Amethyst is a beautiful gem that can be found in the deepest depths of the Nether. It’s very hard to get, but it can make up for it. This article will show you various things amethyst can do!

One of the most important things amethyst can do is make tools! No one likes using a diamond pickaxe for mining obsidian, so why not use an amethyst pickaxe instead? Diamonds are for digging up dirt and iron, but that’s it. If you need to dig your way through a wall of obsidian, you’ll need amethyst. It’s even better than diamond because it has the durability of iron and is 4x as fast!

what can i do with amethyst in minecraft

The best use for amethyst though is tools. Amethyst can be crafted into pickaxes, swords, and axes. This makes it a great tool because it has the durability of an iron tool but it’s speed is as fast as a diamond one! It’s also 4x stronger than a wood one so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. It’s an essential tool that can make your time in the nether much easier!

Another good use of amethyst is making quartz bricks for decoration. Quartz usually takes forever to mine with a diamond pickaxe, but with amethyst you don’t have to worry about that! All you need is 9 blocks of netherrack, 6 amethyst, and 9 blocks of gravel. You can make quartz stairs, quartz slabs, and even an entire quartz house (if your willing to take the time).

Amethyst is a valuable ore that can be found underground in

Nether fortresses. You won’t necessarily need it for anything, but you can turn it into gold ingots and make golden tools! All you need is 9 blocks of amethyst and 8 blocks of netherrack in a crafting table. Amethyst is quite rare though so be prepared to mine for a while!

It can be used to make purple dye, which is the rarest color in Minecraft.

Purple dye will make a piece of armor or a wool block the same color as the dye. It’s very useful for fending off endermen because they won’t teleport to you if your wearing it, and there is no way to get rid of it! All you need is 1 amethyst and 3 bonemeal in a crafting table.

Amethyst blocks are used to make decorative pillars and walls in Minecraft

These are useful in making buildings look fancier. All you need is 9 blocks of amethyst in a crafting table! Amethyst is a great ore that can be used to make valuable things in Minecraft. You can turn it into tools, bricks, gold ingots, purple dye, and more with only 9 blocks of this pretty ore!

Amethyst can be turned into a sword or tool with the correct enchantment

There are many uses for amethyst in Minecraft that can make your time in the nether much easier. This article has shown you 5 of these uses so now go out there and try them! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Happy Mining!

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