FAMEHERGAME, a new women’s initiative that FIFAe introduced today, aims to boost awareness, develop grassroots possibilities, and create a secure environment for female competitors in the FIFAe ecosystem.

Worldwide member organizations are given the authority to manage specialized boot camps that offer women exclusive opportunities to join FIFAe and develop local communities. The FIFAe-hosted FAMEHERGAME boot camp will take place in the middle of 2023. One nominated player from each member association competing in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on https://gg.bet/en/esports will be called.

The top two competitors will obtain invitations to the event in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand, later in the year. Players will compete against one another and receive coaching sessions during the boot camp. Interested gamers can join the FAMEHERGAME Discord channel to participate in the program. The initiative, which aims to remove barriers that women encounter in the community and competitive scene, is based on research done with women involved in the spot at the FIFAe Finals 2022.

In the upcoming months, member associations from all around the world, including France, Morocco, and South Africa, will propose one player to attend the boot camp. FIFAe will also collaborate closely with league partners like the ECL, one of the top FIFA esports organizations for women, to tell the narratives of women throughout the entire year in order to foster the development of new role models within the community. Additionally, FIFAe will invite the top players from each league to the FAMEHERGAME boot camp.

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During a visit to the FAMEHERGAME boot camp, elite players from member associations and league partners will also receive varied support for coaching, content development, and other areas. Participants will compete in a high-stakes competition to wrap out the boot camp, with the best two finishers potentially earning an exclusive trip to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand, in 2023.

The foundation of FAMEHERGAME is the idea that both men and women may excel in FIFA esports competitions. Regardless of gender or background, FIFAe is committed to fostering an atmosphere where anybody can become a hero and realize their greatest potential.

The FAMEHERGAME campaign and the GoodGame Pledge will continue to be promoted, according to FIFA, throughout the year.

Five Women Who Are Changing The Course of ESports

It can be challenging to enter the esports and gaming world, and it can be especially intimidating for women. In a profession where men predominate, there are notably fewer women in the gaming industry. However, a number of prominent women in esports are paving the way for female representation not only in-game but also off-screen, in the media, and in positions of authority.

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Here are five women who are proving that gaming knows no boundaries for gender in the esports business and beyond.

Scarlett (Starcraft II)

Sasha Hostyn is the first woman to triumph in a significant Starcraft II competition, earning Sarah Kerrigan the moniker “the Queen of Blades” for her skill as a Zerg player. With more than US$362,000 in prize money to her name, she was also recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest-earning female competitive video game player in 2016.

Sjokz (League of Legends)

Through hosting the League of Legends World Championship and the LEC, Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere has established herself as a well-known voice in esports. She has prior experience playing competitively, having competed in various regional League of Legends tournaments and even the Belgium national squad.

Tricia “Megumixbear” Sugita (League of Legends)

IGN’s esports host and celebrity Tricia “megumixbear” Sugita got her start in the industry there. She later held positions as Immortals’ Head of Partnership and Azubu’s Director of Esports before being hired as FlyQuest’s CEO. Tricia joined Cloud9 in 2022 as Chief Marketing Officer before being elevated to Chief Operations Officer later on.

Sheever (Dota 2)

Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden, a Dota 2 host and celebrity, has participated in many competitions over the years and has established himself as a familiar face at DPC Majors and The International.

Remilia (League of Legends)

Former professional League of Legends player and streamer was Maria “Remilia” Creveling. In 2013, she entered the NA Challenger Series, which was the start of her professional career. She joined multiple Challenger-level teams and was recognized as the first transgender person to play in the NA LCS, in addition to being the first woman. In 2019, Remilia passed away peacefully at the age of 24.