The first piece of advice that any Dark Souls fan will give you is to just do whatever feels good for you. However, the more people play the game and explore its mechanics, limits and options they begin to find some builds are just better than others in terms of ease of playing or effectiveness.

Recently, a couple of friends and I have been playing Dark Souls 3. In this entry there are ten starting classes to choose from, each with their own little quirks and abilities. Some can equip shields while others cannot, some start with high faith and intelligence while others only have strength or dexterity to rely on. While it might be fun to play as a Pyromancer who can wield two weapons at once, it’s generally better to pick something that fits your style of play. This is why some classes are considered more beginner friendly than others.

What class dark souls 3

The Knight is regarded as one of the more balanced classes in the game. They don’t excel at any particular stat, but they’re well-rounded. This makes them easier to gear than some other, more niche classes. The Knight starts with pretty good armor and a shield, meaning that you can play through most of the start of the game without worrying too much about defense. The starting weapons seem fairly weak, but you can upgrade them fairly easily and quickly to make them better than other classes’ starting gear. There’s also a ring that increases your defense as long as you’re not wearing heavy armor (which is fairly easy to switch out).

The Knight is also one of the better classes for co-op. Their balanced stat distribution makes them an ideal candidate to assist in boss fights and larger enemies, and their armor can take a few hits before breaking (unlike the Deprived class). All in all, the Knight is a pretty safe bet for beginners.

Builds for Beginners

The Knight has a few options when it comes to builds. The general strategy is usually to focus on a single stat, namely endurance. This way you can equip more armor and still have a decent roll speed. If you go with magic, you’ll want to increase your intelligence since that’s what determines how many spells you can attune. If you go strength, you’ll want to raise your strength as high as possible by using stuff like the Knight Ring and Strength/Dexterity talismans.

Mage or Pyromancer

The Mage Class is not often recommended for beginners. This class starts off with mediocre armor (which will be useless once you’re past the tutorial area) and no shield. It’s recommended that you spend souls to buy a Clerics Sacred Chime as soon as possible since this will be your primary means of damage for quite some time. The Pyromancy Flame you start off with is decent enough against mobs, but not too useful against bosses.

The good part about the Mage Class is that magic tends to be a little more powerful than melee builds. If you can get your hands on an upgraded Pyromancy Flame for cheap, you might have enough damage to farm bosses early on in the game. This makes leveling up a little easier and allows you to go through most of the game without having to grind.

General Tips and Strategies

Despite your lackluster equipment, most of the starting areas in the game are fairly easy to get through. The only area that might give you some trouble is the High Wall of Lothric, given that it’s swarming with enemies and has a tendency to throw relatively difficult mobs at you from time to time. Farming for souls here isn’t worth your time and you’re better off farming later areas with a decent weapon.

The main issue with this class is that it can be difficult to gather the materials to upgrade weapons and armor. This means you’ll probably spend most of the game taking hits or doing little damage until you’ve leveled up enough to make some basic upgrades (which requires souls). If you’re having trouble with this class, consider leveling up a little more before trying to tackle these enemies.


The Knight is a good beginner class for those looking to get into the game. It has decent balanced stats and can hold its own in most situations. The downside is that it doesn’t really excel at anything. If you want a class with high damage output, this isn’t it.