It’s not often that you get a chance to play an MMO on Christmas. That changes December 15, when the new update for PSO2 hits and brings with it new content like a winter-themed event called “Sandstorm Requiem.

“Phantasy Star Online 2’s Sandstorm Requiem launches December 15, followed by a holiday event.” is the announcement for Phantasy Star Online 2’s new update. The update will have a story mode called “Sandstorm Requiem” and it will launch on December 15th.

Phantasy Star Online 2’s Sandstorm Requiem launches December 15, followed by a holiday event


Phantasy Star Online 2 is a sequel to the popular game Phantasy Star Online New Genesis lovers may rest confident that their next major item will arrive before the holidays: it’s called Sandstorm Requiem, and SEGA will release it next week, on December 15th. A new area, a higher level cap, new elemental methods and class abilities, global trials, a new title system, and much more are all promised by the firm.

“As Chapter 2 progresses, Crawford will encourage players to go to Retem City with Aina and Manon to join the ARKS. The desert of Retem is characterized by sand dunes, stony terrain, and canyons. The weather and plants are very different from what players are accustomed to in Aelio. There’s a lot to see and do, but keep an eye out for new foes like the Fortos Launcher, Fortos Laser: DOLLS, Lizentos: DOLLS, and Metius: DOLLS! All are armed to the teeth and have proven to be strong opponents. Retem Region, a fresh field, awaits you! The Sandstorm Requiem update raises the level limit for all classes to 35 and adds a new Class Skill to each. Wind, Light, and Dark will be added to the existing Elemental Techniques, joining Fire, Ice, and Lightning. […] World Trials are large-scale disruptions that will take place on all ships. They will take place throughout numerous Sectors for a lengthy period of time, unlike conventional Trials. The World Trial’s goal, for example, is Stella Grace Recovery. The goal of the operation is to gather as much Stellar Grace as possible in the Exploration Sectors within the time restriction in order to gain prizes!”

If you’d prefer be festive, you’ll have to wait until December 22nd, when Central City has its own Christmas celebration in preparation for Santa. 1SEazsE9o

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