Jeremy London is set to play the lead role in a new musical thriller. The actor will star as a Wall Street trader who becomes entangled with dangerous terrorists and ends up on the run from his former FBI agent sister-in-law (played by Kristin Chenoweth). London’s character takes refuge at an underground warehouse where he befriends a group of hackers, led by Gaby Hoffman, who are fighting against injustices caused by corporations.

The “jeremy london today” is an actor who has been in the industry for a while. He will be starring in a new musical thriller, Mallrats: The Musical.



Open, a new film from Miles Doleac and Historia Films, will feature Jeremy London, who is best known for his appearances on Party of Five and Mallrats. Demigod, Doleac’s most recent picture, stars Rachel Nichols as one half of a couple who come to retrieve an inheritance and find themselves tormented in a German woodland. The film is described as a “dark thriller/comedy and, yes, quasi-musical,” which sounds both strange and delicious. From a story written by Doleac and a regular collaborator, Lindsay Anne Williams, the film is set to begin shooting in late spring or early summer 2022.

So far, London is the only one who has been cast in the film. At this moment, no release date has been set.

In a statement to, London stated, “I’ve seldom been this happy to be working with Miles Doleac and Lindsay Williams on their fantastic film, Open.” London is also set to star in Twilight of the Mallrats shortly. “It’s dark and sultry, and my character is a mirror of my own experiences with Hollywood and how quickly it can lower performers who formerly had successful careers to obscurity. It’s unlike any other picture I’ve ever worked on, which, after 32 years in the industry, says a lot. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into this surprising and often darkly hilarious figure. I’m thrilled to be working with these accomplished filmmakers, and I’m looking forward to raising eyebrows and shaking up the status quo that viewers have become used to. Because this initiative is unlike any other, I consider it a success.”

“Jeremy was in mind when Lindsay and I wrote this,” Doleac continued. “We’re ecstatic that he’s as enthusiastic as we are.”

According to the official description, the picture marks a change from Doleac’s prior work in the horror genre. Open is the tale of a lady in a problematic marriage who falls in love with a former adolescent idol who’s fallen out of favor in the music business, all while experiencing nagging (and empowering) hallucinations about fronting an 80’s new wave band. 

“I’d long wanted to return to my origins and create a character/relationship drama,” Doleac added, “but writing this with Linds, it blossomed into something quite a bit more wacky than that, while hopefully preserving the darker elements that have drawn people to our horror flicks.” “And Jeremy London will, indeed, sing!”

“In many ways, Open is a return to the essence of what Historia Films is and the kind of films we started with,” Williams remarked. “Fans of our previous films will hopefully recognize the essence of those universes in Open, but with a little bit more. Beyond the oddness, or maybe because of it, you’ll get a greater look into the project’s creators than in any other film we’ve created to far, with the potential exception of The Historian, our debut film.”

Doleac and his longtime composer, Clifton Hyde, will write original music for the film, with input from Williams. On the project, Doleac and Williams will also act as producers. Open will be shot in Doleac’s home state of Mississippi.

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Jeremy London is an actor and musician. He will be starring in the upcoming musical thriller, “Mallrats”. Reference: jeremy and jason london.

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