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According to a recent report, Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is no longer a consultant for the tech giant. This news comes after Ive stepped down from the position in June 2019. With the news of his departure fresh in the public’s mind, it’s important to understand what this means for Apple and its future.

Let’s examine the details and explore the implications of this news.

Overview of Jony Ive’s role at Apple

In an unexpected announcement on Thursday, Apple said legendary designer Jony Ive will no longer serve as the company’s chief design officer. Instead, the company has decided to shift Ive’s role to an external consultant.

Ive has long been Apple’s most important creative executive. He was tasked at various times with designing products ranging from the iMac, iPhone and iPods to the Apple Watch and AirPods. Since joining the company in 1996, he won acclaim for modernizing Apple’s designs while focusing on underlying structural elements and luxurious materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

Apple described Ive’s role in its statement: “Jony is leaving Apple to form an independent design company which will count Apple among its primary clients.” The newly formed firm, LoveFrom, is based out of London and reportedly consists of a team of approximately 15 staff members who will continue to work closely with Apple on product development. When asked about his new venture by British publication The Financial Times, Ive spoke optimistically about embarking on fresh and exciting endeavors: “Since returning [to] Apple 2012 we have been focusing and refining both my—and our—roles”.

Apple Ends Consulting Agreement With Jony Ive, Its Former Design Leader

Design chief Jony Ive, who has been an integral part of Apple for more than two decades, is leaving the company to form a new firm. According to a report by Financial Times, Ive will no longer be an Apple consultant, a role he has held since 2017.

This news has sent shockwaves among Apple’s employees and fans alike.

Let’s take a deeper look into this announcement.

Reasons for Jony Ive’s departure

The news of Jony Ive’s departure from Apple surprised many, leaving questions about the reasons for his sudden exit. Although the exact details are unclear, several speculations have been put forth to explain why Ive chose to leave the company he helped build for over two decades.

One reason could be burnout – as one of Apple’s lead designers and creative directors, Ive was responsible for overseeing some of the most iconic product designs in tech history and had a large workload that can take its toll over time. Additionally, disagreements between Apple’s senior design team and execs regarding hiring practices and cultural changes could have been another major factor in Ive’s decision to leave.

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It is speculated that an increase in Ive’s authority under Tim Cook could have also been a factor. This would have meant more responsibility on his part with larger implications for Apple as a whole. Reports also highlight disagreements over high levels of secrecy at Apple which restricted creativity leading up to new product launches which could have eventually caused conflict between the design team and senior executives. Lastly, Steve Job’s death in 2011 could have weighed heavily on him and be part of his decision to leave Apple later.

Impact of Jony Ive’s departure on Apple

The departure of Jony Ive from Apple has raised questions about the company’s future and its products without his design leadership. Ive was instrumental in creating some of the most iconic products in Apple’s history, including the iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad. With Ive at the helm, these products became industry-leading designs that set an example for other manufacturers.

Without him at Apple, Apple’s advantage in design could potentially lessen, as rivals now have a greater opportunity to create devices that compare favorably with Apple’s offerings. However, it is important to note that there is a wealth of talent still at the company and it will be up to those who remain to ensure that the company maintains its competitive edge.

Additionally, Jony Ive had served as Apple’s Chief Design Officer since 2015 and took on more managerial duties as time progressed. His departures raises questions about whether his successor will have similar capabilities in managing both design teams effectively while still producing competitive product designs.

Given how important design is to Apple and its products’ success, Jony Ive’s departure is undeniably an important event for the company; one which could potentially have long-term implications for its product line-up and ability to stay competitive in a fast-paced tech industry.

Jony Ive’s New Role

According to a recent report, Jony Ive, the former chief design officer at Apple, is no longer a consultant for the company.

This news is a surprise, as Ive was known to be a huge contributor to Apple’s iconic design language, which has become synonymous with the innovative tech giant.

Ive’s new role is now unknown, and it could be interesting to explore what he is doing now and how he is utilizing his design skills.

Details of Jony Ive’s new role

According to a recent report, Jony Ive has stepped down from his position as Apple’s Chief Design Officer and is now an independent consulting role. While this new role might seem like a departure from the company, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Ive is no longer involved with Apple in any capacity.

Ive’s new role will see him lead the design of special projects rather than the everyday responsibilities he had been handling in his Chief Design Officer role. This includes working with Apple leadership on various items such as retail store design, product packaging, and other creative elements associated with their products.

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In addition to his current consulting activities outside of Apple, Ive is also said to be working on launching his design firm in 2020. The details of this project are still unknown but it is rumored that the focus of this firm could include furniture designs, medical technology and special projects within Apple’s ecosystem.

Overall, Jony Ive’s new independent consultant position shows just how influential he has been within Apple for many years and suggests that his contributions will be greatly missed within the company going forward. As more details about Ive’s next chapter become available in 2020, it will be interesting to see how much he plays in shaping the future-generation of Apple products and services.

What the new role means for Apple

The news of Jony Ive’s new role has sent shockwaves through the tech world. Ive, the former Chief Design Officer (CDO) at Apple, is now consulting with Apple’s Design Team. The announcement came as part of a series of organizational changes at Apple.

With this new role, Ive is no longer directly involved in the day-to-day design operations within Apple and has instead opted to take on a more advisory position within the company. This could be seen as an attempt by Apple to move away from traditional product design and transition into broader product innovation – such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality – that can harness Ive’s knowledge and experience in innovative ways.

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Furthermore, Ive’s engagement with the company could be used to leverage his accomplishments for wider visibility beyond hardware design – for example by giving talks or interviews about his experiences at Apple and providing mentorship for upcoming technologists. This shift could lead to more future involvement with other industries outside of technology eager to benefit from his experience in strategic design planning and development, such as medical or marketing solutions.

The corporatism brought on by this major change suggests that both Apple and Jony Ive stand to gain from this new venture; allowing their collaboration to mature over time while broadening their horizons enough so that both parties can take advantage of it potential expertise outside of their traditional comfort zones.


After a long and illustrious career, Jony Ive is no longer with Apple as a consultant. This marks the end of an era for an innovative designer who was one of the most influential figures in Apple’s history.

It is yet to be seen how this decision will affect Apple in the short and long term. Let’s look at some of the potential implications of this news.

Summary of Jony Ive’s departure from Apple

According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Jony Ive, Apple’s former Chief Design Officer and renowned designer and engineer, has left the company altogether. He had been with the tech giant since 1996 and is renowned for his contributions to the design of Apple’s products over the past two decades.

Ive initially announced his departure from Apple in June 2019. After he left, it was believed that Apple still employed him as a consultant. However, this is no longer the case as The Wall Street Journal reports that he has officially left the company for good in December 2020.

Ive’s accomplishments at Apple are substantial and include his iconic designs settings found on products such as Macbooks and iPhones. He also helped to create signature products such as the iPod, iPad, Homepod and iMac which reshaped how consumers interacted with digital gadgets during the late 2000s. As an ambassador of design, Ive was also instrumental in promoting creativity at Apple and nurturing relationships with design partners worldwide.

Without a doubt Jony Ive will be greatly missed at Apple after leaving such an extraordinary legacy of innovation over 24 years within one of the world’s most iconic tech companies of all time.

Implications of Jony Ive’s departure for Apple

As one of the most influential figures in modern industrial design, Jony Ive’s departure from Apple as a consultative role marked a major change for the company. Due to his important contributions to the company and their products, there will likely be serious repercussions given the lack of expertise associated with Jony Ive.

The most obvious impact is on product design, as the team of designers employed and led by Jony Ive over the last decade will no longer have access to his knowledge and expertise. This could mean that upcoming product designs, such as iPhone 12 and Macbooks, will look notably different from previous generations. Additionally, it remains to be seen if Apple can maintain its lead in innovation without providing this level of high-quality design leadership.

Furthermore, this change in leadership may affect Apple’s design philosophy. Although many believe that this shift was driven by a desire for Jony Ive to focus more on personal projects outside of Apple’s corporate environment, any changes to their aesthetic could be detrimental in terms of public opinion and brand loyalty particularly amongst longtime users who have invested in products from a much-admired industrial designer. In addition, investors may also become concerned if they feel that Apple’s previously consistent strategy has been compromised.

It remains unclear what implications this decision will have going forward but, certainly, Apple won’t remain unchanged without one of its key influences at the helm.