Different Types of Shaderpacks

Since shaders made their debut, people have been using them to make a brighter and more colourful Minecraft. Some even say it’s a completely different game when shaders are applied! Having come from a console where shaders cannot be used, I was excited to try them out on my PC. However, after trying out a few different packs myself, I quickly realised that each pack has its own “flavour” and aesthetic type. Some may change the look of water or lava while others really enhance particular particles such as rain or clouds. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the five main types of shaderpacks.

The first type of shaderpack makes Minecraft brighter and more colourful, not that much has changed in terms of aesthetic. However what this pack does well is making even dingy caves bright and filled with colour! This works great with older resourcepacks that don’t have as much detail.

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How to install shaderpacks

  1. Run the latest version of Optifine (available here). Make sure you’ve set up the basics such as custom textures and HD font before moving on.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, download a shaderpack from one of the links below. Place the downloaded .zip into your shaders folder in “AppData>Roaming> .minecraft>shaderpacks”.
  3. Run Minecraft, go to “Options” and click on the shaderpack you’ve just put in there. Your game should look very different!
  4. To further enhance your game, download an SEUS-compatible resource pack (like this one) and follow the installation instructions above but instead of placing the .zip in the shaderpacks folder, place it in your resource packs folder.

If you have any issues installing Optifine or shaderpacks check out this guide to help you. If you are still having troubles after that feel free to ask questions on here or at /r/MinecraftShaderPacks!

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What are shaderpacks and what do they do?

This pack follows the trend of enhancing both brightness and colour. This is done by increasing saturation (intensity of colours) while also brightening everything. I personally like this bright aesthetic considering some older resourcepacks don’t receive much love on here these days since they are not as colourful (and in my opinion, desirable) compared to newer ones!

This pack is definitely one of the most vibrant, however if you are not a fan of bright colour then this may not be for you. I would recommend at least checking it out though since its brightness can be changed up quite a bit which also changes how desaturated certain colours look! This shaderpack is especially good with older resourcepacks, so don’t hesitate to check it out if you have one of those!

How to create your own shaderpack

Download GLSL shader editor. Go to  https://github.com/Cloudhunter-Tech/GLSL-Shader-Editor and download the latest release (3.1 at time of writing). Run it and authorise it using your Minecraft login. If you’ve used other people’s shaders before, then this will be familiar. It’s really easy to use and comes with some decent tutorials!

Download this zip file with the code I’ve already written. Extract it to your computer and run the .jar file you’ve downloaded. If you are using Windows, then go into its folder and open up “GLSLShader_Editor” instead of the .jar file. You should see a bunch of subfolders that are all named after shaderpacks. Go into your downloaded shaderpack folder, copy all the files in there and paste them into the correct folders (you should know which ones are which).

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This shaderpack makes Minecraft look brighter and much more “colourful” (in a saturation sense). It goes great with older resourcepacks and is especially good for people who like playing RPG/Fantasy maps!

This shader pack is one of the most popular ones around. The aesthetic difference from default is huge but it’s not too colourful either. It’s great for medieval/fantasy resourcepacks and actually pretty good with most modern ones.


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