Bossa Studios, the developer of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, has announced three new multiplayer games. Project Meru is a free-to-play game with an emphasis on exploration and discovery in a lush tropical world. Darkseekers is a competitive first person shooter that pits players against each other in a battle for survival. Room of Doom is an asymmetrical horror game where one player controls the monsters while the others control survivors trying to escape.

Bossa Studios is an independent game development studio that was founded in 2008 by a small group of friends. They have created three new multiplayer titles, Project Meru, Darkseekers, and Room of Doom.


It’s been a long since we’ve heard from Bossa Studios, owing to the fact that the closest thing it had to an MMO, Worlds Adrift, was cancelled in 2019. However, the firm has revealed a number of new games that may be of interest to our multiplayer-playing readers.

Project Meru is the earliest and most well-known, a multiplayer survival game that emphasizes co-op gaming, creating, constructing, fighting robots, and changing the environment.

“Project Meru is a cooperative and action-oriented survival-lite experience in which you construct a bespoke machine host to ride on, establish bases with, and battle with in order to recover a fully systems ecology ripped apart by the enigmatic Giants, ancient creatures with godlike abilities.” The aim of Project Meru is to create a shared experience for up to 10 individuals that emphasizes player expression, innovation, and emergent goal formulation. It aims to improve on the conventional survival-crafting game concept by eliminating a number of annoyances and out-of-date customs.”

Darkseekers is a survival game for eight players set in “a world of hushed theme parks, stilled towns, and desolate fields” full with creatures and ghosts trying to spoil your pleasure. This game is shown on the header image at the top of this page!

Finally, there’s Room of Doom, a prototype for an eight-player multiplayer game that’s billed as a “neon macabre lab-raiding party game.” That’s… novel.

“You are charged with fighting against other mercenaries for lucrative’recovery’ jobs amid the chaos of portals and otherworldly creatures,” the website claims. “Each contract has up to eight friends or enemies fighting for the riches, plundering their way through the strange chambers of an expansive scientific facility at the intersection of time and space. As a reward for surviving stages filled with peril and dynamic challenges, recover experiments, collect artifacts, and hoard riches.”

Overall, a few of games worth keeping an eye on, but don’t get too attached just yet; they are only ideas and prototypes, and Bossa has a history of canceling titles that don’t catch on right away.


I am bread is a new multiplayer game that allows players to explore and solve puzzles in a dark bread factory. The game will be available on September 21st, for $9.99. Reference: i am bread.

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