Microsoft is looking to make live streaming easier than ever with their partnership with Twitch. This will allow Xbox players and viewers to connect directly through the console’s dashboard without having to go into separate apps or websites, minimizing any distractions during gameplay. The partnership also includes an exclusive channel for exclusive content for both Microsoft and Twitch users.

The “how to stream on twitch pc” is a blog post that explains how to use the Xbox One and Twitch app. The article also includes information about using your Xbox One controller for streaming.


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If you have ten minutes to spare, we’d like to chat about streaming. If you answered yes, then relax and let us provide you with the most recent information.

We all know how simple it is to broadcast on Twitch from the PlayStation 5, but the scenario changes dramatically when it comes to the Xbox Series X or S.

To do so, you must first download the Twitch app and follow a series of instructions, which, let’s face it, is tiresome labor when all you want to do is game and broadcast.

But that’s going to change, and here’s how it’ll go down in the not-too-distant future.

The new Xbox Update Preview has a significant impact on how we stream.

On its newest update Xbox Insider preview, the Redmond tech giant introduces Streaming from a console, making Twitch access simpler and more direct.

It also offered an Xbox Cloud Gaming beta to Xbox One, allowing older systems to play the most recent titles.

To utilize the new Twitch streaming capability, go to the Capture and Share tab and choose Live streaming from the drop-down menu. Isn’t that simple?

To begin broadcasting gaming, connect your Twitch account using a mobile device or console settings, then press the Go live now button.

This function only broadcasts game play, therefore if the user navigates to home or another app, spectators will see a pause screen.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming beta is also accessible to Insiders who are still using an Xbox One and wish to play Xbox Series X/S titles or more hardware-intensive games.

Keep in mind that this functionality is only accessible to Xbox Insiders for now, and not to the entire public. If you wish to be one, go to the official website and fill out the form.

Fixes and known problems in the update

What sort of software release would we be discussing if it didn’t have any defects or issues, as well as, of course, patches for earlier difficulties?

There is just one item in the Fixes category for this new update:


  • Various improvements to ensure that local languages are appropriately reflected throughout the console.

Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

Users who are taking part in Preview may see strange writing all over the console; for more details, click here.

However, when we look at the list of known concerns, it’s a little larger than we anticipated, and we’re hopeful that Microsoft will address all of these issues as quickly as possible.


  • Some users have reported that playback has become green and pixelated. We are aware of the situation and are looking into it.

Console Live Streaming

  • It’s possible that the live streaming overlay may not display and you won’t be able to see whether you’re online.
    • Restart the broadcast as a workaround.
  • Some titles that should be available for live streaming may show a “can’t stream/broadcast this title” error and be put on hold.
    • Restart the broadcast as a workaround.
    • Note that certain games do not enable live streaming and will always be in a pause mode.
  • Some customers have reported difficulty while using Guide on a mobile device to connect their accounts.
    • Workaround: After finishing account connecting on mobile, close the page containing the QR code.


  • Users’ controllers are randomly losing sync or disconnecting from the console, according to reports. Please be sure to report this problem after reconnecting if you experience this behavior.
  • Users who upgraded their controllers to the current firmware listed here have experienced problems utilizing the controller with Bluetooth on Windows 10.
    • Users may connect the controller through USB or the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 as a workaround. With addition, in Windows 11, the controller will operate over Bluetooth.


  • When a game is started, we’ve received complaints that controller input isn’t functioning.
    • Reboot the console and restart the game as a workaround.


  • We’re looking into allegations that the audio mixer can’t modify chat/game audio levels.


  • We’ve received complaints that HDMI-CEC isn’t functioning properly.
    • Before leaving feedback, double-check that your TV supports HDMI-CEC and that it is also turned on.


  • The emblem for a disc-based game does not display on the dashboard, according to certain users.

My Apps & Games

  • Users note that they are unable to finish content transfers between internal and external hard drives. We are aware of the situation and are looking into it.
  • A trial tag may display improperly on titles in the collection.

Are you a member of the Xbox Insider program? Have you had a chance to try out the new streaming feature? Please tell us about your experience in the comments area below.

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