A brand new story-driven adventure game from the creators of Life is Strange, coming to Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

The “life is strange: true colors switch release date” is a game that was originally released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will be released for the Nintendo Switch December 7th.

Life is Strange: True Colors Headed to Switch December 7


Life is Strange: True Colors will be released for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, according to Square Enix. On other platforms, the game was released in September.

There is one limitation to the release date: it only pertains to the digital version. Those who want a tangible copy of the book will have to wait until February 25, 2022.

Life is Strange: True Colors has been redesigned on the Nintendo Switch, according to Square Enix. Every character model, ambient item, vegetation, and even the lighting system were all rebuilt by the development team.

The Nintendo Switch lacks the processing power of the Xbox One X and PlayStation 5. As a result, several graphical aspects are likely to have been tweaked to accommodate the Switch’s inferior internals.

Despite this, Square Enix External Studios co-head Jon Brooke expressed satisfaction with the Switch version:

Because this is the series’ most complex game, it was critical that we retain a high level of graphic quality, speed, and optimization while porting it to a new platform. We’re ecstatic with how the Switch version came out, and we can’t wait to welcome even more players into our beautiful community with this release.

Life is Strange: True Colors was planned to be released with the other versions on the Switch. However, in August, developer Deck Nine stated that the Switch version will be delayed. It didn’t provide an explanation for the game’s delay.

Alex Chen, who has the capacity to perceive other people’s emotions, is the subject of Life is Strange: True Colors. Alex is interested in learning more about the circumstances that led up to her brother Gabe’s death in a landslide.

It is the most popular Life is Strange game to date. It also received positive reviews, with Metacritic giving it a score in the low 80s.


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Vaporum: Lockdown, a steampunk role-playing game, will be released on December 10th.

Jerry Jones was furious when his Dallas Cowboys lost to the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving, but it had less to do with his team’s failure to win and more to do with the officials. He wasn’t the only one who felt like this.

The Cowboys battled hard to force overtime in front of a national audience and a big-time audience, but they were unable to overcome a Raiders team that had lost three consecutive games before the contest.

Dallas was defeated in overtime, 36-33. As a consequence, the Cowboys have now dropped two straight games and three of their past four overall.

But let’s speak about flags for a moment.

After the game, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy lambasted the refereeing.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones Prior to the game versus the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looks on | Getty Images/Stacy Revere

The Cowboys were penalized 14 times in the game, resulting in a net loss of 166 yards.

“I call it ‘throw up ball,’” Jones told Michael Gehlken after the game. “Outside of the Super Bowl, this will undoubtedly be the most watched game.” I despise how it’s come down to just chucking the ball up and hoping for penalties to generate huge plays.”

McCarthy was considerably more forthright about his dislike for the officials.

According to Richie Whitt, he remarked, “We believed it may come down to a (bad-call) penalty.”

McCarthy told ESPN, “I don’t really know what the heck you want me to say about twenty-eight penalties.” “Do anything you want; I’m OK with it.”

After the setback, Dallas players took aim at the officials.

“That’s terrible, particularly in our own stadium,” Cowboys WR Michael Gallup said of the 166 penalty yards. You’re in a game with two teams. You’re up against the officials and the other team.” The following are five takeaways from the Cowboys’ overtime defeat to the Raiders: https://t.co/7g8780PWbu pic.twitter.com/49yz35kElC

November 26, 2021 — Michael Gehlken (@GehlkenNFL)

The problem with all the complaints from Dallas is that the flags aren’t one-sided. Shawn Hochuli, the game’s referee, called a total of 28 penalties throughout the game. The Raiders were also penalized 110 yards, for a total of 276 yards lost due to yellow flags.

This should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention. Prior to the game, Hochuli’s crew had thrown 153 flags, which was tied for seventh most among NFL officials. His team also had the third-highest penalty yards, a figure that is sure to rise following this Thanksgiving game.

At the very least, McCarthy said that Dallas had a notion the flags were flying.

McCarthy said, “It was definitely annoying.” “From beginning to end, the game was choppy. Give our boys credit for staying focused and fighting. The stats are ridiculous, no doubt about it. However, there are trends and patterns in this game, and we expected this game to be officiated in this manner.

The game had to be won by someone, and both sides were being punished equally. To Jones’ credit, he did commend the Raiders for responding to the game’s changing dynamics. However, not everyone shared these sentiments.

“You’re in a game with two teams. After the game, wide receiver Michael Gallup stated, “You’re playing the officials and the other team.”

The officiating had plainly enraged the Cowboys. That, along with McCarthy’s remarks, was about as forthright an assessment of refereeing as you’ll hear from a coach or player after a game.

Even Dak Prescott had something to say about the officiating.

“It’s self-evident.” According to ProFootballTalk, they “certainly altered the game.” “However, we must reflect on our actions and keep the officials out of the game.” We have to improve in some way, shape, or form. We must be self-disciplined. We need to concentrate on what we can manage. They are, without a doubt, going to happen. We feel like we’re being singled out a little bit, but in the same vein, we need to do a better job on our end to keep them out of the game.”

The Cowboys have more pressing issues than officiating.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy debates a penalty with side judge Laird Hayes | | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Prescott is correct in his appraisal of the team, but not so much in his judgment of the officials. It would be one thing to suggest the referees “targeted” Dallas if they had 14 infractions to the Raiders’ five. However, this was not the case. Yes, the officials were inept, but they were inept for both sides.

Prescott is correct in noting that the team has to reflect, since despite the yellow hankies, the Cowboys needed to win this game. Yes, the referees were involved. Dallas, on the other hand, was absent when it counted most.

There are a few possible reasons why Dallas didn’t win besides officiating:

The Raiders racked up 509 total yards of offense against the Cowboys. They let Derrick Carr throw for 373 yards and a score on 24-of-39 passing.

The Cowboys allowed Las Vegas to gain 143 yards on the run. Josh Jacobs carried for 87 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries. Marcus Mariotta, the backup quarterback, got in on the action with an RPO keeper for four yards and a score near the goal line.

Although Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown, he only carried nine times for 25 yards, averaging just 2.8 yards per carry. He hasn’t ran for more than 100 yards since Week 5. In fact, in the last three games, his running totals haven’t even reached 100 yards. This is a major problem in Dallas that has nothing to do with flags.

The Cowboys were 3-of-13 on third-down conversions and trailed by more than 10 minutes in time of possession (39:02, 26:30).

Even though the Raiders didn’t seem to want to win the game, Dallas was unable to capitalize on this.

The Raiders had an eight-point lead and the ball with little over seven minutes to play, after leading by as much as 11 points at one point. With 3:55 left on the clock, they punted it back to Dallas. Even though they were up three points with 1:52 left in the fourth quarter, they still enabled the Cowboys to force overtime with a 10-play, 48-yard touchdown drive.

The Raiders tried all they could to give the game to the Cowboys, but they were unable to capitalize.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Cowboys gained six yards in three overtime plays. That has nothing to do with officiating.

The harsh reality for Dallas is that good teams don’t whine about officiating, regardless of how awful it is.

No matter what, good teams keep their heads down and get the job done. Officiating should not be a source of concern for good teams. Good teams, moreover, do not allow the game to get to the point where the officials can make a difference. If you’re already up by a few points, a handful of flags, even 14 of them, won’t bother you much.

This isn’t to suggest that Dallas isn’t a capable squad. Dallas is still a playoff club, and you don’t want to be pitted against them. The Cowboys are a difficult team to beat when they’re “on.”

The problem is that Dallas hasn’t been “right” for a long time, and whining about officiating won’t make things better.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

Micah Parsons, a star rookie for the Dallas Cowboys, keeps winning hardware: ‘I Feel Like Floyd or John Cena in His Prime,’ he says.

A room full of dart boards.

We went through a few different dart games in Part 1 of this series. Today, we’ll go over proper dart throwing technique so that more of your darts hit their intended target, enabling you to purchase less rounds of beer for your friends.


A effective dart stance has four key components. They include correctly lining up, maintaining a consistent stance angle, shoulder posture, and having a strong foothold.

Ignore the center marker on the dart throwing line on the floor when setting up for a throw. It’s possible that the lines are incorrect. Make an imaginary line from the dartboard’s center to the floor, then to your foot. To mark that imaginary line, choose a section of the dart throwing line (or a mark or scuff on the carpet) and make sure you line up in that precise location every time you throw. For a good throw, you must be consistent with your technique.

You may align yourself to the board in either a sideways or forward facing position. A sideways stance, according to NiceDarts.com, facilitates a more precise throw by aligning your eyes and throwing arm on the same line and reducing the risk of your elbow sliding away from your body. For me, facing the board with my front foot pointing at the bull’s eye seems to work best, while others prefer to face the board with their front foot aiming at the bull’s eye.

Your feet should be in a balanced and comfortable position. Place your feet shoulder width apart and bear the bulk of your weight on your front foot. It’s possible that your rear foot may elevate somewhat. Your balance is maintained by your back foot.

Shoulder posture varies from player to player depending on what feels most natural to them. Your shoulders should be parallel to the ground as much as possible. When throwing, keep your shoulders, back, and legs fixed, but your throwing arm should be flexible and relaxed but in control.


According to the darts professionals at NiceDarts.com and DartBase.com, there are four things to keep in mind when aiming your darts, just as there are four things to keep in mind when stance. Leading with your elbow, locating a sight line on your throwing hand, aiming squarely at your target, and understanding and employing your dominant eye when aiming are the four steps.

Make sure your elbow is pointing squarely at the dartboard and slightly higher if feasible. Because my arm mechanics aren’t quite up to the task, I just aim my elbow towards the dartboard and ignore the fact that it’s pointing upwards. It’s just too unpleasant for me.

Determine a line of sight from your throwing hand to a certain target on the board. Some people utilize the tip of the dart, while others use their thumb’s knuckle. The essential lesson here is to stick to what works for you once you’ve found it.

Many dart beginners struggle with not aiming straight at the target they wish to hit. Aim for the center of the triple nineteen, not the overall region, if you want to hit a triple nineteen. Also, don’t compensate too much for a bad throw. For example, if you aim for the triple twenty but instead hit the five to its left, don’t shoot for the twenty’s right to compensate for your earlier throw. Aim for the triple digits once again. All of this contributes to consistency.


Finally, use your dominant eye to aim. Practice a few throws with one eye closed to determine which eye is dominant. Your dominant eye is the one that has the most trouble staying closed.


Man throwing arrow towards dart board.

The kind of dart barrel you choose, as well as the finger positioning that is most comfortable for you, determine your grip. You should make sure that the tip of the dart is facing slightly upward and that your grip is both relaxed and solid. Fingers should only grasp the dart barrel, not the shaft or flight, and any fingers not contacting the barrel should stay open and relaxed, not curled up into your palm. Play around with it to determine what feels right for you, and then stay with it.

The Throw

Darts move in a parabolic arc, similar to how a rock or a shotgun bullet travels. “A respectable throwing technique must direct the dart perfectly along this parabolic curve while accelerating the dart, and must ensure that the dart can maintain this arc after it has left the hand,” says Karlheinz Zochling of Dart Base.

The movement of your body and shoulder is the first thing to be mindful of in order to produce this parabolic curve. Make no movements with your body or shoulder! Only your arm should move throughout the throw, while your shoulder and torso should stay stationary. Some people believe that your elbow should stay fixed throughout the throw as well, however in order to help in a parabolic curve, your elbow should only stay fixed while you bring your hand backwards, and it should rise up slightly during the acceleration of the dart.

Many professional dart players let their wrist crack slightly just before releasing the dart to maximize acceleration. Allowing your wrist to snap, and so boosting the acceleration of the dart, allows the rest of your arm to relax throughout the throw, resulting in a more precise and consistent throw.

Finally, ensure that you follow through. Your arm should remain in the throwing action after you release the dart, stopping until it is aimed towards the target you are aiming at. Instead of dropping to your side immediately after releasing the dart, let it hang there for a few moments.

You’re now ready to hurl your mini-arrows with a bit more assurance and skill. A game of darts at my favorite pub, washed down with a nice, frothy beer, is the ideal antidote for a tough week, and just a terrific activity. If you haven’t played darts in a long time, this is the week to do so.

Some of the methods outlined in this article are questionable. People create their own methods of adapting technique to what seems comfortable for them, just as they do in any activity. Do you have any more advice for newcomers to darts? In the comments, please provide your suggestions and recommendations.


Did you miss Part 1? It may be found here.



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Life is Strange: True Colors will be headed to the Switch December 7. The game has been released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Reference: games like life is strange for switch.

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