The Definitive Technology brand has been around for decades, but recently Sonos introduced their own wireless speaker system that is quickly gaining popularity. Which brand of speakers should you choose?

The sonos bar is a speaker that has been designed to provide superior sound quality. It is also compatible with most Wi-Fi networks and can be controlled via the smartphone app.


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In today’s world, wireless streaming services like as Pandora Internet radio and Spotify are very popular. However, deciding on the best wireless multiroom streaming solution for your requirements may be challenging. We’ll look at Sonos and Technology that makes a difference in this post. You’ll be able to choose between Sonos and Definitive Technology at the conclusion of the discussion.

If you want your own wireless network (greater range and speed), more music options, a nice app, and more than 5 devices around the home, Sonos is the best choice. If you want the greatest sound quality and the ability to manage your music without waking up your devices, Definitive Technology is the way to go.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Before we get started, here’s a little rundown of each company:

Sonos: Sonos is the industry leader and most popular wireless multiroom system on the market today. In fact, they have been selling these systems for longer than any other company.

Definitive Technology is a well-known and renowned speaker manufacturer that is doing well with its wireless multiroom solutions.

Putting Bose and Definitive Technology side by side is comparable to putting Bose and Sonos side by side.

Wireless Multiroom Systems from Sonos

Sonos is a company that has radically changed the way people listen to music via the internet. It created multiroom sound systems that were both cheap and convenient, making listening to streaming music a breeze.1632981615_357_Sonos-Vs-Heos

As a result, in terms of sound quality, convenience, and usefulness, Sonos is a class leader. In fact, Sonos was the first to propose that music should not be limited to a single area or by wires. They began producing these systems even before Denon’s Heos. To understand more, check out our Sonos vs Heos comparison.

As a result, Sonos is a market leader in multi-room family sound devices such as wireless speakers, soundbars, amplifiers, and portable Bluetooth speakers.

The History of Sonos

This business was founded in 2002 with the goal of transforming home sound systems for the digital era.

Initially, the Sonos wireless sound system functioned by connecting a single speaker to a home network before adding up to 32 more Sonos units. This connection was made possible thanks to Sonosnet, a specialized secure wireless mesh network.

Sonos released the amplified CR100 controller and ZonePlayer ZP100 in 2004. Since then, further capabilities have been introduced, such as voice control and streaming services. Furthermore, the introduction of the Sonos S2 platform in 2020 prompted additional significant improvements, making the Sonos experience even better.

What Is The Setup Procedure For Sonos?

The Sonos speakers are extremely easy to set up. You can complete the speaker setup quickly and effortlessly using the Sonos app, which is available for iOS and Android. To finish the connection, just synchronize the speakers with the app and input the wi-fi password.

The app also makes it simpler to attach speakers to each room, configure them, and operate them separately using your TV’s remote. You may also add any streaming services you like.

In the Sonos S2 upgrade, Sonos has also introduced a new function called “Room Groups.” This approach aids in the creation of groupings of certain zones, particularly those that are often utilized.

As a result, if you have certain areas that you often use together, such as the kitchen and the living room, the app enables you to combine them for simple synchronization whenever you need to use them again.

What Is The Meaning Of A Sonos Badge?

Not all audio systems available on the market will work with Sonos devices.

However, Sonos makes it simpler for you to make the best decision, particularly when purchasing items that are meant to interact with other Sonos devices currently in your shop.

To ensure smooth connection with the Sonos family, check for a “works with Sonos” logo on items you purchase.

What Is The Best Sonos Speaker?

It’s difficult to find a flaw in any Sonos device throughout the whole ecosystem. Whether you want to go with an expand-as-you-go philosophy or require a well-built system to fill your room with enough bass, we’ve got you covered. Some of the best Sonos speakers are listed here.

Sonos One is number one.

Although it is the smallest Sonos speaker, it is nevertheless flexible and capable of filling most spaces with sufficient sound thanks to the integration of Alexa and Google Assistant. You may also use the speaker to look up a recipe, answer basic questions, or get the weather forecast. Siri is also compatible with Sonos One through AirPlay 2.

2. Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker with Sonos

If you have a bigger space, this speaker allows you to connect several speakers in a variety of ways. The speaker may be wall-mounted or placed on a table or bookshelf as a standing speaker.

It does not, however, have a microphone and will not respond to voice instructions like the Sonos One.

3. The Sonos Move system

The Sonos Move is Bluetooth-enabled, water-resistant, and has a battery life of up to 11 hours. This is the ideal speaker to carry to the garden without having to worry about lengthy wires or an extra battery.

Why should you go with Sonos?

The following are the major benefits that Sonos provides:

  1. Sonos is a well-known name in the audio industry, particularly when it comes to wireless multiroom systems.
  2. Sonos has collaborated with more businesses than any other audio maker, so you’ll have a lot of music to choose from when you use their platform.
  3. After-sales service: Sonos provides outstanding after-sales service.
  4. Sonos systems have its own wireless network, which extends the range and increases bandwidth. This indicates that your wireless network is more stable.

Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology is a private company based in the United States that was established in 1990. The company’s headquarters are in Vista, California.


Soundbars, floor speakers, home theater audio systems, wireless home audio, and headphones are among the products that the business manufactures and distributes.

Approaching the Definitive Technology Speaker

Bipole Methodology

The Definitive’s bipolar speakers feature frontal and rear drivers that radiate sound in phase to both directions, creating a massive, deep sound stage that conventional, direct-radiating speakers can’t match.

Direct-radiating speakers, on the other hand, may produce pin-point image with bipolar speakers. You’ll also need to position the speakers at least 6-inches away from the wall for optimal sound quality.

Amplifiers built-in

Internal Class D amplifiers are incorporated into Definitive Technology speakers. This aids in the transmission of smoother, more constant bass across the space. Furthermore, the speakers’ numerous subwoofers assist to minimize sound nulls.

Which Definitive Technology Speaker Should You Buy?

The following are some of the finest Definitive Technology speakers:

1. BP9080x BP9080x BP9080x BP90

This tower speaker is 52 inches tall and has two 12-inch bass radiators, a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, and a 12-inch subwoofer.

2. BP9060

It features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, two 10-inch bass radiators, two 4.5-inch Class D amps, and a 10-inch subwoofer, which is smaller than the BP9080x.

3. Atmos-capable Speaker A90

This is a replacement for the A60 Atmos-capable speaker. It features a 4.5-inch midrange driver and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter.

4. Center Channel (CS9060)

An 8-inch powered subwoofer and two 4.5-inch bass-mid woofers surround a 1-inch dome aluminum tweeter. The speaker, on the other hand, is not bi-polar.

What Makes Definitive Technology So Special?

Sound Quality: Without a doubt, Definitive Technology provides superior sound quality. Yes, at the same price point as Sonos, you will receive superior sound quality with Def Tech. We compared the Definitive Technology WAMP with the Sonos CONNECTAMP, for example. The Def Tech WAMP was louder, cleaner, and produced more bass in our testing.

Sleep/Wake Feature: You can still control your Def Tech devices while they go to sleep. With Sonos, though, you must go inside the devices and wake them up. That may be very inconvenient.

Definitive Technology vs. Sonos

In the audio business, Sonos has the most collaborations. As a result, audiophiles who choose Sonos have more music options than they would have with any other business. Sonos also provides excellent aftermarket support.

Definitive Technology, on the other hand, sounds better. Definitive Technology speakers sound better than Sonos speakers at the same price, according to tests.

When comparing the Definitive Technology WAMP with the Sonos CONNECTAMP, both of which are wireless and feature built-in amplifiers, the WAMP provides superior overall sound quality.

In addition, accessing the controls on Definitive Technology’s portable W7 and W9 is considerably simpler than on the Sonos PLAY5, which must be woken up if the phone sleeps.

Between Sonos and Definitive Technology, which is the better option?

Both Sonos and Definitive Technology excel at providing wireless speakers with a variety of controls. However, Sonos wins if you want speakers that offer you the most music options. Definitive Technology, on the other hand, is the perfect option if you want the greatest sound quality and the ability to manage the music without having to continually wake up the devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Definitive Technology speakers any good?

Definitive Technology speakers are not very good.

Is Sonos still the best?

Sonos is still the best sound system.

Which is better Bose or Sonos?

This is a personal preference, but the sound quality on Sonos is better than Bose.

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