Mortal Kombat has always been one of the best fighting games that came out in the year 1992. The game has turned into a million-dollar franchise with so many movies and games already out on the market. There are a lot of interesting characters who are not created equal. Their arcana differs from the others, and so are their moves. One of the best things about the game is that you can unlock characters like Jason Vhoorees, Predator, and many other surprise characters. 

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In Mortal Kombat X, Sub-Zero is the only character whose X-ray attack does not break bones or harm them. He has one of the weakest X-Ray attacks against Reptile and Raiden. Also, his Cryomancer Variation is the only character that uses an uppercut that hits Mid, which means that it is unavoidable for the opponent to block it while he is ducking. Shinnok can steal the Brutality using his Impostor variation while Triborg borrows his finisher. Some of his fatalities include:

Snowball Grenade is when Sub-Zero creates a small ball of ice and throws it at the opponent. It gets within their chest and gets detonated.

Ice Shatter that deep-freezes the opponents and gives them an uppercut on the upper body and shatters it.

Freeze Kick freezes the opponent and smashes them with a kick.

Frosty! Is Sub-Zero’s cold breath that makes them fall back and shatter when they touch the floor. 


Raiden is formless and ethereal and often takes form on mortal planes. He appears as a fully grown man who wears a white robe and a blue vest. His face is usually shadowed with a straw hat, and he has glowing blue eyes. They radiate with electricity, and he has long white hair. Some of his fatalities include: 

Super Shocker where he performs an Electrocute, making the head of the opponent explode.

Dark Force is a Power Discharge combo where the opponent slides across the ground and gets cut in half at the waist, and electrocutes their limbs.

Overload is a Lightning Strike that bifurcates the opponent at the waist during a final electrical surge. 

Power Outage comprises two static traps and a full trap that can zap off the limbs of the opponent.


She is a mutant hybrid who is a clone of Kitana who is created in Shang Tsung’s flesh pits. Shao Kahn got paranoid that one day Kitana would learn the truth and will betray him. She is a fusion of Edenian physiology and Tarkatan blood. During combat, she utilizes her full potential and attributes of both races. These include speed, strength, brute strength, and acrobatic prowess. She is very frightening and uses her carnivore instincts and savagery to devour fallen opponents. Her fatalities include:

High Rollers is Mileena’s move where she performs a Ball Roll or a Flip ‘n’ Roll – this obliterates the opponent’s shins. 

Tele-Splat, where she performs either a Tele-Kick or a Tele-Drop. This is how he destroys the opponent’s head because of an impact.

Impaler is Mileena’s Sadistic combo, where Mileena stabs the opponent in the stomach and creates a hole that is big enough for Mileena to rip the heart of the opponent with her Sai. Once she finishes, she drops their heart. 

Fun Ride allows Mileena to perform her Rider combo and decapitate the opponent. Later, she jumps over them. 


D’Vorah belongs to the Kytinn race, which is one of the species of colonial insects. These insects connect together and form a human-like body. Shao Kahn conquered and annexed her realm into the Outworld. After this, she swore to serve him and avoided becoming a slave. She rose higher in politics and got the rank of Shao Kahn’s successor named Kotal Kahn’s advisor and second-in-command. 

She also assisted Kotal Kahn when Mileena turned against him. Her main concern was the survival of the Hive which is the birthplace of the Kytinn race. She betrayed Kotal Kahn and allied with Shinnok and Kronika to revive the Kytinn race once again. Some of her fatalities include:

Acid Burn in which D’Vorah performs a Bug Spray and melts the flesh of her opponent’s face.

Migraine where she has to perform an Ovipositor Charge and puncture a hole in the opponent’s head with a final sting.

Bug Zapper is a deadly move where D’Vorah infests the opponent and bisects the opponent while they are still in the air.

Incubate allows D’Vorah to perform her Throw where the opponent is thrown to the ground and she injects a larva in the opponent’s heart that grows and eventually bursts.


Hanzo Hasashi or Scorpion is one of the most amazing characters who was the son of a former member of the Shirai Ryu who forbade him from joining the clan or becoming an assassin. But, Hanzo joined the clan so that he can provide a comfortable life for his son and wife. Soon his entire clan gets exterminated as a result of Quan Chi’s manipulation and becomes a sworn enemy of the Lin Kuei clan that has Bi-Han AKA Sub Zero. 

He rises from hell and seeks vengeance against Lin Kuei. Sub Zero is known for his hell-bound ninja costume and “Come Over Here” that lures the enemy back to him once they get stabbed by a pair of chained Kunai or spears and hits them with an uppercut or a spin kick. Following are some of his fatalities. 

Get Over Here is Scorpion’s signature move where he uses a Double Spear and enhances the attack. 

The opponent gets hit by Hellfire causing their entire body to explode except for the head.

The Shirai Ryu Fire decapitates the opponent using a flaming uppercut.

Just a Scratch slices off the opponent’s arms and they eventually bleed to death.

Little Devil, where Scorpion performs a Minion Grab or Minion Hold. This destroys the enemy’s entire body leaving their head devoured. 


In the end, one can say that Mortal Kombat is one of those games that one can revert to anytime and enjoy with the same amusement. There are many other characters that you can play with including Reptile, Kotal Kahn, Kenshi, Kung Lau, Erron Black, Ermac, and many others. If you do not fancy playing the game on your PC, you can enjoy it on your smartphone as well.