After the release of Battleborn, players were left frustrated by their low FPS. The game has since been patched with a new patch that fixes most of the problems but still leaves some players without satisfying performance. What are your best tips for boosting fps in this title?

The “fps” is a problem that can arise in Battleborn. There are several things that you can do to fix the issue.

After the debut of Battleborn, many gamers began to complain about the game’s poor performance. In this post, we’ll go through all of the potential improvements and modifications for Battleborn’s performance. As you may be aware, tinkering with values in is a common practice. Depending on your PC hardware, ini files may help you establish and set the correct balance between visual effects and performance.

Make sure you look at C:UsersDocuments for the configuration file. BattlebornPoplarGameConfigPoplarEngine.ini is in my gamesBattlebornPoplarGameConfigPoplarEngine.ini directory.

The following is a list of variables that may be tweaked in order to tailor your game experience:

bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE MaxParticleResize=50000 Dynamic True Dynamic=Lights False LightEnvironment=Shadows MotionBlur=False Shadows=False AmbientOcclusion=False DepthOfField=False bAllowLightShafts=False Bloom=False FilteredDistortion=False DropParticleDistortion=False LensDistortion=False FogVolumes=False Flares=False ParticleLODBias=0 AllowRadialBlur=False AllowRadialBlur=False AllowRadialBlur=False AllowRadialB DetailMode=0 FXAA=False MaxAnisotropy=16

Make sure you have a backup of the default. Before making any changes, back up your ini file in case anything goes wrong and you need to restore everything.

Solution 2: How to Fix Low FPS in Battleborn on AMD Cards If you have a low FPS or poor performance on any AMD visual card, please try the following changes:

  • Drivers must be updated.
  • Set PhysX to Low or disable it entirely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix low fps problems?

A: This problem is caused by your computers graphics card. To fix it, you need to lower the resolution of the game in-game settings or upgrade your PC to a more powerful GPU. If this does not help, try lowering some other graphical settings like shadows and reflections.

Why is my FPS suddenly so low?

A: Your framerate is low because your individual frames, or images per second, are not being rendered quickly enough.

How do I fix low fps on good PC?

A: A low frame rate can be caused by many factors. These include the games settings, your computers specifications (CPU, RAM) and it could also mean that there is not enough power available to run Beat Saber smoothly on PC. To fix this issue you might want to upgrade your GPU or increase the virus protection of your antivirus software.

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