ESO is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. It was released on May 5, 2014 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Xbox One. The game offers four different classes with six skill lines each to choose from. With over 16 million players worldwide, the game has become one of the most popular MMORPGs in recent years.

The eso best healing skills is a guide that helps new players to get started in ESO. These top 5 tips are useful for beginners.

Here are the most essential healing techniques you’ll need to know to get started in The Elder Scrolls Online. As a healer in ESO, you’ll be responsible for both keeping your squad alive and sustaining a variety of group bonuses. Healers will always be needed in ESO to help parties get through tough content while also boosting their damage output. These pointers will help you go from being a just functional healer to one that significantly strengthens their team. We’ll start with the most essential element of being a healer, which is healing in a meaningful manner, in our ESO healing tutorial for beginners.

I’ve included some top item set suggestions as part of Tip #5 to help you improve your healing game! Are you looking for tanking advice? Here’s a link to our tanking beginner’s guide.

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1. Establishing a position

You’ll need to concentrate many of your aoe abilities on the tank as a healer, but you’ll also want to heal the DPS on your squad at the same time. Position yourself behind the DPS and shoot at the Tank while your tank keeps the boss’s aggro away from your group. All of your healing skills should be within range of the tank at the very least.

ESO healer positioning Image credit: HGG/Zenimax Online Studios

This implies that certain DPS that are running about will not be healed. This is good since they will either migrate toward the healing or learn to do so fast by dying. You don’t want to spend your resources chasing after healers who are racing about the room, since you risk killing your tank. Furthermore, casting such heals on numerous targets will cost twice as much resources, depleting your magicka and perhaps resulting in a group wipe. 

So, what’s a healer to do when their squad keeps moving about and they can’t properly set up ground AOEs that heal the whole party? Simply asking your squad to go closer to the tank so you may heal them is sometimes enough to persuade them. Other times, you’ll just need to concentrate on the tank and those you may heal in their way. 

2. Use Multiple Healing Techniques

Layering several healing skills at once is the greatest method to keep everyone in your party near full health. Having several healing sources on your squad will save you from having to damage control one of your allies who is at 10% health. It’s great to have a burst heal on hand, but they may be harsh on your magicka sustain, so it’s best to avoid using them. Illustrious Healing, Radiating Regeneration, Energy Orb, and additional class-specific heals like the Warden’s Budding Seeds make up the basic healing skill set. 

2-Healer-Layer-Your-Heals-1024x853 Layer your healing to be a good healer Image credit: HGG/Zenimax Online Studios

Another advantage of layering your healing is that your team will be healthy and overhealed on a regular basis. As a result, sets like Spell Power Cure may provide a lot of value. When you overheal yourself or an ally, Spell Power Cure (from White-Gold Tower) triggers, granting them 430 spell and weapon damage from the Major Courage boost.

3. Healing Isn’t Enough!

Anyone can cast Radiating Regeneration again and over, but when the healer has a variety of spells, the group gains a lot more. Combat Prayer (which was transformed from Blessing of Protection) is an example of a talent that is good for healing but is mostly utilized for its boost. Minor Berserk increases damage done by 5% and Minor Resolve increases resistances by 2974 for you and your allies. Because your friends are better protected, you won’t have to heal as much, and they’ll deal a lot more damage throughout the course of a battle. You’ll want to go on to adding damage or other buffs after you’ve established your heal over time skills like Illustrious Healing and Radiating Regeneration. 

3-Healer-Dont-Just-Heal-1024x875 ESO healers should vary their spells Image credit: HGG/Zenimax Online Studios

Elemental Drain (Destruction Staff Talent) is a common healing skill that healers use to provide Minor Magickasteal to the enemy they cast it on. While fighting the opponent who has it put on them, this will return 168 magicka to your friends every 1 second. Healers may also use Energy Orb, which gives their team a synergy that allows them to reclaim their resources. DPS who have concentrated their builds on achieving the greatest potential damage typically have less recuperation. This is when the healer enters the picture to keep their resource pools in good shape. 

Finally, Aggressive Warhorn is a crucial ultimate for a healer who wants to assist their squad deal more damage (Assault Skill). When your team is activated, all of their resource pools will be boosted by 10%, and they will also acquire Major Force. Their critical strike damage will increase by 20% as a result of this. This will significantly improve overall damage and survivability, and it should be utilized the vast majority of the time.

Unless, of course, your squad need a life-saving healing ultimate like as Reviving Barrier (Support Skill). Utilize your Major Protection ultimate, such as the Nightblade’s Consuming Darkness or the Warden’s Sleet Storm, before your opponents use their greater abilities. They’ll take 10% less damage with Major Protection, reducing a lot of incoming damage.

4. Inflicting harm

Healers must vary their healing by also causing harm to themselves. There may be moments in battles when healing isn’t required, and you’ll want to contribute to your group’s total damage. As a result, you’ll need to hire both a restoration and a demolition team. You’ll need a variety of damaging abilities, particularly AOEs that may be used to weaken opponents. Elemental Blockade is an excellent example.

4-Healer-Damage-1024x707 Eso healers - damage output with spells Image credit: HGG/Zenimax Online Studios

You may decrease opponent weapon/spell power by 348 by using a Weakening enchantment on your demolition staff. This rises to a reduction of 452 on an infused destruction staff. Skills that cause targets to be vulnerable or maimed should be prioritized. Vulnerability boosts or decreases an enemy’s damage received by 5 or 10%, whereas maim decreases their damage delivered by 5 or 10%. Minor Vulnerability is applied by the Warden’s Fetcher Infection and the Necromancer’s Agony Totem. Because frost staves provide the Chilled status effect, which may be done using Elemental Blockade, Maim is simpler to apply to opponents. 

Crushing Shock is the go-to talent for disrupting advertisements and monsters from afar. Enemies struck by this talent during casting are disrupted, knocked off their feet, and stunned for 3 seconds. Enemies approaching from afar will often employ charged strikes that inflict significant damage to groups. If an enemy charged strike is not stopped, it may end up killing the person it is targeted at.

If the tank is close enough to an opponent who is about to launch a charged strike, they will usually stop it, although they can’t always do so against foes from afar. This is particularly important in battles like Lair of Maarselok, where you need to stop Selene’s charged strike, or The Cauldron, where you need to disrupt Tackmaster Viccia’s charged assault.

5. The Evolution of Armor (What to Wear as the Healer)

You’ll want to utilize sets that boost your healing potency and magicka pool/recovery as soon as you start healing. As you gain experience in healing, you’ll want to move on to setups that provide your squad important benefits. For the greatest magicka recovery, you should try to wear complete light armor. To get additional tankiness and passive benefits, you may also wear 1 piece of medium and 1 piece of heavy.

5-Healer-Armor-Evolution-1-872x1024 ESO Healer Best Armor Sets Image credit: HGG/Zenimax Online Studios

Undaunted Mettle is one of the bonuses you’ll get for the 5-1-1 combination, and it boosts your resources by 2% each kind of armor you wear. This translates to a 6% boost in health, stamina, and magicka pools, which may significantly improve your survivability. To enhance the effectiveness of your mundus stone, make sure that all of your armor characteristics are divines. In terms of characteristics, this is the most efficient method to increase healing in ESO right now.

All 64 Attribute points should be invested in Magicka. The reason for this is because it will boost your healing abilities, magicka endurance, and survivability. You should also bring a mundus stone that aids in resource management or boosts healing. The Atronach, with its extra 310 magicka recovery, is the greatest choice if you need to recuperate (507 with full divines). The Thief gives you an additional 1333 critical chance, which is the best way to boost your total healing potency right now (2167 with full divines). 

(I like to utilize sets that include both the and a picture.)

Overland’s Initial Sets:

Western Skyrim’s Winter’s Respite – When you cast skills that leave an AOE on the ground, you’ll get a healing circle that restores health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, scaled by your max magicka.

Vanus’ Wisdom (from Summerset) – You get Major Mending after you finish a fully charged heavy attack, which increases your healing by 16 percent. The duration of the Restoration Staff passive of Essence Drain increases with each level.

Trinimac’s Valor (from Wrothgar) – When you perform a damage shield ability, heal group members and deal damage to foes in a 5 meter radius scaled by your maximum magicka.

Crafty Alfiq (from Northern Elsweyr) – Provides a massive quantity of magicka, with the 5th piece providing 2550. You will get a total of 5838 magicka.

Murkmire’s Bright Throat’s Boast – Your max magicka is raised by 2000 and your recovery is increased by 133 while you have the drink buff active.

Sets that have been handcrafted:

Wrothgar’s Law of Julianos – Increases your spell damage by 300.

Armor of the Seducer (Deshaan, Grahtwood, Stormhaven) – Lowers the cost of your magical talents by 10%.

Eyes of Mara (from Eyevea) – Cuts the cost of your repair team’s skills by 15%.

Dungeons provide powerful healing options:

Sanctuary Set

Sanctuary (from Banished Cells) – Increases healing received by 10% for you and up to 11 group members. (This is a fantastic outfit to utilize if you’re the trial’s second healer.)

Worm’s Raiment (from Vaults of Madness) – Increases magicka recovery by 145 for you and up to 11 group members.

Hiti’s Hearth (from Icereach) – Gain a warming aura that heals health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds scaled off of your max magicka when you heal yourself or an ally with an ability. It also halves the cost of sprinting, blocking, and rolling dodge by 5%. 

Buff Sets for Advanced Groups:

Spell Power Cure Set

Overhealing yourself or an ally with Spell Power Cure (from White-Gold Tower) will grant them Major Courage, boosting their weapon and spell damage by 430. (Olorime is similar, but I find it simpler to overheal than to keep everyone in the AOE.)

Vestment of Olorime (from Cloudrest) – Casting AOE abilities creates a circle of power that grants Major Courage to everyone inside it, boosting weapon and spell damage by 430.

Hollowfang Thirst

Hollowfang Thirst (Moongrave Fane) – critically healing or injuring a target causes a ball of blood to spawn, which bursts after two seconds. This recovers magicka and grants Minor Vitality to allies who are struck, boosting the amount of healing they get by 8%. (This set aids in healing and allows you to heal for a longer period of time.)

Jorvuld’s Guidance (from Scalecaller Peak) – Increases the duration of all major and minor buffs you cast by 40%, as well as damage shields.

When you heal yourself or an ally with Gossamer (from Cradle of Shadows), you grant them Major Evasion, which reduces damage from AOE strikes by 20%.

Elemental Catalyst

Elemental Catalyst (from Stone Garden) – Apply that weakness to the opponent for 3 seconds whenever you deliver flame, shock, or ice damage. Each layer increases critical damage received by 5%, reaching a maximum of 15%. On each opponent, you can only get one stack of each kind. (Excellent if you want to increase your damage output and have access to each kind of damage in your destruction staff.)

Scorpions-Feast Scorpion’s Feast

Scorpion’s Feast (from Dread Cellar) – Fully charged heavy strikes restore 307 magicka and stamina to you and three other group members for 10 seconds. For 10 seconds, you may convert this benefit to a 307 spell and weapon damage boost by using another fully charged heavy attack. (Though it may seem clumsy at times, the additional spell and weapon damage is fantastic, particularly if you’re also running Spell Power Cure and your tank is boosting others with Powerful Assault / Yolnahkriin.)

Sets of Monsters for Defense:

Earthgore-Set Earthgore Set

When you heal yourself or a group member who is under 50% health, Earthgore (from Bloodroot Forge) will produce a huge heal scaled off of the higher of your max magicka or stamina. (Because this is such a powerful burst heal, it aids in ensuring that no party members die during those difficult no-death runs.)

Rkugamz Sentinel (from Darksade Caverns 1) – When you heal yourself or an ally, summon a Dwemer spider to heal and replenish magicka and stamina to you and your allies for eight seconds in a 5 meter radius.

Symphony-of-Blades Symphony of Blades

Symphony of Blades (from Malatar’s Depths) – When you heal yourself or a group member who is under 50% magicka or stamina, they receive a buff that provides them 570 magicka or stamina per second for 6 seconds. (Having those additional resources for your whole squad makes damage flow quicker and allows your team to evade roll and block when necessary.)

The eso stamina healer 2021 is a guide that will help beginners to get started with ESO. The top 5 tips are as follows.

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The best class for healing in ESO is the Templar. They have a powerful heal spell that can be used to help allies and damage enemies.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best race for a healer in eso?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best race for a healer in ESO is the High Elf.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much health should a healer have eso?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Healers should have a lot of health.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What class is best for healing eso?

The best class for healing in ESO is the Templar. They have a powerful heal spell that can be used to help allies and damage enemies.

What is the best race for a healer in eso?

The best race for a healer in ESO is the High Elf.

How much health should a healer have eso?

Healers should have a lot of health.

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