The team at Runic Games is celebrating its 12th birthday with a sale of Torchlight, Torchlight II, and Torchlight III.

Torchlight is a popular franchise of games. PWE has put the first three installments on sale for the franchise’s 12th birthday.


Torchlight is one of my favorite small multiplayer-optional series ever, and instead of moping, let’s celebrate its 12th anniversary with a trailer and some huge discounts.

“The award-winning hack’n’slash dungeon crawler had its initial premiere on October 27, 2009, published by Perfect World Entertainment and created by Runic Games.” Torchlight has been a cult favorite among ARPG enthusiasts since that tragic day, and two action-packed sequels, Torchlight II in 2012 and Torchlight III (produced by Echtra Games) in 2020, have been released. With its quick and furious action, distinct classes, and trademark pet system, the legendary series set the path for subsequent ARPGs.”

For those of you with a Switch, PWE has placed all three games, as well as Runic’s Hob, on sale this weekend on Steam and the Nintendo eShop; expect to pay about $3 for the original and Hob, $6 for the sequel, and $10 for the year-old Torchlight III.

If you’re interested, the last big update for III was released last spring, not long after Echtra Games was acquired by Zynga and the Torchlight series was left with Perfect World. Of course, we don’t know how well the game is performing on the Switch, but it hasn’t had a concurrent player peak above 1000 since January on Steam.

Sorry, I meant to say no moping. This is the trailer for the film. MMt8

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