Junglers in the current meta are all about winning fights and putting pressure on objectives. However, there is a group of off-meta junglers that can bring out some interesting strategies to keep things fresh. For example, Maokai has seen his popularity skyrocket after he was used as an unconventional counterpick to take away enemy team’s mobility with his CC abilities while allowing your own team to fight at a slow pace.

In League of Legends, junglers have a large impact on the map. Without them, teams would be forced to play more defensively and not as aggressively. In this list we look at some of the best off-meta junglers in competitive history who use unique strategies or mechanics for their particular role–from solo queue to professional tournaments.Junglers are a tricky class to play in League of Legends. They have abilities that can be difficult to use effectively and they’re usually at the mercy of what other players want them to do before it’s too late. In this blog, we’ll take a look at seven best off-meta junglers from recent seasons who’ve found success with their unique builds, mechanics, or champion pools

The “off meta junglers 2021” is a popular topic. The article will discuss the 7 best off-meta junglers in League of Legends.

We’ll go through the 7 greatest off-meta Junglers in League of Legends, as well as some techniques for each Champion to assist you counter when in lane.

The current Jungle meta is a dangerous place to be. Most of the elite Junglers emphasize ganking and early kills, which puts other Jungle Champions in an odd position. Playing these off-meta selections necessitates understanding how to counter the current aggressive playstyle. It’s easier said than done, but once you get the feel of it, it’s a lot of fun.

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A Few Points to Consider When Playing Off-Meta Champions

Off-meta play is a difficult challenge. To properly oppose the meta, you must first understand it, which generally requires you to play the meta well as well. Even if you don’t routinely adjust your playstyle to match whatever the current meta is, knowing what you’re up against is at the very least useful. This is particularly true in ranked play, as the current meta will be used by the vast majority of players.

The current Jungle meta is dominated by Champions with significant damage output, like as assassins and brawlers like Lee Sin, Graves, and Kayn. It’s all about rapid kills and efficient ganks, as we’ve already discussed.

You need to be able to halt those things in their tracks if you’re going to go off-meta. The majority of the non-meta Junglers on our list are tanks, supports, and a few less-common aggressive types that can shut down the larger plays.

Let’s get started with our recommendations for the top off-meta Junglers in League of Legends!

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Top 7 Champions in League of Legends’ Off-Meta Junglers

Before we get started, keep in mind that your success with off-meta selections is still based on how strong you are with the Champion in question. If you don’t have the abilities to back it up, no amount of theory constructing can help you succeed!



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion Ivern Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: 51.63 percent of the time, you win | 1.01 percent of the time, you choose.

Ivern’s unusual passive ability makes him an intriguing pick. He has the ability to exchange boosts with allied Champions, which is a useful talent for any squad. Because he’s so simply counter-jungled — there’s nothing preventing a Graves or Lee Sin from stepping into lane and doing whatever they want — his popularity has plummeted.

That is, unless the Ivern player understands what they’re doing. You must play extremely tactically with Ivern, particularly in the current meta, and keep everything warded. He’s now one of the most dangerous bets, but also one of the most lucrative.



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion mordekaiser Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: 51.48 percent of the time, you win | 0.45 percent of the time, you choose.

Mordekaiser is one of the most straightforward off-meta Junglers on our list. He also has several unique abilities, with his ultimate being one of the most beneficial for Junglers: he can easily prevent or conduct ganks. He definitely belongs in the category of “aggressive” Junglers, but not in the same sense as the meta selections.

Mordekaiser’s greatest strength is his adaptability, not his ability to destroy adversaries rapidly. Depending on the situation, he may be a highly effective crowd control tank or a burst mage. It’s all about blending in with your team’s requirements, which might be a boon in solo queue.



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion of skarner Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: 52.91 percent of the time, you win | 0.66 percent of the time, you choose.

Skarner is one of my favorite Champions since he can quickly shut down even the most aggressive. Skarner’s ultimate power to silence any adversary has never been greater, particularly in Jungle, in a meta packed with Graves, Lee Sin, and Kha’Zix. If only he had greater resources before Level 6, he could have beaten Level 6.

You’ll have to play around your team since Skarner doesn’t accomplish much on his alone or in the early game. Trying to be a carry in one-on-one battles as Skarner will almost surely result in tragedy. He’s all about collaboration, so consult with your teammates before locking him in.



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion of volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: 51.12 percent of the time, you win | 2.05 percent of the time, you choose.

Volibear is a combative Champion, thus it’s strange that he isn’t more well-known right now. Voli stands out among the best Junglers because of the kind of aggressiveness he excels in. Voli isn’t a “stylish” Champion with a lot of snowball potential, which is what league players want.

Volibear is a lot more brawling Jungler than the others. In one-on-one confrontations against burst damage dealers, he typically loses, but having a decent team composition allows him to thrive. Voli is best suited to teams who already have burst damage covered and need a tank. You should be cautious with him, but if you’re competent enough, you can make good use of him.



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion of sejuani Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: 51.96 percent of the time, you win | 1.55 percent of the time, you choose.

Sejuani is a strong off-meta Jungler since she’s a terrific counter-pick for Champions like Graves and Viego. Her ability to shut down high-energy Champions with her ultimate, as well as her overall tankiness, help her deal with them.

Because of her powerful ultimate, Sej is usually always a good selection, but she presently suits the position as a specialized counter-pick nicely. I wouldn’t suggest her as a blind pick, and I wouldn’t put her on a tank-heavy team either. You must know when to use off-meta Junglers and when to adhere to the meta, just as you must know when to use other off-meta Junglers.



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion of nocturne Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: 52.97 percent of the time, you win | 4.25 percent of the time, you choose.

Nocturne wasn’t always one of the greatest and most popular Junglers in the game. However, the Jungle meta has shifted significantly since then. People stopped playing Nocturne since there are now more alternatives in the assassin-ish category, and Nocturne doesn’t stack up as well against the present popular Champions.

However, I believe there is still plenty of potential for Nocturne, as long as you don’t choose him on the basis of his name alone. You must also consider what Champions are in opposing lanes since Nocturne’s utility is strongly reliant on them. Give Nocturne a try if you believe you can gank lanes with him in a certain match (and the opposition Jungler doesn’t counter him too hard).



Screen-Shot-2021-10-27-at-7 Riot games artwork of champion of rammus Riot Games is a video game publisher.

Stats: Pick Rate: 1.9 percent | Win Rate: 53.63 percent

Rammus has always been a divisive choice. I honestly don’t recall a time when he was a “great” choice, but Ramus is really doing very well in the current meta. There are a number of Champions that deal a lot of attack damage, and Rammus isn’t afraid to take it. Rammus, on the other hand, will definitely need a well-tuned team composition, preferably one that has solid damage and assistance elsewhere.

Rammus is mostly a tank with a little amount of crowd management. He’s a bit of a meme pick, but we can always use a meme now and again. Just keep an eye on Rammus as you’re playing. If you choose him for the incorrect team, he may be completely worthless, therefore pick him when you’re one of the last to choose.

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We hope you liked our list of the finest League of Legends off-meta junglers. In a game like League of Legends, going off-meta is always a dangerous move, but it may pay off handsomely if done well. Do your homework before doing this in high-level games, but don’t be afraid to give it a go once you’re ready.

Have fun gaming!

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