Fractured Veil is a survival game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of Earth. Players must explore and fight for resources while avoiding radiation, hostile mutants, and other players. The game was funded on Kickstarter this week with over $100K in backing.


Do you recall Fractured Veil? When developer Paddle Creek was looking for testers earlier this year, we covered it. The game is described as a “open-world online survival game” set in post-apocalyptic Hawaii, and it’s been classified as an MMO on Steam. It’s just reached its Kickstarter fundraising target with less than two weeks to go.

“Join up to 500 other survivors on Maui, Hawaii’s once-beautiful landscapes, now infested with terrifying mutants, hungry animals, and other people fighting for survival. Before venturing deep into the heart of Maui, go alone or form allies. To keep unwelcome guests out, construct and fortify a base. Prepare for an intriguing combination of PvP and PvE gameplay by gathering materials to build upgrades and specialized weapons like spearguns. Fractured Veil has a rich questing experience and an RPG-like skill development system in addition to basic survival game elements. Missions offer experience points for upgrades and narrative beats at NPC outposts and places of interest all across the landscape. Create a personalized survivor by specializing in a range of talents to overcome the legions of mutants—and not-so-friendly survivors—that call Maui home.”

After a six-year development period, the game will be released in early access in Q2 of next year. The studio is concentrating on multi-server support for “hundreds of concurrent survivors,” cross-server travel, and settlements, according to the studio. “Fractured Veil’s $100,000 investment ensures the project’s continued development,” the team adds. “Additional money will go toward Stretch Goals,” the first of which seems to be furniture and decorations, followed by spear weapons, which have been financed to the tune of $120,000.

The Kickstarter also states that the game is primarily being developed for PC, and that, unlike other survivalboxes, PvE-only zones would remain in place until the company is able to add a fair PvX system. “Our views on PvX are not set in stone, and we want to iterate toward success with the community on development servers before removing certain PVE Zones,” the developers explain.

Source: Steam press release