amazon luna prime twitchgartenberg thevergeAmazon Luna officially launched in the US today and offers Prime members free games. With this exciting new development, Prime members can now access various games, including popular titles such as Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft.

Let’s take a closer look at what the new gaming service offers.

Amazon Luna officially launches in the US with free games for Prime members and more

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming service, providing a great gaming experience with virtually no local hardware requirements. It’s available to all members of Amazon Prime and offers hundreds of entertaining games, such as top PC games, console favorites, indie hits, and more. The service also provides an exclusive collection of free games exclusively for Prime members.

With the advanced capabilities of Luna’s Cloud technology and Twitch integration, you can easily find gamers streaming globally and join them on your device in minutes. Connect your controller or phone to your TV for an immersive gaming experience. Simply download the app, log in with your Amazon account, explore the catalogue of games with Luna+, or stream from Twitch directly from your TV. Experience various genres like FPS (First Person Shooter), Racing Games , Adventure & so much more. Enjoy endless access to popular titles such as RAGE 2, 2K NBA 2K20 , Call Of Duty Modern Warfare , Persona 5 Royal & countless others free to enjoy.

Start a game instantaneously without downloading or installing it locally on your device; just pick up and play right away! Amazon Luna also respects user preferences; Personalize game settings according to display resolution preference or wireless controller preference, even while streaming is active!


Amazon Luna officially launches in the US with many features, including free games for Prime members.

With Amazon Luna, users can play games on their TVs, phones, and tablets using the Amazon Luna Controller or their favorite compatible controller. The platform offers up to 4K gaming with low latency, and even supports cross-play with PC and console players.

The service also includes cloud saves, in-game chat and more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Amazon Luna’s features.

Luna+ subscription

A Luna+ subscription provides Prime members access to over 100 games, mostly independently-produced titles, and several AAA experiences. With the subscription users can also get exclusive in-game content, experience cloud gaming on phones and desktop environments, and be able to purchase additional games within the Luna+ library. All titles previously included in Luna+ are also part of the subscription and will remain free for all Prime members.

The subscription also offers users access to Twitch features such as viewing chatrooms from their mobile device on larger screens or playing purchased games with friends remotely. Luna+ subscribers can store their progress across devices with Cloud Saves, control game audio levels for seamless streaming audiences, stream gameplay between multiple players in a single session, and access multiplayer options with pass-and-play mode for two or more players on different devices. There is also an Alexa Skill available during live game sessions that allows users to ask future game goals along with helping with strategy tips when needed.

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Free games for Prime members

Amazon has announced the launch of Luna, its new cloud gaming service. For Prime members, Luna offers complimentary access to a selection of popular games. As one of the world’s leading online retailers, Amazon aims to provide Prime members an easy and convenient way to access high-quality gaming experiences on their device of choice.

For those with an active Prime membership, up to two free “Luna Free Play” games are available including fashion favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well as Square Enix’s Just Cause 4 and multiple Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Far Cry 5 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Other notable titles in the Free Play lineup include Football Manager 2021 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

Those who want even more games can take advantage of the additional game titles available for purchase or rent from Luna’s “Game Channel”, which includes a library of more than 100 titles from publishers such as505 Games, Activision Blizzard, Capcom, Deep Silver/Koch Media, id Software/Bethesda Softworks, Microsoft Xbox Game Studios, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Inc., Sega Networks Co., Ltd., Square Enix Co., Ltd., SNK CORPORATION., Ubisoft Entertainment S.A.. In addition to these games are also episodic video content such as The Making Of Nintendo Switch – TV Tokyo Documentary short films and documentaries including The World Claimed by Warframe – Prologue “The Sacrifice” documentary film series.

For those looking for even greater variety in their gaming library can join up with Luna+ where they’ll have access over 220 premium game titles curated by Amazon Game studios followed by catalogue featuring over 1000 additional titles spanning across genres including action-adventure fantasy role-playing first-person shooter action sports racing simulator puzzles platformer and more . Whatever your preference, you’ll find something you’ll love playing on Luna!


Amazon Luna has officially launched in the US and offers Prime members access to a wide selection of free games.

With Luna, Prime members can take advantage of exclusive deals on select games, no additional costs for game play, and the ability to play games on multiple devices. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Luna for Prime members.

Access to over 100 games

Amazon Luna offers access to more than 100 games for Prime members at no additional cost. These games span various genres, from role-playing and adventure to sports and action. With an ever-growing library of titles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Prime members will never run out of new adventures, puzzles, and challenges!

Amazon Luna also allows subscribers to explore streaming technology in a way that traditional consoles can’t match. No hardware or software downloads are required – simply connect your PC or Mac computer with a compatible internet connection and begin exploring the world of Luna immediately. And with cloud streaming technology, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of space on your device or the need for bulky updates – all the gaming power you need is already stored remotely in Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers and can be accessed when ready.

Prime members can take advantage of these features in addition to discovering exclusive content released first on Luna such as Ubisoft+ titles as part of their subscription package – access all included games with unlimited playtime! With instant access to over 100 titles without ever leaving your home, gamers worldwide have never found an easier way to discover their passion.

Cross-play feature

Amazon Luna is a game streaming service powered by Amazon, utilizing the cloud to deliver high-fidelity gaming experiences. One of its features is cross-play, enabling gamers to play the same game across multiple platforms. This can include pairing desktop and mobile users or joining players on different gaming consoles.

Cross-play allows gamers of all levels to play together online with other players, regardless of what device they are playing on. Not only does this make it possible for people with different gaming systems or devices to join the same session together, but it also makes it easier for friends and family who prefer different platforms or genres to play together. The feature also increases overall tension and competition in games as the mix of players results in more dynamic gameplay experiences.

Amazon Luna is further enhancing cross-play by offering free games for Prime members, allowing them to access a curated list of titles at no additional cost – providing more opportunities for gamers from any platform to get into the game on Amazon Luna’s servers and adding even greater value for Prime members. This means that thousands of titles are now available without subscribers having to worry about purchasing them individually – perfect for those just getting into gaming or wanting more variety in their gaming library without paying additional fees. Additionally, since Amazon enlisted over 50 successful indie developers from around the world previously published games from celebrated studios like Coffee Stain, Aspyr Media, Team17 Digital and others will be included in this free selection each month so that gamers can continue experiencing varied titles across multiple platforms all through one service.

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With Amazon Luna, Prime members can access over a hundred free games! Non-Prime members can also get access to games but will have to pay to join the service. It’s easy to get started with Amazon Luna and you will have access to a variety of different game genres to choose from.

Let’s discuss the various pricing options that Amazon Luna has to offer.

Luna+ subscription

Amazon Luna+ is a subscription-based gaming service that provides access to hundreds of titles, streaming games on multiple devices for a low monthly fee. With Luna+, you get exclusive titles not available anywhere else, plus plenty of great features like cloud saves, multiplayer support and more. Your subscription also provides access to Amazon Prime gamers at no additional cost.

All Amazon Luna+ subscriptions include:

  • Access to more than 100 exclusive and popular games streamed directly to your devices
  • Cloud saves so you can pick up where you left off in any game
  • Multiplayer access so you can play with friends online
  • 4K streaming quality with no download times
  • Access to lots of free games and special offers each month just for Prime members
  • Passive rewards system which gives gamers points and rewards simply for playing their favorite games

Free games for Prime members

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a wide selection of free games through Amazon Luna. The service offers many popular titles from top game companies, including Epic Games, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment America, and more.

These free games are available to download on the Amazon Luna web and mobile app platforms at no additional cost beyond your Prime membership. To start playing these free games on Luna, you must configure your controller, occasionally needing a day-one patch before the game works properly.

The types of games available and the prices vary depending upon the game company producing them. For example, some games may be free-to-play but require in-app purchases to unlock additional content or features. Additionally, some games may be available to purchase as early access versions before their official release date which could come with exclusive bonuses such as limited edition characters or costume options.

If you don’t have Prime membership but would like to take advantage of the free games offered through Luna, you can start your 7-day trial today by signing up for an Amazon account. You’ll get instant access to all Prime features including two million songs through music streaming services like Amazon Music Unlimited and discounts on select items across all their marketplaces.


Amazon Luna officially launched in the US on November 10th, offering Prime members free access to over 100 games. Currently, the service is available to all Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, who can download the app on their compatible devices.

In addition, Luna also allows gamers access to several popular titles, including Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising. This allows gamers to enjoy their games from anywhere.

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US launch

On September 24th, Amazon launched Amazon Luna, their cloud gaming service. The service will initially be available in the United States and to members of Amazon Prime. This move marks the expansion of Amazon’s gaming market and marks an important step in their growth into gaming.

Amazon Luna is a subscription-based streaming service that brings people instant access to over 100 games with no downloads required. Players can enjoy various games including blockbusters, indie hits, and over 30 free channel games designed for Luna. Furthermore, users can also benefit from Twitch integration allowing them to connect with other players and streamers while playing.

Whether gamers are looking for AAA titles or casual games, Amazon Luna offers an expansive library that caters to all types of players. This includes popular favorites such as Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition and Control Ultimate Edition and cult classics like GRID Autosport Complete Edition, among many others.

US gamers can use the free seven-day trial to get started with this official launch on September 24th. Users who sign up for Amazon Luna will also become eligible for future benefits such as invites to gaming events in select cities and exclusive deals for popular titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Immortals Fenyx Rising.

International launch

Amazon Luna is now available in even more locations around the world! Prime members across the United States, Canada, Germany, and Japan can now access the service using compatible Fire TV, web apps (Chrome, Safari and Edge), iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

To use Amazon Luna on your device, you must have an account and meet the system requirements for supported devices. Once you are signed in to your Amazon account from any compatible device, you can access a wide selection of games and other channels including Ubisoft+, Twitch and more.

Along with international launch of Amazon Luna comes Prime Gaming benefits! Prime members can enjoy content ahead of everyone else within the Prime Gaming channel and exclusive discounts on select games. Plus they will be able to start playing many games immediately without paying full price!

We know how important gaming is to our customers worldwide, so we’re dedicated to expanding our reach internationally while also providing ways for gamers everywhere to get more out of their gaming experience with Amazon Luna.


In conclusion, Amazon Luna offers some great free games that Prime members can enjoy. The games are available through the Amazon Luna app, and include titles such as Sonic Forces and Sonic Adventure. These free games provide plenty of entertainment for gamers of all levels and interests.

Additionally, the subscription is reasonably priced so that gamers can experience a variety of gaming content without breaking the bank. If you are a Prime member looking for an affordable way to take your gaming experience to the next level, then be sure to check out the Amazon Luna app for all its gaming offerings.