War Gloves are an unconventional new skill that can be acquired in this update. With them, players will get the chance to participate in PvP combat at a distance with ranged weapons and spells. The gloves even come into effect when participating in Realm vs Realm battles where they should make things more exciting for those on both fronts.,

The “albion” is the first update to the game, which was released on the 5th of February. The update brings about a new War Gloves and a lot of other changes.

Albion Online’s first update to Lands Awakened touches on War Gloves and


Albion Online is already preparing for its first major upgrade, despite the fact that Lands Awakened has just been out for three weeks. Patch 1 went live as expected this morning, with new counters for guild invite spam, a new static dungeon UI, a bump to daily challenge awards, modifications for declaring HQ hideouts, and combat adjustments to War Gloves, the new weapon line launched with the initial release.

“With the introduction of a brand-new weapon line in War Gloves in Lands Awakened, Patch 1 makes some minor tweaks to ensure they are competitive in the combat meta, with a wide variety of skills throughout the line enhanced,” Sandbox Interactive states. “Maces’ Threatening Smash and Deep Leap abilities have been somewhat altered so that they don’t visibly surpass other, comparable weapon kinds.”

Just this past weekend, Albion Online won MOP’s 2021 award for best PvP MMO.

The first patch for Lands Awakened is now available! This version modifies the prerequisites for Headquarters Hideouts, makes combat balance modifications to War Gloves, Maces, and other weapons, and adds UI enhancements, among other things.

More information may be found at https://t.co/cu5gDodYN5 pic.twitter.com/6VpgO4IEHs

December 13, 2021 — Albion Online (@albiononline)


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