Pokemon Go bosses are the leaders of gyms which you can take control of by battling them. If successful, you will take over the gym and replace its leader with one of your pokemon. But not so fast! Do note that if an opposing team takes back control, you will have to battle the gym again to be able to put your pokemon there.

So the question is, how to you make sure you defeat these Pokemon Go leaders?

The first boss in Pokemon Go is Blaine at the Cinnabar Island gym. He has a level 1 Magmar which is very easy to defeat, but behind that lies two level 10 Growlithes and Arcanine which can be difficult.

But once you beat Blaine, what will be your strategy when fighting the next Pokemon Go bosses? This guide will help you with these tactics and tricks:

•Use a Grass type against Blaine’s Magmar to win easily.

•Tyranitar is great for defeating Brock – just watch out for Onix!

•Use a Grass or Electric type against Misty.

•Make sure you have a Dragonite if you want to defeat Lance!

•Zapdos is your best bet against Erika’s Victreebel and Tangela.

This guide will be ever evolving as more Pokemon Go bosses are revealed within updates, so keep on checking back for more tips and tricks on conquering Pokemon Go bosses!

Other advices to defeat pokemon go leaders

1. Another option is to use a friend of yours who has more experience than you, but if that isn’t an option, just go on the internet and search for some tips on how to defeat the Pokemon Go bosses. A lot of people have already conquered them so you can find different articles with advice that worked for people.

2. Be sure to collect your reward after defeating the Pokemon Go leader. The game automatically deposits the rewards directly in your pokeballs so you can try again.

3. Choose your team wisely – make sure you have a type advantage over the leader you are fighting

4. Try to make the gym your own if possible! If someone already has control, try to take it back before you fight. Also keep in mind that if someone puts their pokemon there again, you will have to battle them once more (if they win, they can put another pokemon there). So take advantage of this by putting your pokemon there first.

5. Don’t underestimate the Pokemon Go leaders! These people are probably experienced since they own gyms, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking of attacking them with a low level pokemon.

6. Use your strongest pokemon to attack the bosses’. The higher their CP is compared to yours, the more likely they will win. Of course you can try and use a type advantage as well (water, electric ect ect).

7. Keep an eye on your energy; if it’s low, catch some pokemons nearby to gain more energy and then go back to attacking the gym leader with full health and energy! That way you will ensure your victory.

8. Try to make the gym strong when you are in control! The more pokemon stationed at a gym, the stronger it becomes. So if possible, try to keep it strong when you are in control. You can do that by training your pokemon or using potions to raise its health. If someone challenges you, they will have a much harder time trying to take control.


As you can see, there’s more to defeating Pokemon Go bosses than just attacking them over and over with the same pokemon. Hopefully the information provided in this article will help you defeat all the gym leaders of Pokemon Go!