Where to find the most powerful ghost type pokemon go

As the Halloween begins, many people are now searching for Grimer, Gastly or Haunter. Due to its recent update of second generation pokemon go, ghost type pokemon are now quite rare. And to make things worse, it’s not very easy for most trainers to find a powerful ghost type pokemon in their own area because of this reason:there are too many other pokemon trainers nearby.

What makes ghost type pokemon so rare?

Ghost type pokemon, as you know, are very weak against any kinds of common ground types.

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Where to find ghost type pokemon go

To ensure you are catching the strongest ghost type pokemon, make sure that you have enough pokeballs to last you for a few catches. Because remember, just find one rare pokemon is not enough.

There are many websites now reviewing the types of moves of different pokemon. You can refer to these articles or google a ghost pokemon’s type(s) to find out its strengths and weaknesses. A moveset score can also help you determine the best moves for your ghost type pokemon.

  • Cemeteries and churches are the best places to go to because there is a higher chance of ghost pokemon spawning near graveyards and in churches.
  • Abandoned buildings or houses are also a good place to find rare pokemon.
  • The woods is a good place to train and level up because of the amount of pokemon spawns.
  • Near water, like a river, lake, or ocean are great places to find water type pokemon. There are so many ways to level up now with the new updates of pokemon go. You can even gain xp for hatching eggs now!
  • Places with a lot of history, like an old battlefield or mansion, are perfect spots to find ghost type pokemon.
  • Grimer and Gastly always spawn near a polluted water source. So be aware of what’s in the environment where you’re going to train or catch your pokemon. Electric types will also spawn near power plants, oil refineries, substations or any electric producing object.
  • Churches and other places of worship are the best places to go when you’re in need of some quick experience.
  • Now that second generation pokemon has just started spawning, there are two ways you can level up fast: Catching ghost type pokemon and training them in cemeteries or near churches. Playing double xp days when there is an event like Halloween or Christmas is great.

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How to level up fast

If you’re wondering how to level up, here are some of the most effective ways: Catch as many pokemon as possible. Gain xp for catching pokemon. Evolve all of your catch. Gain xp for evolutions. Gain xp for gaining a level. This is the best way to gain levels because it gives you 3,000xp+ instead of just 1,000xp for catching the same pokemon again and again. Get your fitness increased by 25%. You can do this by playing an actual sport like soccer, tennis or even swimming.

Play with pokemon type advantageous to yours (to find out which pokemon types are advantageous to your ghost type pokemon, simply google it.) Catch a lot of pokemons in different types. Evolve all the catches and gain 20k-30k experience for each evolution. Gain 2k xp for winning a gym.

Be aware that some pokemon like Gastly evolves into Haunter which is a higher level pokemon. But if you evolve it into Gengar, the experience will probably be lower than catching a Gastly.

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If you want to catch one of the best ghost type pokemons like Haunter or Gengar, make sure your inventory is well-stocked with pokeballs and lure modules (you can get lures at a 10% discount by levelling up) to ensure you can catch as many as possible. Another important tip: don’t go out catching ghost type pokemon without knowing their strengths and weaknesses first! You can easily find it on the internet or ask someone who knows about them.



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instacart fidji simo facebook ceo august

instacart fidji simo facebook ceo august

hired andrei 100m jpmorganberthelsenbloomberg