This is a profile of American football player and high school senior Archie Manning. In his short life, he has been considered one of the most highly recruited players in country history after being named Mr. Football USA by PrepNation as well as Offensive Player of the Year for Texas according to MaxPreps.,

Archie Manning is the nation’s top quarterback recruit in a family of quarterback royalty. Arch has been preparing for this moment his entire life and he will be ready to take on the college football world when he arrives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Because of a pinging noise in the background, Texas coach Steve Sarkisian couldn’t hear one of the country’s most recognized high school football players when they spoke on FaceTime one afternoon in July.

“Are you at a video game arcade?” Sarkisian inquired. “Where have you gone?”

“Coach, it’s a little humiliating,” remarked the quarterback. “I’m in charge of babysitting. I’m in an arcade, but they’ll be occupied for the next 30 minutes.”

That’s right, Arch Manning, the No. 2 high school athlete in the Class of 2023 and a member of football’s most renowned family’s third generation, babysits two days a week over the summer and on the weekends. He is not a video game player or a social media user.

Manning’s coach at Isidore Newman School, Nelson Stewart, stated, “He has such a high sense of humility.” “He dislikes being the center of attention and avoids doing so. He just enjoys spending time with his pals.”

It would be easy for Arch to develop an ego the size of adjacent Lake Pontchartrain as the son of Cooper, grandson of Archie, and nephew of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Eli and Peyton. He seems to be an outlier in the age of name, picture, and likeness, TikTok, and Twitter. He seldom uses social media, with the exception of five postings on his private Instagram account.

“I check it for other things,” Arch said, “but I’m not really on there much.” “I’m not sure I want to cope with all of it.”

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Arch, 17, wishes to keep specifics of his day-to-day existence and where he could go college confidential for the time being. The junior isn’t expected to make his most anticipated college football recruitment choice until at least next spring.

“It’s a great rarity,” Stewart remarked, “but it’s also quite invigorating.” “Scholarship offers, I believe, are now treated as if they were a patch on a letter jacket. It’s not about the offers; it’s about stating that you’re lucky and humbled and other such things in order to attract attention. It’s wonderful to have a child that isn’t like that.”

Of all, with an arm like this and a last name like Manning, the excitement and advertising will find you no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Two of his games will be aired nationally, including his home game versus Berkeley Prep of Tampa, Florida on Friday night (9 p.m. ET, ESPNU and ESPN App).

Arch spent a few minutes after his team’s 59-7 win against Pearl River at home on Oct. 1 to sign autographs. According to Stewart, the Isidore Newman football office has gotten a handful of signature requests each week since his freshman year. Arch was not permitted to give media interviews as a freshman, and Stewart did not inform him of the signature demands until he was a sophomore.

“I believe I’m one of the team’s regulars,” Arch stated. “Newman and New Orleans, I believe, do a wonderful job with this. I’m simply an ordinary high school football player and student. Outside of New Orleans, I believe they are trying to hype things up, but I am unconcerned with the Manning situation. I’m simply trying to enjoy my senior year.”


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At Michael Lupin Field, which stands on the border of the 11-acre campus and close to a centuries-old cemetery with above-ground tombstones, it’s impossible not to notice Manning’s legacy. The Manning Family Athletic Complex, which includes a plaza, practice field, skydeck, and pressbox, was inaugurated by Isidore Newman five years ago. Cooper, Peyton, and eventually Eli wore the No. 18 jersey, which was retired by the school in 2015. Every time Arch looks up at the No. 18 on the football facility’s stone wall, with his father’s and uncles’ names immediately below, he is reminded of his family’s heritage. From the parking lot, Archie sometimes observes practice.

“I believe there’s natural pressure,” Stewart said, “but I think he’s simply one of those kids that is a great achiever and has high expectations.” “It’s simply the way he’s built. I’m sure he loves his granddad, and they’re a really tight family. He doesn’t get sucked into it. I try to concentrate just on the Arch, rather than Manning, and act as his coach. I believe he is his own person, and he is aware of it. He doesn’t have a feeling of entitlement, which is crucial to me. He has a low-key demeanor. I don’t believe he is under pressure as a result of [his name], but he does put pressure on himself.”

Arch is a cinema addict beyond anything else. In 2007, Emily Doliner traveled from Maine to New Orleans to attend Tulane University. A manager asked about her babysitting availability when she was working in the Green Wave’s sports department. The Mannings needed a babysitter for their daughter, May, as well as Arch and Heid. May, a former Sacred Heart volleyball player, is currently a student at the University of Virginia.

Since then, Doliner has been a member of the family. Arch would become excited when glancing at his phone on certain evenings, she’d notice. Doliner said, “I simply figured it was a teenager reacting to some hearsay.” “I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on.”

Arch, on the other hand, was viewing highlights from one of his games from two years ago.

He said, “I can’t believe I missed it!”

Arch spent time in front of a whiteboard with Sarkisian and other coaches on an unofficial visit to Texas in June. He had left his notes behind by mistake. They were discovered and given to Sarkisian. “Coach Sarkisian phoned me and said it took their breath away and that the amount of data he was writing down was amazing,” Stewart added.

Sarkisian told him, “I just want you to know that I’ve been doing this for a long time and have worked with a lot of quarterbacks.” “Even if I never get the opportunity to coach this child, the fact that I had the opportunity to work with him today was incredible and makes it all worthwhile. That’s how he made an effect on us.”

Apart from not playing video games or using social media, Arch had little interest in watching television until this summer, when he binge-watched “Friday Night Lights.” He stayed up late one night for the first time to see “Titanic.” Doliner said he tries to keep things simple, with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Smoothie King snacks.

Arch was getting ready to submit his highlights to coaches all around the nation after his rookie season. He was undecided about which coaches should get them. “In my head, I’m thinking, ‘You can see your recordings on ESPN,’” Doliner added.

As a result, Arch compiled a list of schools that includes almost the entire SEC as well as every other school in the final AP top 25 poll for 2019. She was taken aback by how casual he was about some of his decisions. “I don’t know if I can get in there,” he said when she suggested a certain institution with a strong academic record.

“He’s a fantastic student,” she said. “It was just a typical freshman lad talking about college and not really comprehending how many doors football may open for him.”

Arch and his inner circle aren’t giving many indications to the question that everyone is asking (and asking and asking).

“I believe he’s still refining his focus a little bit,” Stewart added. “I don’t believe he’s in a hurry. Observing him, I believe he is still learning. I don’t believe it’s simply a matter of researching crimes. Traveling to games, going to college and chatting to people, and learning about the places are all things he appreciates. I believe he, too, wants a positive college experience. I believe he wants to go to a college town where he can have a good time and get the most out of his college experience. Everywhere he goes, he is adored.”

For the time being, Arch is focused on leading Isidore Newman to the Class 2A state semifinals. He’ll make his official visits this spring once the dust settles on college football’s coaching carousel this year, and he could be in a position to make a college selection — or not.

Archie observed, “Arch has a good head on his shoulders.” “It will come to him, and I believe he will be able to manage it. I believe it will be difficult. It’ll probably be similar to Peyton. He’d come for a weekend visit and planned to stay there on Sunday night. He’s lucky in that he has a variety of choices.”

Archie Manning was the nation’s top quarterback recruit in a family of quarterback royalty. His grandson, Archie Manning Jr., is one of the best quarterbacks in college football today. Reference: archie manning grandson.

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