Discord is well known and widely used chat service for gamers, but recently the company has made some ridiculous changes in their policy. I don’t know why they did it ,but we will not let them to enforce such things on us! That’s why we created a bypass for this stupid authentication (you can call it also login) with ip address.

What is Discord and what does it do?

It’s basically a chat service for gamers. You can use it to communicate with your friends, make voice chat or play games together. And you don’t need to pay anything for this! It was free of charge since the first release and I don’t know why they make changes in policy, deciding to use it only on their own terms.

If you don’t know what Discord is or never heard about it, here’s a link to official page of the application: https://discordapp.com/

What does this bypass can do?

As I said before, we bypass new authentication (login) system on Discord. What does it mean? It means that you only have to do is to delete your cookies from Discord domain and BAM! You have bypassed the new authentication. It’s that simple. In case you want the old system back, just add another cookie from discord domain  with value  = login .

Why they did it? I don’t know why they think that we cannot bypass their system without any software. We just use our own browser to access the chat and we’re not limited by anything! We do this because we can, that’s all.

How to bypass ip ban on discord


– Firefox 52.x or higher

– Tampermonkey extension for firefox If you use other browser, may be it can work, but this article is written only for Firefox. Also keep in mind that if your browser is not supported by extension, you can’t do anything with this bypass! So think twice before using any other browser.

– Tampermonkey extension (again) And again, if you use other browser with plugin like Chrome or Opera, make sure it’s supported by the mentioned above extension!

How to bypass ip ban on discord – easy steps

1.  Start Firefox and go here: https://discordapp.com/login

2.  Check the value of the cookie named ‘login’

3.  Delete this cookie by clicking on small icon below it and selecting “Remove Cookie”.

4.  Now you should be able to use Discord without ip ban. But if you want old system back, just add another cookie with login value! So simple 🙂

5. Add another cookie with value login

Not working? Then check your browser extensions for Tampermonkey. And also change the browser if possible.

Additional features that can be used on Discord

– Account Switcher

Account switcher is a good thing if you have more than one account on the service.

– Ghost mode for servers

With this little thing you can become a ghost, which means you will appear as offline user to server members.

– Customization

You can install custom CSS themes and change basic behavior of Discord using built in Javascript support.

– Extensions

There are hundreds of extensions to use with Discord. With those you can change how things look and feel surrounding everything from notifications to emotes.

– Bots

Bots are awesome because you can interact with them using chat commands. An example of awesome bot is Dyno Bot.

– Games integration

You can launch games from Discord with custom commands.

In my opinion, Discord is a good software and they don’t have to force us to use their chat service using stupid ip bans. Maybe these changes are aimed to increase our user experience or whatever the reason is, but I think this type of authentication with IP address should be optional.