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Do you want to dominate the gaming arena? Learn the top tiers of Call of Duty mobile and level up your gaming skills. Unlock new weapons, gears and unlocks by climbing up the ranks.

Get ready to jump into the battlefield with this ranking list!

Call of Duty Mobile Rank List

Call of Duty mobile offers players a six-tiered ladder system with eight ranks in each tier. Players must earn a certain amount of points per match to progress from one tier to the next. The different tiers are: Recruit, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant and a special Premium Tier for those who buy the game’s premium version. Each tier also includes ranks such as Rookie and Pro depending on how successfully players do in each match.

The Call of Duty mobile rank list is as follows:

Recruit: Rookie (1 point), Expert (2 points)

Private: Strong (3 points), Professional (4 points)

Corporal: Star (5 points), Elite (6 points)

Sergeant: Sniper (7 points), Ace(8 points)

Master Sergeant: Legend(9 Points), Radiant(10 Points)

Premium Tier: Ghost(11 Points).

Players will receive additional rewards for reaching higher ranks such as bonuses of CP currency and gameplay items. As they progress to the next rank they will also receive unique rewards associated to that specific rank only available upon promotion. This includes exclusive designs and avatar poses as well as weapon skins, badges and events that offer unique features within the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies 2021

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies is a fast-paced zombie defense game that has rapidly grown in popularity since its 2021 release. As you complete challenges throughout the game, players can earn rank points based on their performance. Therefore, it’s important to understand the different zombie tiers and how ranking up can help your overall performance.

In Call of Duty Mobile Zombies, there are four distinct ranks to achieve: Apprentice, Experienced, Veteran, and Elite. Each rank requires a higher number of points than the last in order for players to move up. Additionally, players are awarded rewards such as new weapons and abilities at each tier.

– Apprentice: The first rank in zombies mode is the Apprentice tier. This entry-level tier has basic rewards like upgrades to your weapons damage output and decreasing reload times. Players are required to have 1000-1999 points before they can move up to the next tier.

– Experienced: The second zombie rank is Experienced where players must have 2000-3999 cumulative points before moving on to Veteran level. This tier rewards XP boosts which will help increase progress much faster than Apprentices do when battling zombies. Additionally, upgrades offer more accurate shots with increased range in this tier and more lethal weapons spawns throughout rounds that occur randomly.

– Veteran: As Veteran ranked players work their way up during gaming sessions they receive many useful rewards like increased survival time from deadly encounters with undead enemies or extra health benefits when being mauled by hordes of zombies during showdown battles or wave modes. Players must achieve between 4000 – 7499 cumulative points before entering this level of expertise within Call of Duty Mobile Zombies gameplay environment.

– Elite: Elite is the highest rank achievable within Call of Duty Mobile Zombies and it requires at least 7500+ total points gathered over multiple rounds and gaming sessions or “zombie runs” as experienced Zombie gamers call them. Upon achieving Elite Rank, gamers gain access to rewards such as special weapons skins, structures attachments, enhanced defensive cost breakdowns (meaning better survivability) and other bonuses that help keep things fresh while they blast their way through waves upon waves of undead brainsplatters (a gamer’s favorite obsession!)

Call of Duty Mobile Torrent

Call of Duty Mobile is a popular mobile shooting game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision. The game features classic Maps, Specialists, various Game Modes from the franchise, and original content to give players an immersive experience on the go.

Players can choose from various ranks available in Call of Duty Mobile to see how they compare to other players worldwide. As players progress through the tiers, their skill level is evaluated based on Killstreak Points, Win/Loss Ratios, and Average Kills per Rank. This criterion is used to place them into different divisions, increasing difficulty up to Master. The categories are listed below:

  • Recruit: Starting rank for all players
  • Private: Requires at least 70% win rate
  • Corporal: Requires at least 70% win rate
  • Sergeant: Requires at least 70% win rate
  • Lieutenant: Requires at least 75% win rate
  • Captain: Requires at least 80% win rate
  • Major: Requires at least 85% win rate
  • Colonel: Requires at least 90% win rate
  • General: Requires at least 95% win rate
  • Commander: Requires 100% win rate

Call of Duty Mobile Pictures

Pictures are an integral part of the Call of Duty mobile experience. Players use screenshots, wallpapers and other images to express their progress and share their enthusiasm with friends, family and fellow Coders. Here’s a quick look at the various pictures you can use when ranking in Call of Duty mobile.

Emblems: These customizable insignias represent rank progression achieved in both Modern Warfare modes and Warzone as you climb from Private all the way to 55 General of all Armies. The higher your rank, the more complex your emblem will be!

Backgrounds: As call duty players complete each season, they receive an exclusive wallpaper to commemorate their accomplishments. Many COD fans have saved up a library’s worth of these vibrant images for inspiration and referencing past milestones.

Titles: At certain levels, players earn a customized title that fits with the Rank or Operator character they’ve achieved throughout the season. Titles often come ‘Alice Pack’ style too—with multiple tiers that become unlocked at different levels—so everyone knows how dedicated you are to playing Cod.

Target Vision: The ‘target’ vision image provides a summary of your performance over certain army levels – usually related to multiplayer challenges or specific camos used in Modern Warfare or Warzone modes. Having this on hand helps remind you of how far you’ve come as a Multiplayer or Operator player!

Call of Duty Mobile Ps4 Controller

The PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller is perfect for Call of Duty Mobile, offering a comfortable and intuitive gaming experience. The massive success of Call of Duty: Mobile has allowed for a wide range of compatibility on multiple gaming platforms, and the PS4 Dualshock controller offers perfect functionality for both COD Mobile and console play.

Using the PS4 DualShock in COD mobile, gamers have an advantage over traditional touch-screen mobile players as they can access additional buttons, triggers, and tactile feedback when playing on their device. With features such as gyroscopic pointing, rumble capability, ergonomic design and improved analog sticks compared to standard controllers, the PS4 DualShock stands out as the ideal way to play COD mobile. Additionally, successful games may conclude with a player character ‘rank’ that denotes seniority amongst players — this is where a PS4 controller truly excels.

The various ranks are ranked from Lowest – Mastery I) These ranks are shown beside your username during gameplay or lobbies, with green numbers increasing with rank until reaching red after Mastery I);

  • Recruit: A level up from Beginner; new players graduating beyond Beginner automatically become Recruits
  • Marksman: Players in COD Mobile earn Markman rank at 1200 total score/ranking points
  • Sharpshooter: Obtained at 2800 points/ ranking points
  • Expert Marksman: Obtained in 5000 Points/ Rank Points
  • Ace: Earned after 8000 points / ranking points
  • Mastery 1st Class: The highest rank available; earned upon reaching 10200 total score/ ranking points

Call of Duty Zombies Mobile Apk

Call of Duty mobile Zombies mode is an intense and immersive multiplayer zombie experience available on smartphones. This thrilling survival-horror shooter puts you in a zombie-infested world where you must survive no matter what. You can play the classic missions, join friends to fight off zombies cooperatively and compete against other players for leaderboard rankings.

In Call of Duty mobile Zombies, there are seven different tiers each with varying levels of difficulty that you can progress up as you become an even better zombie shooter. The tiers are:

1. Beginner – Here is where new players start and difficulty is relatively low. As a result, players can learn the ropes and build up their skills before progressing.

2. Novice – The Novice tier ramps things up, introducing harder objectives such as killing multiple zombies at once or surviving for extended periods.

3. Experienced – Experienced tier challenges players to battle powerful bosses and complete intricate objectives while never losing sight of their goal – survival!

4. Adept – In Adept tier, it’s all about efficiency as players must complete even more complicated tasks in less time while still destroying hordes of enemies.

5. Elite – This tier offers intense zombie fights requiring advanced strategies and technique so that participants can emerge victorious despite the overwhelming odds against them.

6. Master – This is the highest level a player can achieve in Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies mode for maximum rewards, bragging rights on enemy corpses, and lasting prestige in this exciting game!

7. Prodigy –This ultimate tier requires pressure resistance, advanced team coordination, tactical shooting tactics and fast problem solving skills to pass level objectives within a predetermined time limit just like a real-life prodigy!!!!

Call of Duty Mobile Ranked Levels

Call of Duty Mobile Ranked Levels is an online multiplayer game mode that allows players to compete against each other to determine their skill level. Players will be assigned a rank based on their performance in the game. The higher your rank, the better rewards you can receive. There are currently six ranked levels – Recruit, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Major and Elite.

Rank levels are separated into two seasons consisting of twelve placement matches each season. Therefore, you must play at least six placement matches to place into a rank level bracket. Your ranking will be determined by your win/loss ratio throughout the season and the total number of kills you gain during each match.

Players must also meet a certain number of requirements for each ranked level so that they can move on up the tiers as quickly as possible. For example, to reach Elite-level status, players must achieve at least 25 wins during the two-season ranking period and have a minimum win/loss ratio of 2:1 in their final five placements matches for both seasons combined.

Once you make it through all six levels, you become eligible for prestige rewards, including exclusive weapons skins, camos, and character items that can’t be obtained through any other game mode outside of Ranked Level progression system.

Call of Duty Mobile Personajes Mujeres

Call of Duty Mobile offers a variety of characters to choose from, from male to female and from futuristic soldiers to classic heroes. However, as with many first-person shooters, the female characters are not all created equal. Also known as “heroes,” the female characters in Call of Duty Mobile come with their corresponding rank list which describes their performance and capabilities on the battlefield:


-Cassie Cage










call of duty: mobile engine

Call of Duty: Mobile Awards

Call of Duty: Mobile is an online first person shooter featuring multiple game modes and weapons. The game awards players for achieving particular goals, or completing missions and challenges. These awards are divided into categories: Gameplay Awards, Medals, Ribbons, and In-Game Badges. Players work to earn these awards while they progress through the different tiers in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Ranked Season system.

Gameplay Awards are rewards you obtain by reaching certain in-game objectives or milestones. These can range from completing your first match to receiving a certain amount of kills in a certain mode.

Medals are earned by playing exceptionally well across multiple matches in the same mode over time. They are more difficult to get but can provide greater progress as you play more games and continue to show great skill within your chosen game modes.

Ribbons signify performance benchmarks achieved across all Ranked Modes (S&D, HPTDM) over an entire season. Ribbons reset each season so check your records at the end!

In-Game Badges represent honors awarded by competitive play systems such as Leaderboard Participation or Tournament Achievements Earned while representing a specific Gaming Clan during Ranked Mode Gameplay.

Call of Duty Mobile Prizefighter

Call of Duty Mobile Prizefighter is the first-ever tier system and will measure player performance during a month-long season. The ranking will be based on your final performance during the season and will reward you with unique prizes depending on your rank. Prizefighter tiers range from Bronze to Diamond, with each tier requiringplayers to complete specific challenges to move onto the next.

Players begin at Bronze rank, working their way up by getting better scores in different modes. Bonuses are offered to reach higher levels, such as exclusive emblems, calling cards, sprays, and other loots. Finally, players who finish at Diamond rank will receive special rewards like battle passes and character skins that cannot be unlocked any other way.

Players should keep in mind that all progress made within arenas remain even after the end of a season — meaning players won’t have to continuously grind for every level but can use previous progress as a base for future performance increases. Players can also switch Arena levels (from Rookie mode up to Pro) depending on their current skill level; keeping skill level progression intact throughout multiple seasons is certainly one of the benefits of this new system!

Call of Duty Mobile купить Cp

The Call of Duty mobile rank list is determined by the cumulative XP points obtained by players in the game. To reach higher ranks, players must gain enough XP points earned from playing various matches and completing tasks such as daily and weekly objectives. The higher your rank, the more rewards you receive when playing Call of Duty Mobile.

The ranks are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond tiers with each tier containing a range of five possible ranks starting from lowest to highest: Recruit, Sergeant, Officer , Expert and Veteran. Players will start as recruits and eventually unlock more rewards as they make their way up the ranking system. Each rank has its own set of XP requirements needed for advancement, which depends on the Game Mode being played.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, CP (COD Points) can be used to purchase Battle Pass Tiers which offer exclusive rewards such as character skins, weapon skins and other cosmetic items. Although CP can be purchased with real money it can also be earned in-game by completing an assortment of tasks or by trading in duplicate items found within loot crates. As well as offering exclusive rewards in-game CP can also be used towards unlocking new weapons or attachments for use during online battles or tournaments.

Call of Duty: Mobile Platforms

Call of Duty mobile has been released for iOS and Android, with the Android version available in most countries. The game is free to play, with in-game rewards for players completing challenges and requirements. There are also limited-time events that allow players to earn rewards and various in-game currencies that can be used to unlock new content.

Players battle each other online within the game’s ranked mode, starting at Rookie level and going up to General, then up to Legendary status. Progression through the levels is determined by both your points score and ranking on leaderboards across all platforms. As you progress through the ranks, you will have access to exclusive rewards such as weapon skins, exclusive hats and animated icons.

To be successful within this intense environment, there are a few tips and tricks which can help you become a better player:

  • Stay on top of Daily Events – Limited-time events will reward players for completing objectives such as kills or wins, which can drastically boost their points.
  • Utilize Ranked Mode Tactics – Tactics are scientifically advantageous plays which should be utilized between teammates in a Ranked Mode match to assure victory more efficiently than playing without structure.
  • Don’t Spend In-Game Currency Quickly – while it’s tempting to spend in-game currency unlocking new content quickly; it’s important to remember that this currency still needs to last until the end of season achievements become available for all players every month.

Call of Duty Mobile Relentless Medal

The Call of Duty Mobile Relentless medal is one of the top ranks in the game and is reserved for those who truly dominate. The requirements for this ranking are immense, as players must maintain their original starting rank for an absurdly long time and amass thousands of points to have a chance. Players can earn up to five stages of this medal depending on where they’re at in the rankings:

-Stage 1: Achieve 5,000 or more points in Multiplayer

-Stage 2: Reach Legend Rank

-Stage 3: Achieve 15,000 or more points in Multiplayer while maintaining Legend Rank

-Stage 4: Reach Master Division rank

-Stage 5: Achieve 25,000 or more points in multiplayer while maintaining Master Division rank

Call of Duty Mobile Season 15

Call of Duty mobile season 15 has arrived, bringing a new ranked system for players to climb. The overall rank list is divided into tiers; each tier consists of 10 rankings from Private to Master. Players will start from private and progress upwards by earning a higher rank every season based on their performance in multiplayer matches. To earn points for ranking up, you must win the matches you play, get kills and have good accuracy stats.You can also play in tournaments or special events to gain more points and rewards from Call of Duty mobile season 15.

At the top of the ladder is Legendary rank, which can only be obtained by becoming top 500 players in the world and passing other criteria such as completing certain objectives, securing certain number of kills in ranked mode, etc. Those who reach this level will be given rewards such as exclusive cosmetics, emblems, weapons-related items etc.

Overall Rank List:

  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • First Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Commander

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie 2021

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies is the latest addition to the traditional Call of Duty franchise. The game adds a zombie mode to the popular Phone title, which allows players to team up in up to 4-player co-op mode and survive against hordes of zombies. The event arrived earlier than expected, on February 20th launching Challenges and weighing in with its unique rules and rulebreakung possibilities. This zombie experience is quite different from what gamers are used to, with its weird enemies, bosses and exclusive loot. As always , Call of Duty Mobile’s rank system offers players an interesting way to quantify their progress in any given game mode, including Zombies.

Zombies ranks are divided into tiers that run from 1-10 with an additional Master Tier for those who have reached level 10. Players will accumulate points as they play each match – more points for completing objectives and kills – and go up or down depending on the result of each match. With every promotion comes more rewards like skins bookmarks crates , emotes , etc., but reaching master tier requires quite a lot of grinding . Below is a description of all COD Mobile Zombies Tiers.

Beginner (1-1): All players start at this tier no matter how many matches they’ve played before this event began.

Novice(2): This rank requires a total score over 2200 points and earning 200 points per single win/loss*.

Professional (3-4): Level 3 requires 3400 points while level 4 demands 4400 total scored directly obtained by playing any Zombie gamemode within this event .

Expert (5-9): As you continue your grind, these levels require higher point totals shown below: 5500 (Level 5), 6500 (Level 6) 7500 ( Level 7 ) 8500 ( Level 8 ) 9500 ( Level 9 ).

Master Tier 10: The ultimate goal for all CODMobile zombie players . Players must be able to reach Level 10 to reach master tier which 11 000 total score based directly from every game played within this season’s zombie event

call of duty mobile temporada 14

Call of Duty Mobile Private Server

Call of Duty Mobile Private Server is a separate version of the game available only to certain players in the form of private server access. It is not available to all players. Those who can access it are given exclusive benefits such as early access to new content and exclusive leadership boards providing competitive rewards. Unlike typical servers for public Call of Duty Mobile matches, these servers offer different skins, xp events, private premade lobbies, custom loadouts and higher rank tiers than the regular version.

Players ranked on the Call of Duty Mobile Private Server are given three categories – Bronze Division, Silver Division and Gold Division. Each division consists of seven ranks from Private 1st Class to Master Sergeant 2nd Class based on your performance in-game. The ranks within each tier require an XP score that must be obtained before being able to complete them. Upon reaching new tiers in these divisions, players are given additional rewards such as cosmetic items and higher level COD Points which are used to buy more items in Call of Duty Mobile’s Premium Store.

There is also a fourth tier referred to as “Elite” which requires a specific amount of points to be obtained by completing specific achievements or tasks within the game itself before claiming rewards such as special weapons, loads outs or upgrade tokens at highly discounted prices on the Premium Store. The Elite tier changes periodically with newly introduced challenges each season. Hence, there is always something fresh for players wanting extra rewards from their gameplay experience on the Call of Duty Mobile Private Server.

Call of Duty Mobile Ram Requirements

The Call of Duty Mobile rank system is an interesting measure of a player’s skill. Players are awarded ranks based on their performance in the game’s multiplayer modes. The higher the rank, the better a player is considered to be and the more challenging opponents will be encountered. The ranking system affects all aspects of multiplayer play, from matchmaking to team composition.

The various ranks in Call of Duty Mobile are grouped into tiers. These tiers increase in difficulty with each subsequent level, and players must meet certain requirements before being able to advance in rank. The following list details the requirements and rewards for each tier:

Recruit: No special requirements; new players start at this tier

Rookie: Win 2 matches and complete 2 challenges

Regular I+II: Win 5 matches and complete 3 challenges

Hardened I+II: Win 10 matches and complete 4 challenges

Veteran I+II: Win 20 matches and complete 6 challenges

Elite I-VIII: Win 50+ matches, complete 8+ challenges, participate in events

Master Prestige : Reach Level 1000

Call of Duty Mobile Server List

Call of Duty: Mobile is among the most popular game in the world with millions of players from across the globe. Multiple servers are available for you to play on to keep up with such a high player base. The different servers allow for more localized gaming experiences and enhanced competitive experiences. Additionally, each server is ranked by its players according to their skill level, giving competitive players an idea of what to expect when entering a matchmaking lobby.

The servers are:

Europe Server: This is the main server for European countries and territories that include France, Germany, Spain, Italy and more. It is home to some of Europe’s best Call of Duty players. The server has four tiers: Rookie, Pro I- III, and Elite I- III.

North America Server: This is home to North American players located in Canada, USA, Mexico and other countries in Central America. It’s divided into four tiers ranging from Rookie to Elite II- III levels.

Asia Pacific Server: This is the go-to server for Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, India and other locations within this region and Australia New Zealand . It has five tiers with names like Beginner through Elite IV Level tiers for even more challenging competition opportunities available within this server.

Latin America Server: Players from Brazil; Central American countries such as Costa Rica; Venezuelan countriesblike Ecuador ; and other Latin American nations can join their dedicated Latin American server . Similar to Asia Pacific , this also has five Level ranged from Beginner all through Elite IV allowing Latin American gamers to join a uniquely designed experience tailored to them.

Call of Duty Mobile Skins Personajes

Call of Duty Mobile offers various skins for your character, representing everything from classic soldiers to new additions in the franchise. Skins are purchased with COD points, which can be earned in-game or real money.

These skins come in two categories: Epic and Legendary, differentiated by the quality of the image and how limited they are. The rarest and most expensive skins are considered Legendary Tier skins, while Epic Tier Skins are more widely available.

The rarity and exclusivity isn’t just an aesthetic choice; some skins will also give you special abilities or buffs such as increased speed and strength. The following is a ranking of the most popular Call of Duty Mobile skins personajes and their availability:

Epic Skins

-Wraith Officer

-Black Clad Commander

-Sandstorm Guard

-Mercenary Operator

Legendary Skins

-Destroyer Pilot

-Jungle Mercenary Officer

-Chinese Combatant

-Viper Specialist

Call of Duty Mobile Sniper Settings

Sniping is a major component of Call of Duty mobile, as many gamers enjoy competing in long-range battles with friends and foes alike. However, before we dive into the specifics of sniper settings, let’s review the different rank systems in the game.

Novice– Level 1 to 25: As you start playing, you’re placed at Level 1 with a Novice badge.

Soldier – Level 26 to 135: When you reach Level 26, you’ll officially become a Soldier and be eligible for more rewards from online events and rewards.

Veteran– Level 136 to 200 : At level 136, you’ll receive an upgrade to Veteran status and can play most competitive modes. This level also grants access to several weapons upgrades only available at Veteran levels.

Elite – Level 201 to 315 : Elite level players have improved stats beyond Veteran players, including increased health regeneration and increased weapon damage.

Terminator – Level 316+ : Reaching the highest rank will grant significant advantages like faster reload time across all weapons and twice as much bonus score earned during each match. You can identify Terminator elite players because they have twice as much bonus score added to their XP bar after every match.

Now that we know a bit about the rank system in Call of Duty mobile, we can look into what video settings are best for sniping in Call of Duty mobile depending on your rank. Some general tips are; increase your Brightness & Contrast levels slightly above average, lower your Screen Sharpening setting just below 75%, choose Anti-aliasing between medium or low (depending on performance) and ensure that Reflections & Ambient Occlusion are enabled so that you get an ideal view while scope sniping in Call Of Duty Mobile!

Call of Duty Settings Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile includes a variety of settings specific to each device and platform, allowing users to customize their gameplay experience. For example, in the Settings menu on the game’s mobile version, players can adjust their audio and graphical options, customize their controls, manage account data, and more. The game also allows users to choose their rank – either a number or a letter-based ranking system.

There are 8 ranks available in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Recruit (R)
  • Private (P)
  • Corporal (C)
  • Sergeant (S)
  • Master Sergeant (MS)
  • Lieutenant (L)
  • Captain (A)
  • Major (M).

Players gain access to new content and rewards at each rank level, such as exclusive weapon Camos and rare skins. As players progress through the ranks they will also gain access to higher tier weapons and even more exclusive rewards.

To maximize progress at each rank level, players must complete all available match challenges as quickly as possible to level up faster. Completing daily challenges will also help players reach higher levels faster than simply completing online matches.