Jen Shah posted a lengthy Facebook Live video to share the harrowing experience of her son being held at gunpoint during a raid on their home earlier this week.

RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Breaks Down as She Reveals Her Son Was Held at Gunpoint During Raid

Jen Shah

Bravo, RHOSLC’s Jen Shah.

In the December 12 episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” Jen Shah discussed her arrest.

According to CNN, the Utah entrepreneur was detained by federal investigators earlier this year and charged with conspiracy to conduct wire fraud and money laundering in a countrywide telemarketing scam. On the Bravo reality program, viewers witnessed part of the arrest, but Shah revealed what they didn’t see in the new episode.

Shah stated during a lunch meeting with co-star Heather Gay that she was pulled over by a white minivan and a black SUV as she departed a group trip to Vail, Colorado, after getting a word that her husband, Sharrief Shah, was unwell. Shah told Gay that she feared she was being abducted until she was informed she was being arrested by a New York police officer.

Shah insisted on her innocence, telling Gay that she “didn’t do anything” and didn’t think she needed an attorney.

At the same time, her Shah Chalet was searched, and federal authorities approached her 15-year-old son, Omar, and her nephew. According to Us Weekly, when police arrived to Shah’s Park City home to arrest her, she was not there, but her family members were evacuated. Shah’s adolescent son and nephew were seen with their hands up as they fled the home with federal authorities observing them in a surveillance footage that appeared on RHOSLC.

During the RHOSLC episode, Shah informed Gay, “They held our kid at gunpoint.”

Dwayne, her nephew, “sees a red laser pointer on his chest, so he opens the door, and they draw AR-15 weapons on them,” she claimed.

Shah grew teary-eyed when she described the incident at her house.

“‘You’re Black in a largely white town,’ we tell the boys. “Like, don’t move, don’t say anything, and be kind,” she said. “It makes me ill, because what if they believed Omar went in the wrong direction or did anything, and they might have shot him or whatever?”

Heather Gay was enraged at Jen Shah’s son and nephew’s treatment.

Heather Gay showed compassion to Shah after hearing for the first time her version of the arrest tale. Gay expressed her displeasure with the police’s violent treatment of the young boys in a confessional.

“It seems absolutely needless to put her 15-year-old kid in shackles with a laser pointer at his chest,” Gay added. “It’s exaggerated, unjust, and aggressive.” They’re blaming the wrong people for this, and that irritates me.”

Gay also voiced his displeasure during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live” in November 2021, shortly after the arrest episode aired. The moment was “awful” to see, Gay said broadcaster Andy Cohen.

“How about the man with the heavy artillery escorting her 15-year-old son and nephew out?” Gay remarked. “It was a really sad experience for me.” “I thought it was dreadful.”

Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County reacted to Jen Shah’s story.

RHOSLC fans responded to Shah’s account of her son and nephew being held at gunpoint in a Reddit post.

“Jen was the one who placed her kids in that predicament.” “Not the feds,” remarked one Redditor. “They executed their work well and reasonably.” Do I comprehend her apprehensions? Yes, I agree. But she’s the sole reason it occurred in the first place.”

“Yes, it was her responsibility, and it almost sounded like she was about to say her kids were in that situation because of ‘MY FAULT,’ but then quickly transitioned to’something I’m being accused of,’” another concurred.

“I recognize that it is all her responsibility,” wrote another. “But could you say the same thing would have occurred to a group of white youngsters if they were marched out like that?” I honestly believe it is excessive.”

Others chastised Bravo for even showing the clip of Shah’s adolescent son.

“I despise Bravo for showing her son’s video twice,” one commenter said. “Put an end to the footage. He’s a minor, and he’s not involved in any of her legal problems.”

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