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Microsoft’s former top software architect Ray Ozzie recently took on a new venture, Blues Wireless. The company has just announced the successful completion of a $22M funding round, with a focus on delivering wireless data using unlicensed spectrum technology. This announcement has generated a lot of interest in the industry, with analysts and investors in the space eager to learn more about Ozzie’s new project and its innovative new technology.

This article will introduce Blues Wireless and explore what makes the company unique.

Blues Wireless is a new device-as-a-service company aiming to provide cost and time savings for multiple industries.

Background on Ray Ozzie

Ray Ozzie is a software architect with decades of experience in the software industry. He most notably served as Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect between 2005 and 2010, followed by a brief stint as co-CEO of Groove Network shortly after that. After he departed from Groove in 2011, Ozzie spent the next six years reflecting on the future of technology and pursuing several philanthropic endeavours.

However, in 2017 Ozzie returned to the software industry with an investment into Blues Wireless, a UK-based industrial internet of things (IoT) platform provider. This marks one of Ozzie’s first investments since leaving Microsoft nearly eight years ago and beginning his new career as an entrepreneur and tech investor. His decision to back Blues Wireless reveals his commitment to supporting lean startups and his belief in its potential for disruption within the IoT sector.

Blues Wireless Overview

Blues Wireless is a new device-as-a-service company aiming to provide cost and time savings for multiple industries. As a provider of connected devices on demand, Blues Wireless offers cellular IoT services, instant connections and support for many different types of hardware (from consumer wearables to industrial machines). The company’s flagship product is the bluesy, a cellular IoT device built with both cost and time savings in mind.

The bluesy platform is powered by Microsoft Azure and utilises the famous MeshConnect protocol from former Microsoft top software architect Ray Ozzie. MeshConnect enables the bluesy to communicate directly with other connected devices, providing an easy and secure way to manage hundreds or thousands of devices. With its cloud-based control panel, users can easily configure any connected device remotely with minimal setup time. Configurations are saved in the cloud and can be recalled instantly with each new device added or removed from the network.

The bluesy also features an optional module which enables private LTE networks for enterprises or local governments that need secure off-grid communication solutions. These private LTE networks allow companies to divide their cities into virtual bubbles where they can control communication protocols that other telecom networks cannot access. This ensures secure data transmission over large distances without relying on local infrastructure.

Blues Wireless, Led by Microsoft’s Former Top Software Architect Ray Ozzie, Raises $22M

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s former top software architect, was recently involved in Blues Wireless, a company specialising in enterprise-level wireless connectivity solutions. Ozzie’s involvement in the company was instrumental in Blues Wireless’s success, raising $22M in a recent funding round. This article will discuss Ozzie’s involvement in the company, and the impact that it is having on Blues Wireless’s growth.

Ozzie’s Role as Chief Executive Officer

Ray Ozzie is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blues Wireless, a firm that is developing a device-to-device mobile telecommunications platform. As CEO, Ozzie will lead and direct the company’s operations to achieve its strategic objectives.

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This includes developing and executing operational plans, driving growth and profitability, setting direction for product research and development, ensuring customer satisfaction, and having full managerial responsibility for all aspects of the organisation. In addition, as CEO, Ozzie oversees raising capital from investors, merger & acquisition activities and partnerships.

The former Microsoft chief software architect has nearly thirty years of experience in the IT industry with organisations such as Lotus Development Corporation and Microsoft. With his deep experience in software & services platforms for mobile devices, sensors and cognitive computing he is uniquely suited to lead Blues Wireless operations and strategy. Already a Board Member of Blues Wireless since December 2017 when Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital invested in the startup firm; Ozzie was recently appointed CEO following Paul Allen’s death on October 15th 2018.

Ray Ozzie, the former Microsoft software architect and IBM’s Chief Technical Officer, has recently been added to the board of Blues Wireless, a startup focused on building “scalable radio networks” designed to enable private, long range IoT and M2M communications.

Ozzie’s Vision for Blues Wireless

Ray Ozzie, the former Microsoft software architect and IBM’s Chief Technical Officer, has recently been added to the board of Blues Wireless, a startup focused on building “scalable radio networks” designed to enable private, long range IoT and M2M communications.

In addition, he’s also become a strategic investor in the company.

Ozzie sees Blues Wireless as having great potential in many areas such as connected cars and public transportation systems. Due to its ability to more efficiently facilitate communication between devices at longer ranges and with higher levels of security, Ozzie believes that Blues Wireless will be able to effectively meet many of these demands. In addition to acquiring new business opportunities for Blues Wireless, Ozzie also intends for the company’s platform to be used by companies already established in the telecommunications industry such as Verizon and AT&T.

Given Ozzie’s extensive experience in software engineering, designing protocols for distributed systems at both Microsoft and IBM as well as his current involvement in numerous start-up initiatives, it is clear why he has chosen to join forces with Blues Wireless. In line with his broader vision for improving connectivity within cities worldwide by providing smart city infrastructure solutions coupled with advanced radio mesh works akin to his Groove Tech offering/Precursory back in 2001-02; this latest strategic alliance should see Ozzie continue making great strides towards advancing connectivity through cognitive radio networks through Blues wireless.

Funding and Investment

Blues Wireless has recently announced that it has successfully raised $22M in venture funding, led by former Microsoft top software architect, Ray Ozzie.

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Ray Ozzie also serves as a board of directors of Bluetooth Wireless and a CEO and Chairman of the company.

Through this funding, Blue Wireless aims to create reliable, secure, and low-cost wireless solutions that are affordable to everyone. But, first, let’s discuss the funding and investment Blue Wireless has recently achieved.

Amount of Funding Raised

When Microsoft’s former top software architect Ray Ozzie announced a $12 million investment in the start-up Blues Wireless earlier this year, it made waves among the tech and start-up communities. Blues Wireless, a next-generation information and communications platform, raised more than $20 million from large and small investors.

These funds were used to create an open source Industrial Internet of Things that can send data from one device to another using cellular networks. By doing so, Blues Wireless makes it easier for industrial companies to transmit data via networks such as 4G or 5G. In addition to Ray Ozzie’s investment, there were other individual investors such as Brian O’Kelley (founder of AppNexus) and institutional investors including Intel Capital.

The funding has allowed the company to launch its product quickly and build a team with expertise in computer vision and machine learning. As Ozzie explains, this investment gives Blues Wireless “the resources necessary to take [its] vision further faster”. With these additional funds, the company will be able to continue innovating its products while deepening its relationships with partners in the industrial space.

Investors Involved

Microsoft’s former Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is part of a group of investors that have injected a substantial amount of money into Blues Wireless, an IoT engineering and software development firm. Joining Ozzie in the investment is founding Google Engineer Andy Rubin and OnePiece Work’s CEO Heiner Litz.

Ray Ozzie is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Aether Industries, LLC a venture-backed technology company focused on the next generation of workflow tools and collaboration platforms. He was previously one of Microsoft’s most prominent figures, who served as Chief Technical Officer from 2007 to 2011 when he announced his retirement from the firm.

Andy Rubin also had several iconic achievements before selling his startup Android to Google in 2005. According to Forbes estimates, Andy has around $3 billion in real estate holdings and investments into many private companies, particularly those involved with AI software development over recent years.

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Heiner Litz also joined the funding along with other venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz & Accel Partners, providing a total investment boost totaling 5 million US dollars to Blues Wireless Inc. Backing this move from both Ozzie & Rubin further increases confidence for investors eager to invest in T-Mobile’s new 5G network for connectivity between remote rural cities due for release later this year; Along with plans towards wider coverage throughout 2021.

Ozzie’s Impact on the IoT Industry

Ray Ozzie, a former Microsoft executive and the chief software architect at the tech giant, made his foray into the Internet of Things (IoT) industry by leading a $22M funding round for Blues Wireless. With his experience in the software engineering industry, Ozzie will have a major impact on the IoT industry and its future.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of Ozzie’s involvement in the industry and how his involvement could shape the future of IoT:

Ozzie’s Leadership in the IoT Industry

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s former top software architect and well-known technology visionary, is making his mark in the Internet of Things (IoT). His venture capital firm, etherX Inc., recently invested in Blues Wireless Inc., a startup focused on simplifying the development process needed to create secure, low-power wireless products. With the funding from Ozzie’s firm came the added benefit of offering access to his shared expertise in cutting-edge technology.

Ozzie has been a key player in software development since joining Microsoft as its chief software architect in 2009. One of his biggest accomplishments was creating Windows Azure, which laid down much of the groundwork for cloud computing and became one of Microsoft’s most successful platforms. Now turning his attention towards IoT solutions, Ozzie’s particular brand of strategic guidance for Blues Wireless – which delivers new ways for developers to manage data exchange and energy consumption – will be invaluable.

Blues Wireless chose wisely by betting on Ozzie’s expertise; IT businesses worldwide look to him for advice on handling their internal IT infrastructure going forward. Moreover, working with other stakeholders within software architectures such as Oracle Corporation and Lotus Development Corporation previously solidified Ozzie’s credibility as an IoT leader. With numerous awards under his belt and being credited as one of Forbes top 30 Tech Industry Luminaries from 2017-2021, he is committed to making positive change in this space.

Ozzie’s involvement with Blues wireless cements his place as a thought leader in the rapidly growing field of IoT. His deep knowledge will no doubt be valuable as more organisations look to adopt solutions that leverage this technology’s capabilities. For companies already utilising numerous connected devices within their operations at present or looking ahead towards adding them, Ray Ozzie has shown that he is just the right fit when it comes to making smart decisions on behalf of their organisation’s future growth and success.

Blue Wireless aims to create reliable, secure, and low-cost wireless solutions that are affordable to everyone.

Ozzie’s Impact on Blues Wireless

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s former chief software architect, is making waves in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. He has recently joined Blues Wireless as an advisor and partner, lending his considerable expertise to help the company unlock the potential of private enterprise wireless networks.

This move has a broader reach beyond Blues Wireless’ product. Ozzie’s experience and advice can guide the wider IoT industry, steering further innovation and growth. In addition, his presence brings credibility to established solutions like private network solutions while inspiring developing solutions still in development.

Ozzie’s most significant input will likely come in his role as an ambassador for pioneering decentralised technology solutions. As one of the top software architects of our time, he understands and appreciates this system’s full potential – something many IoT practitioners have yet to embrace and explore within their networks. As a result, his advice is likely to act as a catalyst for greater adoption rates in decentralising approaches offering a secure solution that can significantly reduce downtime in heavily interconnected businesses across sectors such as:

  • Retail events
  • Luxury services requiring highly personalised experiences
  • Delivered through intelligent real-time feedback loops essential for effective smooth operation without compromising security
  • Increasingly becoming an important Achilles heel for IoT deployments across all industries ranging from medical/hospital choices offered by Metromedia Fiber Networks Inc to core infrastructure secrets security risks faced by any major airports around the globe
  • Any business today existing or nearing its readiness needs highly cyber secure intelligent operations regardless of size or complexity!

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