Jabra has unveiled its first hearables, which are fitness-focused devices that track your VO2 Max. It’s the first device of its kind to be powered by a blockchain and uses biometric tracking technology to provide accurate data for athletes on their performance..

Jabra has released a new pair of Hearables Track VO2Max. The device is designed to monitor the user’s heart rate and track their fitness levels.

Jabra’s wireless headphones that remain in place and monitor heart rate have just become better. Jabra intends to update its Sport Pulse headphones with the gold standard in cardio measurement: VO2Max, according to PR Newswire. That isn’t all, however.

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that the wireless headphones industry isn’t exactly a slouch. Regrettably, it tends to generate more garbage than gold.

Bluetooth continues to have difficulty passing through human flesh and barriers. Despite this, technological advancements continue apace. Bluetooth has helped companies like Jabra and Jawbone build their brands. Jabra is currently constructing.

The new Sport Pulse headphones from Jabra have a basic design with controls available on the cable connecting the earbuds. They carry a lot of punch into a tiny package. Expect the same high-quality Jabra technology as before, as well as cutting-edge innovations aimed at altering the way you exercise.


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The Sport Pulse headphones were the first in the world to use in-ear biometric heart monitoring. Many have followed after then, but Jabra was the first.

The original headphones were revered not just for the information they gathered, but also for how well they remained in your ears. The original Sport Pulses’ marketing focused on consumers shaking, flipping, spinning, or dancing them out.

They remain in place, unlike many other headphones. Jabra even challenged users to shake them out.

They were made to military specifications for rain, shock, sand, and dust. While the Jabras may not appear on top ten rankings for rocking earbuds, they easily defeat them in combat.


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The next version of Sport Pulse has a lot riding on it, but Jabra is likely to deliver.

They’re calling them Special Editions to distinguish them. They’ll be the world’s first headphones that measure VO2Max. The Hexoskin device, which was covered in this blog, is the only other wearable we’ve discussed that tracks VO2Max.

To put it another way, VO2Max is a difficult measure to monitor. Tubes, cables, a technician, and a controlled atmosphere are all required. This has nothing to do with Jabra’s tracking precision. We’ll have to wait and see.

They don’t intend to stop there. They’ll also keep track of your repetitions using an unique motion sensor. Oh, and with enhanced fitting choices, they’ll stay in your ears even better.


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The Sport Pulse Special Editions will help you get the most out of your workout session. You’ll spend less time counting repetitions and more time pushing your conditioning since they’ll be done for you. They’ll even use Jabra’s clever in-ear audio coaching to help you succeed.

You’ll be able to achieve goals you never thought possible thanks to the VO2Max statistics collected by Jabra’s proprietary software. You’ll feel more conditioned if your VO2Max is higher. Consider how well-conditioned the Marines are.

Expect to feel more pumped as a result of the new design, which includes improvements to the sound quality. You may just be able to sprint through walls. What’s to stop you?

Your Jabras are covered by a three-year extended guarantee against damage, which may not involve racing through walls but certainly includes perspiration.

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It should be mentioned that they are not currently available in stores, but they will be shortly.

Jabra is up against some stiff competition. Jaybird just updated its Freedom earphones. Although Apple’s Powerbeats 2 are a few years old, they are still an excellent set of earbuds for bassheads.

The Jabras are unlikely to deliver the bass or compete with the Jaybirds’ ultra light design, but they will beat both of them in a pit-fight. If you abuse your gadgets, Jabra is the way to go.

The “jabra elite 75t touch control” is a new product that will be released soon. It tracks your VO2Max and has many other features.

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