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Cynet, a startup specializing in cyber security protection and threat detection, recently raised $40 million. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Cynet is dedicated to helping organizations gain visibility and control over all aspects of their cybersecurity via a single platform while providing an automated response and threat hunting capabilities.

Cynet is a rapidly growing team of seasoned security professionals committed to helping protect organizations from the growing threat of cyberattacks. In this article we will explore Cynet’s commitment to cybersecurity, their history, and the organization’s continuing growth and plans for the future.

protection startup Cynet raises $40M to expand reach

Cynet is a cybersecurity protection startup that addresses the need for organizations to remain protected against constantly evolving cyber threats. Founded in 2015, the team leverages big data analysis from global cyber intelligence to provide a complete security offering for clients. In addition, the platform pre-empts, detects and responds to any cyber attack in real time.

The company has amassed $40M in funding since its inception and seeks to expand its global reach. Growing investments have helped the company continue research and development of their cutting-edge security systems. Cynet was created with a commitment to offer secure products that are both reliable and easy-to-use; providing organizations of all sizes with dependable protection from sophisticated cyberattacks.

Overview of their commitment to cybersecurity

Startup cybersecurity provider Cynet has recently announced the addition of $40 million in new funding to secure their future. The funding round was led by ClearSky, with participation from Dell Technologies Capital and existing investors. This latest round brings the total funds raised by Cynet to more than $97 million to date.

The company is focused on providing enterprises worldwide with an advanced platform designed to simplify operational processes associated with investigating and resolving cyber threats. With this new funding, they plan to develop AI technologies to help them better detect and prevent malicious attacks before they can cause significant damage. In addition, they plan to use this money to expand their presence in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Cynet is a relatively young cybersecurity provider, but it has already become a leader due to its uncompromising commitment towards protecting organizations from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks. By combining its innovative artificial technology with real-time threat intelligence, corporations can quickly detect and respond to malicious activity before threats become too entrenched or far-reaching for manual interventions alone. Cynet’s comprehensive security approach is built upon four pillars: automated protection, threat intelligence assessment, response execution and recovery management—designed specifically for large organizations.

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The Cynet Team

The Cynet team is comprised of leading experts in the fields of cybersecurity and enterprise protection. The multinational professionals are united in their mission to provide innovative and effective cybersecurity solutions.

In April 2020, Cynet raised $40M to help expand their reach and further contribute to their mission. The Cynet team is committed to protecting businesses from cyber threats, and this latest funding will enable them to continue developing cutting-edge security technologies.

Who are the team members?

Cynet is a cybersecurity protection startup with an impressive team of developers and executives passionate about protecting businesses from cyber threats. Founded in 2015, Cynet raised $40 million this year to expand its reach and protect more businesses around the globe.

The leadership behind Cynet consists of CEO Eyal Gruner, COO Itay Glick, CTO Rami Sharvit, VP of Products Ilan Barda, VP of Engineering Oren Herman-Verbin and VP of Customer Success Yishai Naveh. All the leaders have proven track records in the cybersecurity space and IT industry.

Eyal Gruner has founded several technology startups including Spotinst an innovative cloud infrastructure services company that Microsoft Azure acquired in 2019; Ilan Barda was formerly an executive at Radware; Oren Herman-Vebin hails from several successful startups including Gizmo5 Technologies; Yishai Naveh has been part of the EMC Executive Advisory Council and Itay Glick held top positions at both Virgin Mobile Israel and ECI Telecom for many years before joining the team.

The developers on Cynet’s team come from some impressive backgrounds as well. For example, Eduard Amaran holds two degrees from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology; Shlomi Cohen MSc Computer Science Technion; Noam Goldshmied is a Computer Science graduate from Tel Aviv University; Nir Azran earned his degree from The Open University Of Israel – Department Of Industrial Engineering & Management; Rim Ron earned his degree also from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Roy Malkovski graduated from The Jewish Colonization Association(JCA).

This highly skilled team brings their in depth knowledge to Cynet which was recognized by Gartner Inc., naming Cynet as one of their “Cool Vendors” for 2018. The expert collaborative effort employed by this organization promises to continue offering quality services to existing customers while seeking out new business partnerships worldwide as they expand their reach far beyond what was previously expected.

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What is their experience in the cybersecurity industry?

The Cynet team consists of experienced cybersecurity and technology professionals passionate about providing comprehensive, intelligent, and effective protection from cyberattacks. The team brings together engineers, data scientists, security researchers, malware analysts and other security experts whose collective expertise drives the company’s continuous improvement and prowess in predicting, detecting and managing sophisticated cyber incidents.

Mordechai Guri is a world-renowned expert in AI-driven cybersecurity, having long worked on projects related to understanding and mitigating malicious behavior. He was formerly the director of the Cyber Security Research Centre at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a professor at Duke University where he conducted groundbreaking research on stealth technology. His research proved instrumental in developing Cynet’s patented Behavioral AI technology platform, providing continuous threat detection, early identification and simplified remediation against advanced attacks.

Ronen Yehoshua serves as Cynet’s CEO and founder with more than 15 years of experience driving complex enterprise products and services in security, mobility management tracking systems, data storage systems & infrastructure software. Before founding Cynet he held key executive positions across leading companies such as Seebo Network Solutions (acquired by Nielsen), WebCollage (A Xerox Company) & Netvision Technologies, as well as a Non-Executive Board Member position at PowWowNow (UK).

Yehuda Hirschfeld brings over 20 years of experience within leading information security firms ranging from start up environments to international corporations. He was previously Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions at CyberArk Software Ltd., Chief Technology Officer for Trusteer Inc., which IBM Security acquired; Regional Manager at RSA Security; Technical Director North American Sales & Service Divisions at CYREN Ltd; VP Customer Services & Operations Europe—Middle East—Africa region at MessageLabs Ltd.; CTO & Vice president Operations Division at ISNet Acamus Ltd; Senior System Engineer Rackable Systems International LtD., among others throughout his career.

Through their combined experience in building innovative systems for detection monitoring and protecting against threats endpoints networks devices & various business digital assets across all industries—the IT sector governmental organizations military R&D educational institutions critical infrastructure operators healthcare organizations etc.—the members of the Cynet team are committed to delivering market-leading protection from cyberthreats via advanced technologies ML/AI engines detailed reports easy navigation intuitive UX/UI scalability low overhead operation robustness affordability extensibility effortless remediation reporting customization quick deployments etc., backed by a strong customer service organization offering rapid onboarding 24x7x365 integrated incident handling customizable dashboards virtual assistance trainers etc..

Cynet’s Commitment to Cybersecurity

Cynet is a protection startup that recently raised $40M to expand its reach and better protect its users from cyber threats. The team at Cynet is passionate about providing their customers with the best possible tools and services to stop cyber attacks and protect their devices from malicious activity.

This article will look at Cynet’s commitment to cybersecurity and its investments in this field.

How does Cynet provide cybersecurity protection?

Cynet is an Israel-based cybersecurity startup that protects organizations from cyber threats such as malware, phishing, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The company utilizes a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and user behavior analytics to detect and respond to any attempted malicious activity targeting their customers.

Cynet’s approach to cybersecurity focuses on the moment when an attack is carried out, rather than relying solely on prevention methods like antiviruses and firewalls which are generally only able to stop known threats. Instead, by tracking suspicious activities on customer networks in real-time and analyzing them for malicious intent, Cynet can protect against unknown and known threats. This allows them to quickly identify any potential security breach and take proactive measures to thwart it before it can cause any damage.

Cynet also incorporates advanced detection techniques to spot anomalies in system traffic or user behavior that may indicate a potential attack or malicious activity. Additionally, they have a sophisticated cyber-threat intelligence platform that collects data from multiple sources including public information outlets like social media networks, publications and blogs related to cybersecurity topics, government agency reports, etc., allowing analysts to gain insight into how cybercriminals might be targeting their customers’ networks.

By keeping up with the latest trends in cyberattacks and malicious activities, Cynet strives to provide their customers with cutting-edge cybersecurity protection solutions designed for maximum efficiency in dealing with complex threat protection scenarios. Through its increased round of funding announced this year – totaling over $40 million from venture capital investors – Cynet plans to expand into new markets as they seek new opportunities for growth while maintaining a firm commitment towards delivering secure networks for their clients around the world.

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What are some of their products and services?

Cynet is a global provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions and services that help protect organizations against sophisticated threats such as zero-day attacks, targeted APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks, and ransomware. Cynet’s solutions provide real-time cybersecurity visibility and automated proactive protection across the entire network.

Cynet’s products includes their flagship product, Cynet 360—a unique “360 protection” platform that provides automated detection, prevention and response capabilities—as well as their advanced Cloud Protection solutions, which offer advanced threat protection in AWS and Azure cloud environments, including IAM (Identity Access management). In addition, Cynet also provides Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services to enable organizations to detect unknown threats earlier in the kill chain.

In addition to their products, Cynet has expanded its reach with a team of local professionals dedicated to providing direct sales and technical support to help ensure that customers have successful security implementations. The company also offers consulting services for public and private sector customers in areas such as vulnerability assessment, threat hunting, incident response management, forensics analysis, penetration testing and more. With their innovative technology combined with the expertise of a highly trained staff of cyber security professionals worldwide, Cynet is committed to helping customers protect themselves against sophisticated cyber-attacks while maintaining compliance requirements.

Cynet’s Recent Funding Success

Israeli cyber protection startup Cynet has seen success this year, with a new venture capital funding round of $40M. This is a testament to the hard work and commitment the Cynet team has to providing a much-needed solution to the growing concern of cyber threats.

As a result of this successful financing round, Cynet is now in a good position to expand its reach and further improvements to its pioneering cybersecurity platform.

What is the purpose of the $40M funding?

Cynet is a Tel Aviv-based startup specializing in protecting businesses from cyber threats. Recently, the company has seen success in raising $40M in a series B funding round led by new investors Volcanics Ventures and G20 Ventures and existing investors Sunstone Capital and Glilot Capital Partners.

With this latest cash injection, Cynet looks to continue expanding their presence in the cybersecurity market.

The purpose of this funding is to obtain capital that will be used to further the Innovations of Cynet. This includes researching, developing, and launching new cybersecurity technologies for enterprises. The funding will also enable the Cynet team to expand their reach and strengthen their global customer support system to provide more robust services and better keep up with customer demand for innovative cyber solutions.

Additionally, this investment will accelerate sales activities and go-to-market strategies. Lastly, it will be instrumental in boosting R&D efforts so Cynet can remain at the forefront of technology’s other trends such as automation, advanced Analytics solutions for security incident response (SIR), blockchain capabilities for single sign-on (SSO), and other predictive security solutions.

How will Cynet use the funding to expand their reach?

Cynet, the Augusta-based startup focused on protection from cyber threats, has recently raised $40 million. CEO Eyal Gruner noted that the company plans to use this funding to extend its reach within the security market and accelerate the development of their product.

The latest funding round was led by Intel Capital with participation from existing shareholders – growth equity firm Redline Capital and venture capital firm Greylock Partners. The new investment brings Cynet’s total financing up to $86 million since it was founded in 2015.

Cynet aims to provide an easy-to-understand platform for cybersecurity professionals and businesses of all sizes. With this new funding, Cynet plans to expand its market share through increased investments in research and development, sales and marketing channels, customer support, and strategic partnerships with other security vendors.

The company is focusing particularly on extending the reach of their products with a full stack solution that integrates both cloud providers and on premises technologies. This will enable companies to protect their data in any environment and provide proactive risk mitigation methods such as behavioral analytics and advanced threat prevention features.

With this new influx of capital Cynet hopes to accelerate the expansion of its products into new markets globally by enabling more robust security solutions for organizations operating at multiple locations. It is expected that these capabilities will not only help customers better protect sensitive information from malicious actors but also make them less susceptible to regulatory fines or penalties due to noncompliance with industry standards like GDPR or HIPAA.


In conclusion, the team behind the innovative cybersecurity protection startup Cynet has built an impressive business that continues to capitalize on the ever-expanding security landscape. With their recent round of funding, they have managed to raise $40M to expand their reach and further establish themselves as one of the leading security solutions providers.

By offering a comprehensive and effective suite of products, Cynet has positioned itself as a reliable and trusted resource for providing organizations with the necessary tools to stay safe and secure in an ever-evolving arena of internet threats.

Summary of Cynet’s commitment to cybersecurity

Cynet is a tech protection startup that has raised over $40 million in financing, making it one of the world’s most heavily funded cybersecurity startups. Founded in 2014, Cynet is dedicated to providing proactive cyberdefense solutions that defeat sophisticated threats marketed to enterprises and managed service providers.

The company’s innovation combines automation with artificial intelligence for advanced detection and response capabilities and visibility across multiple security points. Cynet does not just block malicious activity but also hunts for threats before they can cause damage. In addition, their platform simplifies cybersecurity by giving enterprises and managed services providers a single point of visibility into their environment.

The success of Cynet can be attributed to its visionary founders and technology experts who are passionate about ensuring organizations remain secure against cyberthreats. Their mission is to protect organizations from emerging threats using its award-winning platform built on advanced analytics, machine learning, and behavior analysis technologies. Over the years, Cynet has gained recognition from leading industry associations such as Gartner, ISACA, Frost & Sullivan, Global Cyber Security Alliance (GCSA) and more for its innovative solutions addressing modern cyberchallenges.

Through its innovative technology solutions and tenacious passion for securing enterprise networks, Cynet continues to expand its reach into new markets and increase customer base within existing markets. By remaining committed to defending customers against ever-evolving threats through proactive defense mechanisms such as automation of threat detections and unified management console application visibility powered by AI technologies the company looks set to foster global cybersecurity towards the future.

How Cynet is leveraging their recent funding to expand their reach

Cynet recently raised $40M in a Series B funding boost, led by Viola Ventures, and supported by existing investors Liberty Technology Venture Capital and Glilot Capital Partners. This new round of funding will allow Cynet to expand their reach to new markets — including MSSPs — and finance the ongoing development of the company’s product offering.

The startup focuses on providing organizations with a unified view of their cyber protection systems, enabling them to identify and mitigate threats in real-time. Cynet hopes that with this new injection of capital they can continue to innovate their approach and leverage the latest technologies, such as machine learning, cloud-native and open source technologies, to simplify security operations for organizations.

The company is also seeking strategic partners to expand its enterprise customer base — with recent partnerships being formed with CDW, Global Knowledge Training, Softcat and Avnet — by increasing both technical support levels for existing customers and availability for future customers. Additional features geared toward integrating with other leading vendors are also planned through further collaborative efforts like these.

Through a holistic security solution offered by Cynet’s technology solutions, organizations can now manage risk across multiple domains – secure networks enjoy protection against malicious software threats; enhance visibility; gain quicker insight into potential issues; prevent network abuse; build an adaptive defense layer; control access across different entities throughout the organization – all while simplifying the management process by centralizing security operations within a single platform.

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