In the long-running show, which is still airing in its current format today, two British children find themselves switched at birth and raised in different countries. The switch happens when they are just four days old.

The “nba 2k21 language settings” is a setting that allows users to change the language of the game. The default language that is set in the game, is Arabic. To change this, go into the settings and select your desired language.

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, and it’s something fans of the franchise have been waiting for for a long time, however many gamers are starting the game to discover all of the text in Arabic.

Many gamers have resorted to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the game’s lack of localization, with some even writing nasty reviews on the game’s official storefronts.

How can I change the language in Back 4 Blood from Arabic to English?

Don’t worry; the repair, although it may seem to be a hassle, isn’t nearly as complex as it appears when you have some help. So, without further ado, just follow these easy instructions and you’ll be speaking your chosen language again in no time.

Back-4-blood-arabic-issue-fix To see a larger version of this picture, please click on it.

You want to go to the games menu, as seen above. To accomplish so, open up the game and wait until you can reach the escape menu.

Press the third button from the bottom of the screen on the buttons to the left to enter the settings menu. When you enter the settings menu, you’ll see that you’ve already landed on the correct tab.

Back-4-Blood-Language-fix-1024x429 To see a larger version of this picture, please click on it.

Now that you’re in the settings menu, scroll to the bottom and then back up four sections; the text on the left divides sets of options and classes into parts.

You’ll notice a drop down item (you’ll know it’s a drop down since the triangle is facing the wrong way), click on it, and choose your preferred language.

Back 4 Blood Arabic fixes To see a larger version of this picture, please click on it.

Of course, you may simply look for the drop down; you don’t have to scroll to the bottom and count upwards for parts, but it does make it simpler to identify the correct option.


The “how to change game language from chinese to english” is a question that many people have asked. The answer is simple, but not easy. You need to change the language of your device back to English.

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