across all servers, with the Stellar Grade Recovery Operation being the first. The game’s Central City has been decked up in Christmas decorations, and there are new AC Scratch Tickets to be obtained as well. The patch notes provide all of the information, and the game’s Retem release is being celebrated with a campaign.


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