The game’s map is set in an area of the fictional country of Montana where a cult has taken over the region.

La Varita is a location in Far Cry 6. It is located on the island of Oros and can be found north-east of the main settlement.

The La Varita rifle has to be one of the finest weapons in Far Cry 6. It’s outstanding for its flawless damage execution and four extra modifications that offer variety to the action. Obtaining this Rank 4 firearm, however, requires more than a single mission of gaming. If you want to obtain the La Varita, you’ll have to put in a lot more effort. Fortunately, we’ve included all of the pertinent information below, including which treasure hunts to complete and where to locate them.

How to Unlock Far Cry 6 La Varita Location

Far Cry 6 La Varita Location - How to unlock

The La Varita gun may be found towards the end of the “Triada Blessings” quest. Dani must gather three ancient artifacts and bring them to Oluwa Cave on this assignment. The La Varita will be opened after all three relics have been returned.

Of course, it isn’t quite that straightforward. You must first locate all three relics. Only after placing the relics in the Oluwa Cave will you be able to unlock the adjacent chest. Not only will you discover the La Varita within, but also the Triador Stealth Supremo. Once you’ve collected these prizes, though, Oluso the Guardian will appear and confront you. You’ll need both of these new items in your battle against Oluso, by the way.

To begin the multi-step journey, you must first visit the Oluwa Cave, which is located in Quito’s Ventura Summit. Explore the cave until you come across odd ground marks. There will be a notation next to these marks, indicating that they are part of a ritual. The Triada is made up of the three Oluwa Sentinels: da, Ok, and Mimo Abosi, according to the text. Each possesses a relic that has been dispersed across Yara, and the person who retrieves the relics will be put to the test by Oluso the Guardian. The letter is silent on the location of the artifacts, but that’s where we come in.

da Relic Location da Relic Location da Relic Location da

Far Cry 6 Ida Relic Location

Three additional treasure hunts will be added to your task record after you retrieve the letter from the cave. The first hunt will take place at Lozana, which is located in the Monjas Valley. Collect the note along a cliff with the same old inscription as the cave. Climb the vines you’ll see in front of you by grappling upwards. Continue until you reach a Lunático Caves opening that allows you to grapple below.

Then, using the ziplines, traverse the ground, which will need some platforming. Keep an eye out for grappling indication signs and arrows; they’ll help you navigate the cave. Continue walking and you’ll see purple lights along the way. Follow the purple colors, which serve as green lights, indicating that you’re on the correct track. They’ll take you to the last purple region, where da’s relic is encased in a Triada triangle. The treasure search will come to an end, and we will go to the next relic.

Keep in mind that each relic site will have one or two chests close it. Keep a look out for them while you’re treasure hunting in order to claim La Varita for yourself.

Okay, where is the relic?

Far Cry 6 Oku Relic Location

The next relic may be found at Cruz Del Salvador’s Fort Oro. The treasure hunt notice may be found immediately at the fort’s main entrance. Soldiers are investigating odd relic-related events at night, therefore you must be in the vicinity when it becomes dark. You will be in the presence of paranormal activity rather than troops manning the fort.

As soon as you enter Fort Oro, go straight to the mirror chamber. Once you’ve broken the final mirror on your own, all of them will shatter save one, which will hold a button. A hidden tunnel will open across the hall for you to explore. Three buttons on top of an improvised table in front of white TV displays can be found within the room. Our instinct is to focus on the buttons, which must be pressed in the following order: Middle, Left, Right. After that, return to the hallway and begin ascending the stairwell.

You’ll enter a new chamber with a piano in the center at the bottom of the stairwell. You will be given a note to read on the piano. The piano will begin to play on its own once you’ve finished reading it. When the music stops, a hidden chamber will appear behind the piano. Pick up the key with the purple lanyard by entering the room. Back downstairs, use this key to unlock the closed main hallway door. Enter after unlocking the door.

Far Cry 6 Oku Shrine for search of La Varita rifle

You’ll now find yourself in the fort’s dungeon. Locate and open the metal door leading to the outdoors. Then, to your right, there should be a boarded-up doorway. Shoot it down and enter through the entryway to be besieged by wooden warriors. They’ll move, but they’re not going to shoot you. Simply walk past them all to discover a new button to push. An explosion will occur nearby as a result of this. The next stage is to locate an entrance to the fort’s summit via the other metal door behind you. Locate the zipline and use it to drop near the explosion. You’ll end yourself in a stone hatch as a result of this.

Make use of your grapple to lower yourself down the hatch. You’ll enter a little flooded cave where Ok’s Relic will be kept on a shrine. You may complete the treasure hunt by swinging over to the landing with the shrine and collecting the relic.

Relic Site of Mimo Abosi

Far Cry 6 Mimo Abosi Relic Location

The Catalina Ridge drilling site in La Joya is where the third and last relic may be discovered. To begin your treasure search, read the message on the mine’s entrance gate. After a rescue crew was reported missing in the mine, the site was condemned. The relic will be found deep inside the mine, but there are a few things we need to accomplish before.

After you’ve finished reading the letter, look behind you for an orange generator with a yellow electricity line. The line will go into the mine, but you must remove the pallet that covers the linked line’s outlet. Remove the power cord from the outlet and begin your journey to the mine. Follow the yellow line after you’ve entered. It will begin to bend right, but keep an eye out for a corpse holding a key. To continue your journey down the yellow line, pick up this key. It’ll come to an end as you approach some water, so you’ll have to swim here. After a while, you’ll reach the real drill location.

Dani will moan about a rotten toxin permeating the air at the location. Use your key to enter the door on your left to get rid of the poison. To activate the ventilation system, press the button on the orange box. After that, go to the drill location and begin grappling down. When you get to the bottom, you’ll find yourself in an eerie environment with just a solitary tree. Our third relic, immersed in purple, will be found under the tree. After collecting it, leave the weird cave.

For La Varita, return to Oluwa Cave.

Far Cry 6 - How to unlock La Varita rifle

Now that you have all three artifacts, it’s time to return to the initial location at Oluwa Cave. Interact with the relic location whenever you get close to it to put the three idol relics on the Triada marker. The cave will begin to tremble, revealing a path for you to walk through. There will be trees in front of you with a stream of purple smoke surrounding them. The chest holding the La Varita rifle and the Triador supremo will be in the midst of these trees.

But, before you think you’re finished, think again. Remember the first note, when Oluso the Guardian was mentioned? Now is the moment to confront her. Technically, she exists in many forms. A swarm of phantom black panthers will charge at you. You may either take them out one by one with your finest weapons and armor, or you can utilize your recently obtained La Varita to withstand the assault. Make sure you’re also shooting at Oluso, who will be among them. Resurrect Oluso after the combat has stopped to add him as a new Amigo. From here on out, the ghost-cat will follow your lead.

That’s all there is to it. It’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s all you need to know to get your hands on the La Varita gun. Because of its capacity to fire opponents through walls and objects, the weapon is one of the most effective in the game – as long as it’s used in conjunction with the Triador supremo. Because the relics are scattered across Yara, finding this firearm may take some time, but perhaps these notes will aid you in your search. Additionally, after you finish the ultimate hunt, you will get a new Amigo to use on the field. Three missions for the price of one long one.

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The oluwa cave far cry 6 is the location where protagonist Ajay Ghale finds a mysterious artifact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get La Varita in far cry 6?

La Varita is a rare item that can be found in the game. Its a machete with a wooden handle and an iron blade, which makes it stronger than other machetes. You can find it at the beginning of the game on one of the bodies near you.

Will there be guns in Far Cry 6?

I am not able to answer this question.

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