Situations when highly technical terms penetrate ordinary speech and acquire completely different meanings happen often. This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding between specialists in a particular field and people who are remotely familiar with the nature of their activities. Construction and architecture are no exception.

Ignorance of deep terminology is not a vice. Still, if you are interested in learning the architectural field or want to take communication with your planner or designer to a new level, this article is for you. You can try a new level of testing the National Casino with live dealers and feel like a real casino in LAs Vegas. And we will try to briefly and clearly explain the difference between specialized terms and everyday concepts.


     Architecture is a broad and collective concept. In short, it is the art of designing and building various structures. But with the penetration into everyday speech, other meanings began to be mixed.

     The word “architecture” can be heard as simply the facade of buildings or the community of buildings in a city or region. How often have you heard, “But in the city of N, there is fascinating architecture?”. Therefore, misunderstandings may already arise at this point. Furthermore.

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Project Design

     Project design documents are the documents for which repair and finishing works are carried out. They will determine all the interior decoration of the premises: furniture, lighting, and decoration. In some cases, a description of significant repair changes.

     First of all, there are floor plans. They, but with the arrangement of furniture, appliances, and light, become a planning decision. Above lay the habitats of sockets and plans for floors and ceilings with the type of coverage. And while a design project is primarily about the visuals of your home, there may be plans to remove walls, change heating, or position doors and windows if you wish to make such changes.

    The design project has little to do with architectural design, but if we are talking not about apartment buildings but personal housing. Then it is more than desirable that they are developed together and with the active participation of the customer. This is the only way to achieve maximum harmony between your home’s inner and outer worlds.


      When building a house, you will have a lot of various documents in your hands. There will be a plan for the construction of the building. Also, there will be the location of communication systems and electrical wiring. You can find the walls and room layouts. In everyday life, they can be called in a variety of ways. We heard the declared “construction plan” to “instructions for building.” But all documentation on the construction of buildings can be divided into two large categories with subparagraphs.

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      An architectural project is a document that affects all stages of the construction of cottages that need an architect. There will be the rationale for building forms, load-bearing structures, the layout of windows and doors, interior cladding, and much more. In addition, it will affect the appearance of the building.

       Structural solutions contain information about the features of the area. There you will find the groundwater, soil composition, load-bearing structures, foundation cuts, and floor plan. It is here that most of the technical information is located here the designers create forms that will make even the most bizarre and futuristic building stand.

       Communications are the location of bathrooms, electrical wiring, telephone wires, or air conditioners if their installation is planned already at the construction stage.

       The safety section will tell builders what needs to be done so that the dwelling does not: burn out, get wet, fall apart, turn into a Tesla coil after a lightning strike, or annihilate from an extra sneeze. Yes, and you will not like it if touching the walls is accompanied by an electric shock.

     As you can see, this useful thing is project documentation. But it is impossible to build a house only on its basis. There is the documentation for this.