WhatsApp Beta for Windows is a beta version of the app, so it doesn’t have all of WhatsApp’s features yet. It’s meant to help developers test their code before deploying an update that includes more features and bug fixes. The beta can be installed on any PC running recent versions of Windows 10 with at least 4GB RAM available.,

The “beta program is full meaning” is a message that appears when the beta program for WhatsApp has reached its capacity. If you want to install the app, it’s best to wait until the release of the stable version.

How to install WhatsApp Beta (UWP) for Windows –

WhatsApp Beta Windows

The recently leaked WhatsApp beta application, which is built on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), is now accessible on the Microsoft Store. Because you require a direct link to the app, it won’t show in the store immediately away.

WhatsApp has long been rumored to be working on a new interface for its Windows and Mac versions. The new versions were said to be native to the operating systems they were created for, with UWP for Windows and Mac Catalyst for macOS.

What is the difference between the UWP and PWA versions of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s current desktop version is a Progressive Web Software (PWA), which seems to be a native app but is really a web-based version running within webview. It’s impossible to tell it apart from the one that runs in a web browser through www.whatsapp.com. The latest beta version of WhatsApp, on the other hand, features an entirely new look that is said to be based on UWA. The same is true for a macOS version, which should be created using Mac Catalyst.

So, even when the application is closed, a real desktop application of WhatsApp, which is currently available for beta testers, comes with native Windows features like inking and notifications. The app will continue to work with up to four devices when using multi-device connectivity. WhatsApp beta also retains the ability to remain connected even when the phone is turned off.

Aside from that, the new WhatsApp beta enables you to modify settings from your computer and have them sync to your phone immediately. However, not all options may be updated through the beta app at this time.

WhatsApp Beta Windows Settings

On Windows 10, WhatsApp Beta version 2.2144.7.0 is running.

The WhatsApp beta app does not have a public presence on the Microsoft Store. Only a direct link, similar to how other beta program distribution works on the Microsoft Store, may lead you to download. After the break, you’ll find a link to download and install on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. The following is a description taken from the store listing for the WhatsApp beta app.

If you download WhatsApp Beta, you’ll be among the first to check out new features and provide feedback on the new app. End-to-end encryption is still in place to secure your personal texts and calls. No one can read or listen to them outside of your conversations, not even WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a free messaging and video calling service that is used in over 180 countries by over 2 billion users. It’s easy to remain in contact with friends and family since it’s straightforward, dependable, and confidential.

We manually downloaded and tested the WhatsApp beta app on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 before publishing this. To be honest, we were missing something when it came to using WhatsApp on the computer. It’s not the same as the former desktop version of the program, which was web-based.

How can I get WhatsApp for Windows (Beta) and install it?

The WhatsApp Beta for Windows may be found in the Microsoft Store by clicking the link below. Then go to the shop and download it. That is all there is to it. After you attach the WhatsApp Beta app to your phone, you may be separated from other related devices. But don’t worry, it might just be a service issue; you can still connect your other devices. It’s also worth noting that WhatsApp only enables you to connect up to four devices at once.

WhatsApp Beta Windows WhatsApp Beta for Windows

This version has a lot more native Windows functionality, such as inking, than the previous web-based desktop version.

Right now, you may download


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the UWP app on my desktop?

A: You must have Microsofts .NET Framework 4.6 installed in order to use the UWP app on your desktop. If you dont, then download it from this link and install it first before attempting to start using the UWP app on your computer

Can I install WhatsApp beta?

A: Yes, you can install WhatsApp beta.
The Android Beta version of WhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store and the iPhone application isnt in Apples App Store either. But if you download it from their official website, then yes, that would be possible to do so as well.

How do I download the UWP app?

A: To download the UWP app, you can press X on your controller to open up the inventory and then find it in either Apps or My Apps. It should be near the top of that list.

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