The Golden State Warriors are one of the NBA’s most dominant teams in recent memory, even overshooting Stephen Curry by five games. So who can challenge this powerhouse? And could any come close to breaking Curry’s All-NBA streak on his way to a third MVP award? Let’s take a look at some players and see if they stand a chance against the King.

The “most consecutive 3-pointers made without a miss in a game” is an accomplishment that has been achieved by Stephen Curry. The players listed are all NBA players that could break the record.

5 NBA Players That Could Break Stephen Curry's All


It’s time to start thinking about who will catch Stephen Curry now that we have a new three-point king. With the game geared toward three-point shooters, we should expect to see more of the next generation break marks established by Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. Scoring 3,000 three-pointers in a career may not be as remarkable in ten years.

For the time being, Curry’s accomplishments are exceptional because he is a one-of-a-kind player who will end with one-of-a-kind totals. However, we must accept that some of our younger stars are on a trajectory that may lead them to surpass Allen in the future. Who is the most probable player to shatter Curry’s all-time three-point mark by the time he retires?

What Could The Future Record Be?

Curry is on track to hit 3,242 three-pointers this season if he maintains his current pace. Consider what he might do if he continued to hit roughly 350 to 400 three-pointers every season. That works out to about 5.0 each game. Given that he has only played 80 games twice in his career, we’ll assume he misses five games every year if he stays healthy. That works up to 400 each year.

Based on those characteristics, Curry is on track to end his career with 5,632 three-pointers if he plays until the age of 40, according to advanced analytics. Curry would be 38 years old and have 5,242 three-pointers by the conclusion of his newly inked agreement in 2026-2027. He’d have to put in two more seasons of at least 3.0 three-point field goals per game for a total of 65 games.

According to Sporting News’ Micah Adams:

“Let’s begin there.” Consider that he continues to hit 5.0 per game for the following five seasons. Allow for five missed games each year throughout that span, given that he’s only played 80 games twice in 13 years.

That’s 400 each year, bringing his total to 5,242 by the conclusion of the 2026-27 season, when he’ll be 38.

While the best shooter in NBA history should age gracefully, even Father Time will arrive at the scorer’s table at some point. Is he capable of playing till he’s 43? Vince Carter was the one who pulled it off. Even if Curry is still playing in 2032, he’ll be much more likely to camp out in corners for 25 minutes every night than to dance around defenders with a string. With 65-game seasons, we’ll reduce him to 3.0 triples every night, which adds another 975……5,242 + 975 = 6,217.”

Assume Curry is 40 years old when he retires. For the sake of this calculation, it implies he averaged 195 points each season and 390 three-pointers in his final two seasons. When he retires, he will have made 5,924 three-pointers. That raises the question: who is capable of breaking this? These five athletes have a good chance of accomplishing that goal in the future.

Breaking 5,924 is a long shot.

Ball, LaMelo


In 51 games as a rookie, LaMelo Ball made 92 three-pointers. Ball makes the list based on his credentials this season, which includes 70 three-pointers made in 24 games. Ball has lost time due to injuries this season, but let’s assume he’s healthy the whole time. If we based his total on Ball’s final three-point totals for the whole season, he would be close to 210 points if he played 72 games. At the conclusion of two seasons, he’ll have a total of 302.

Ball is just 20 years old, therefore we must assume he has many more years ahead of him. Assume Ball has 20 more years on the field, giving him a total of 22 years in the league.

If Ball averages 3.5-4.0 three-pointers a season for the next ten years and plays 75 games every season, he will have 2,800 three-pointers by the age of 32. With 65 games every season, he would add roughly 1,800 three-pointers if he can average 2.5-3.0 three-pointers over the following ten years. With this in mind, he’ll have 4,900 three-pointers in his career. Not enough to break Curry’s record, but enough to place him in the top five all-time three-point scorers.

The total number of made three-point projections is 4,900.

Mitchell, Donovan


Mitchell has been working on improving his three-point shooting. Mitchell averaged 3.4 three-pointers a game last season, but he’s hovering around 3.2 this season. This is the greatest moment for him to start hitting his peak at 25 years old and increase his three-point totals. Mitchell has made 810 three-pointers in his career. Mitchell averages 70 games each season, so if he continues on this path, he will have 993 three-pointers by the conclusion of the season.

Mitchell may average at least 4.0 three-pointers each season, based on the fact that a player’s peak seasons are between the ages of 25 and 32. We’ll play 75 games every season for the purpose of variety. Mitchell will make roughly 4.2 three-pointers per game throughout his peak years, according to our calculations. Mitchell will be in the top fours for three of those years, with a potential of 5.0 points per game.

Mitchell can be expected to shoot 3.3-3.5 three-pointers for at least four more years, given his 3,400 career threes and possible eight-year career. Mitchell now has a total of 1,000 points, with his last four seasons likely averaging 2.5 three-pointers per game. Mitchell will almost certainly score over 5,000 three-pointers in his career, which is a long shot.

The total number of made three-point projections is 5,150.

Three Players Who Have a Chance to Break Stephen Curry’s Record

Anthony Edwards, No. 3


StarTribune photo

Edwards is demonstrating that he has the potential to be a three-point specialist as he continues to improve. For starters, this season Edwards is averaging 3.1 three-pointers per game. If he maintains this average throughout the season, he will make roughly 225 three-pointers. When you add that to last year’s total of 171, you have a guy who has over 400 threes at the age of 20.

Let’s imagine Edwards improves and averages about 3.1 three-pointers per game before reaching his genuine peak years at the age of 25. If we add 1,075 threes to account for the five-year difference, he’ll be close to 1,500. Let’s suppose Edwards hits an average of 4.0 to 5.0 three-pointers per game between the ages of 25 and 32. Edwards will have five seasons of at least 4.2 and three seasons of at least 5.1, according to our projection.

With nearly eight years remaining in the league, Edwards will have around 3,800 career three-pointers if you include the extra 2,300 three-pointers he made over those years. For at least three more seasons, Edwards would likely reduce his three-point attempts to approximately 3.0 per game, putting him around 4,600. Then, assuming he averages 2.5 points each game for the rest of his career, he’ll have amassed almost 5,500 points. When it’s all said and done, Edwards might be a legitimate outside shooter if his career takes off and he becomes an All-Star player.

The total number of made three-point projections is 5,600.

Trae Young, No. 2


Young has a chance to finish high in the all-time rankings because of his huge amount of shots. When you combine it with his age, Young has a lot going for him. Young, for starters, is averaging 7.1 three-point attempts per game, with a 2.5 average. Young, who is just 23, has a total of 574 three-pointers. Young could finish the year with approximately 700 three-pointers in his career if he maintains his current trajectory.

Young has shown that he can make more than three three-pointers a game in the future (he averaged 3.5 three-pointers game in his second season). Young is averaging 2.9 three-pointers per game this season. Let’s imagine Young begins to heat up over the following three seasons, averaging 3.5 three-pointers per game. Then he averages above 4.0 for seven seasons, with three of them seasons exceeding 5.0. If we continue on this pace, he will have over 4,200 career three-pointers by the time he is 33.

Assuming Young remains healthy, we can estimate that he will average over 3.0 points a game over the next three seasons, giving him 700 three-point attempts. With four years remaining on his contract, Young might be shooting 2.0 to 2.5 three-pointers per game, which would still put him close to 500 three-pointers in his career.

The total number of made three-point projections is 5,700.

Luka Doncic is number one.


courtesy of USATSI

Doncic is currently averaging 2.7 made three-point field goals per game. Doncic would have 4,000 career three-pointers if he played at least 75 games every season for 20 years, which is not impossible given his durability. Given his age of 22, he seems to be on his way to exceeding that amount.

Curry has a lifetime scoring average of 4.2 points per game. That requirement will begin to shift in the correct way as Doncic continues to play and develop. Curry averaged 2.1 three-point field goals a game throughout his first three seasons in the league, with the last time being at the conclusion of his age 23 season. Even if Doncic just plays another year at approximately 2.7, he will have a better start than Curry.

Let’s imagine Doncic opens the season with roughly 800 three-pointers. He adds two more years of roughly 3.8 threes per game before entering his peak years, bringing his total to around 1,300. Let’s suppose Doncic has five seasons with an average of 4.5 three-pointers per game, followed by three seasons with an average of 5.3. These are all true numbers, bringing his total to over 3,000 threes throughout this time period, for a total of 3,800.

Doncic’s numbers would decline over the following four seasons, but that’s OK since his 4.3 average over the next five years would put him near 5,600 points. Doncic’s 2.0 to 3.0 threes per game in his next two years will certainly earn him at least 300 threes, bringing his career total to 5,900. Some of this sounds similar to Young’s assessment, but the difference is that Doncic is the superior player. Because Doncic is shooting more shots from outside, he is more likely to go on a string of hitting at least four or five threes per game. If we were to decide the future of outside shooting based on the two resumes, all the factors point to Doncic.

The total number of made three-point projections is 5,900.


As you can see, breaking Stephen Curry’s all-time 3-point record would be quite difficult. It isn’t impossible, but it will be very difficult. To even get close, those players would need to average at least 5 made three-point field goals each season for many seasons, which will only be achievable if the game advances in the future. Luka Doncic will be the most likely player to shatter Stephen Curry’s record, while Trae Young may finish third all-time. Only time will tell, but we can be certain that Stephen Curry’s record will stand for the next 15 years.

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Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP and the NBA’s best player. He has led his team to a record breaking season, and in the process, he has broken the league record for 3-pointers made. In one game, he dropped 50 points on just 25 field goal attempts. If you want to know how many 3s Stephen Curry has made this season or if you are looking for some players that could break his all-time record, then read on. Reference: how many 3s has curry made this season 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who holds the 3 point record?

A: Russell Westbrook. He holds the 3 point record at 40

Who made the most 3 pointers in the NBA?

A: The most 3 pointers made in a game was 38 by Stephen Curry on November 12th, 2016.

How many games did it take Curry to break the 3 point record?

A: This question is too vague. Please provide a specific game and year so that I might answer it more accurately!

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