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According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is preparing to launch the first iteration of its augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset device. The device is codenamed “Apple Reality Pro” and is set to be one of Apple’s three headset devices, indicating a shift towards a more immersive technology space.

Apple Reality Pro is speculated to have various features that could revolutionize the AR/VR space. Let’s get into the details.

Apple is set to launch a new set of augmented reality and virtual reality headset devices, the first of which is the Apple Reality Pro.

Overview of Gurman’s Report

Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg technology journalist Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is developing augmented and virtual reality headsets. These two products will be released alongside a third device, serving as the company’s first commercially available headset.

The report suggests the “Apple Reality Pro” headset offers augmented and virtual reality content. It would feature a high-resolution, 8K display and over 20 cameras to deliver fantastic visuals and seamless tracking. Additionally, the device is said to utilize shortwave infrared laser light to communicate with external devices like iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

This could allow for AR/VR content sharing among Apple devices, creating an interconnected ecosystem of products.

Gurman goes on to state that there are plans for a less expensive model of the Pro headset which would offer less power and functionality than its flagship counterpart. In addition to these two headsets, Apple appears to be working on a more lightweight third device in the form of glasses or sunglasses geared towards consumers looking for an accessible entry point into augmented reality. The report also mentioned a potential tracking tag which could attach to accessories like helmets or baseball caps for outdoor activities such as cycling or running.

Overall, Mark Gurman’s report offers interesting insight into Apple’s upcoming product roadmap that may revolutionize the world of AR/VR entertainment in the years ahead.

Apple Reality Pro

Apple is set to launch a new set of augmented reality and virtual reality headset devices, the first of which is the Apple Reality Pro. According to Bloomberg, the headset will include multiple cameras and give users a unique immersive experience.

It includes a high-resolution OLED display, dual 8K displays, advanced eye-tracking and more. First, we look closer at what the Apple Reality Pro offers.

Device Features and Specs

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce its first Apple Reality Pro headset this year, followed by two more variations in the future. According to reports from Bloomberg, the headset is said to feature a high-resolution display, depth-sensing cameras, and built-in inward-facing cameras for tracking a person’s gaze.

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The “Reality Pro” model is expected to be the flagship device and will offer up a range of features including an 8K display per eye, stereo sound, dual 6K external cameras for capturing video and photos as well as advanced eye tracking tech that can detect both pupil dilation and gaze direction.

The device will also be powered by a custom system on chip (SoC) designed by Apple, which is tentatively called the A14R and features either 16GB or 32GB of RAM with internal storage ranging from 256GB to 1TB.

It’s also expected that facial recognition technology like Face ID will be included on the device which could potentially replace or supplement physical controllers like Touch ID as seen on competing headsets. Additionally, the always-on satellite-based location services — such as GPS — will be included allowing user’s movements to tracked allowing for immersive AR experiences.

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce its first Apple Reality Pro headset this year, followed by two more variations in the future.

In addition to these features, it’s likely that Apple Reality Pro headsets may include other features such macOS integration with Mac computers via GearVR app support for iOS devices.

Additionally, reports have suggested that Apple could use a new ‘StarBoard’ software platform alongside its existing ARKit framework, providing developers with more tools needed to create persuasive augmented reality experiences. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but some analysts expect this generation of headset retail between US$1 000 – US$3 000 depending on the included features.

Price and Release Date

Currently, pricing and release dates for the Apple Reality Pro have not been announced. However, according to the report from Gurman, the device is expected to be revealed as soon as 2021. It will likely fall into the higher end of Apple’s product lineup and have a price point between an iPhone or iPad and a Mac computer.

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Given its positioning in Apple’s lineup, observers believe that the device could cost anywhere from $499 to $1,200 apiece. The lower pricing could make it more accessible and create a more mainstream market for virtual reality technology. Additionally, rumors suggest that Apple will release two additional AR/VR headsets in 2022–23: an all-in-one device codenamed N301 and a sleeker version codenamed N421.

Apple has yet to confirm these reports but industry analysts are watching closely due to the potential implications of an Apple-led foray into AR/VR technology. If successful, these devices could usher in a transformative period in how people interact with technology worldwide.

Apple Reality and Apple Reality Lite

Gurman’s reliable sources confirm that Apple plans to launch three devices in its first range of AR/VR headsets: the Apple Reality Pro, Apple Reality, and Apple Reality Lite.

All these headsets will use Apple’s chipset and feature an ultra-high-resolution display and an inbuilt camera system to enhance the user’s virtual reality experience.

Let’s take a look at the details of each device.

Features and Specs

Apple Reality and Apple Reality Lite are expected to be the first of three virtual reality headsets from Apple. The new devices offer groundbreaking performance, integrated technologies and an amazing range of features that make them powerful, immersive and interactive.

Apple Reality will feature dual 8K displays with 120Hz refresh rate, eye-tracking technology for foveated rendering, integrated spatial audio driver for directional sound, facial tracking for face recognition in virtual spaces and a powerful dual CPU/GPU combination for augmented and virtual reality experiences. The device will also support LiDAR scanning, which can automatically map out physical objects in a space to enable accurate, real-time tracking of users and objects.

Gurman: ‘Apple Reality Pro’ to Be First of Three Apple AR/VR Headset Devices

Apple Reality Lite features a single 8K display at 90Hz refresh rate and the same technologies as its bigger sibling including LiDAR scanning. It offers a slightly larger field of view than Apple Reality (105 degrees versus 90), is lighter in weight (478 grams compared to 550) and more portable overall for convenience purposes — useable on-the-go or at home.

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Both Apple Reality and Apple Reality Lite have wireless connections enabled by 802.11ad WiGig technology — giving users unprecedented mobility that eliminates any cable connection needed between their headset device and the host computer system enabling immersive experiences like no other before it.

It is also believed that Apple plans on releasing two more headsets, the Apple Reality Lite and Apple Reality Max, each offering unique features tailored to fit different levels of computing experience.

Price and Release Date

Though pricing and release dates for the new Apple Reality Pro have yet to be announced, speculation suggests that Apple’s latest venture into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets will be priced higher than its predecessor, the Apple Reality Lite. Given that market rivals such as Oculus are offering headsets for under USD 300, this predicted pricepoint may come as a shock to many consumers.

Rumors suggest that the Apple Reality Pro and its two upcoming successors may not hit store shelves until spring 2021. However, factors like the coronavirus pandemic and delayed production lines could impact release dates further down the line. In the meantime, consumers interested in VR technology can shop devices from competitors such as Oculus or Valve’s Index headsets.


Gurman’s report provides a compelling case for Apple’s AR/VR plans, and potential users of the company’s upcoming headsets can look forward to an exciting future. The Apple Reality Pro is said to be the first of three Apple AR/VR headset devices, which promises to bring users into a completely new world of virtual and augmented reality.

Let’s take a look after Gurman’s report.

Summary of Apple’s AR/VR Headsets

Apple’s AR/VR headsets are expected to be their first product line in the augmented and virtual reality space. The technology giant has reportedly been developing a high-end “Apple Reality Pro” headset which is currently in its prototype phase and slated for global launch in 2022.

The device will feature dual 8K displays with eye-tracking technology and advanced haptic feedback for heightened immersion. It is also believed that Apple plans on releasing two more headsets, the Apple Reality Lite and Apple Reality Max, each offering unique features tailored to fit different levels of computing experience.

The Lite version may function as an AR device with limited VR capabilities. At the same time, the Max could serve as a professional-level AR/VR headset built directly into a workstation form factor. It will be interesting to see what Apple’s next big move into this space brings. In recent years, they have been making huge strides towards becoming one of the world’s preeminent suppliers of augmented and virtual reality solutions.

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