Last week, a woman drowned and 13 others were rescued after they tried to cross the Rio Grande river in Texas. The immigrants made it across one of two bridges before US Border Patrol officers caught up with them and detained them for questioning on immigration status.

A woman died and 13 people were rescued after they tried to swim across the US-Mexico border.



The influx of illegal migrants crossing the US-Mexico border shows no signs of slowing down. They have traveled from remote lands to arrive in the United States. A huge gathering recently attempted to utilize a body of water. They planned to swim around the barrier in San Diego’s Border Field State Park.

Some were rescued by US Border Patrol personnel, but one lady died. The authorities did all they could to rescue her, but it was not feasible. These illegal immigrants use a variety of techniques to obtain access into the United States. They are migrating for a variety of reasons, including poverty, violence, unemployment, a lack of education, and so on.

They believe that once they arrive in America, they would be able to live better lives.

According to USA Today, there was a large throng, and the Coast Guard was able to save a few people from the sea. Other authorities combed the region as well, apprehending additional Mexican nationals. It was made up of both men and women. The Biden administration issued a clear message to migrants in March, shortly after taking control.

At the border, irresponsible migrants invite death.

Deaths of migrants at the US-Mexico border have been on the rise in recent years. When compared to the previous fiscal year, the figures almost quadrupled in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. Migrants try to utilize the Border Field State Park’s water route.

A few miles south of San Diego lies this location. The hazards of using such risky procedures are highlighted by USA Today. Sand dunes and salt marshes make up part of the animal habitat. Swimming and wading are not possible due to the currents. Even so, they make an effort. “This is again another example of the harsh techniques used by smuggling groups to boost their dominance and revenues,” a Border Patrol officer from the San Diego Sector said. The problem of immigration is global, and it affects Europe as well.

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Nearly 1000 migrants crossed the English Channel in a single day in September.

The area where the migrants congregate is dangerous.

A lady from Honduras had previously perished in the same seas. Her effort was unsuccessful, but her partner survived. The wall in this location is imposing in height. It runs between the park and a Tijuana beach and stretches into the Pacific Ocean.

Illegal intruders will be detected using floodlights and agents armed with different equipment. Visitors are welcome to visit the park, according to USA Today, but they must adhere to the rules. Friendship Park, as it is known, is a gathering spot for families and loved ones from both sides of the border.

Migrants are dying at the border.

Migrants seeking to enter the United States, according to CNN, resort to dangerous ways. The most recent case involves a lady who was most likely part of a huge group attempting to cross a body of water. There were roughly 70 persons in the group. They intended to swim between Tijuana, Mexico, to the beach at Border Field State Park in San Diego to circumnavigate the border.

Attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful. The number of fatalities is on the increase, according to statistics. Some of these are the consequence of heat exposure. They will encounter difficult terrain and may get disoriented as they attempt to reach the United States. It is true that more individuals are illegally crossing the border, and law enforcement authorities’ workload has grown significantly.

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, does not want illegal immigrants in the nation. They posed a danger to the public, he believed, since they were linked to criminal organizations such as drug traffickers. He intended to construct an unbreakable wall to keep them out. New design prototypes appeared, and work started. When Joe Biden became Vice President, he put the project on hold. Thousands of migrants are on route to the United States in a caravan.


The “migrants vs immigrants” is a story about how 13 people were saved from drowning after attempting to swim across the US.

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