Fatherhood is a difficult role. There are so many things to think about and do at once, especially with limited time and resources. It’s important for fathers to remember that the best way for them to help their children is by being there for them emotionally in times of need..

In this short essay, I will write about my ideal father. He is an important part of my life and has played a big role in shaping me into the person that I am today.

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An ideal parent is one who fulfills his obligations and assumes all of his family’s responsibilities. This is a representation of an ideal father who is always there for you in a supportive position no matter what.

There is a responsible person in every home, and that person is none other than your father. He is the only one who can ensure that he is always in a responsible position, since no one will believe in you until he accepts responsibility for everything you have done.


Every kid aspires to be like his ideal father because he is the most flawless man on the planet. In his life, he has seen that everything his ideal father does is always correct since he does it for his family and considers all relevant factors.

And every girl admires her ideal spouse as her father because she always believes the guy she marries would be as wonderful as her father.

What does it mean to be an ideal father? There is no such thing as a perfect guy, but an ideal father is someone who goes above and beyond to ensure that his children exceed their expectations.

An ideal parent never shirks his duties to his family or his profession. He always gives his best and ensures that his time and patience are distributed evenly between his family and his job.

Father is the person who works very hard in order to meet all of the expectations. If a mother is the one who makes our dreams come true, then a father is the person who considers what your future requirements will be.


Mother just makes you happy for the time being because she wants to see you happy, but it is your father who is getting you ready for the future and even planning for it.

An perfect parent must make many sacrifices in order to ensure that whatever goals he has for his children become reality one day. Even after that, he doesn’t need any sort of credit; all he wants is for his child’s future to be safe.

His biggest accomplishment is that he feels so pleased when he watches his children succeed and hold high-ranking positions that he realizes that whatever sacrifices he has made were well worth it.

An ideal father should constantly act in a positive manner, not only in front of his children but also in his own space, since this is what distinguishes him from other fathers.

You should constantly set an example for your children so that when they need a solution to a problem in the future, they may go to his father’s previous actions for inspiration.

So this is how an ideal father should act in public or in private, since we never know where your child’s perception of you will come from.


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“I believe my mother is the ideal person for me. She always has been and will be.” Reference: essay on my ideal person my mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why your father is your ideal?

A: It is not a question of whether my father is my ideal. My dad has been an important figure in all aspects of my life, and I owe much to his guidance and support. However, it would be more accurate to say that your or someone elses father can be their ideal because ideals do change over time.

What is an ideal father for you?

A: I am currently in search of a father for me.

How can I write about my father?

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