These are the teams for this season 0 Manchester City Women. The list includes all of the football clubs in England’s Premier League, as well as those who played in the FA Women’s Super League 1 last year.,

Manchester City Women 0 is the score of Manchester City Women’s match against Chelsea Ladies.

Chelsea celebrate their second goal at Manchester CityThis season, Chelsea has scored 22 goals in seven games.

Chelsea, the reigning Women’s Super League champions, got to within a point of league leaders Arsenal after a convincing win against Manchester City.

Chelsea took the lead in the opening minute as Jessie Fleming took advantage of a defensive blunder.

Just before half-time, Emma Hayes’ team added a second when they broke fast and Sam Kerr blasted home from Fran Kirby’s cross.

After the break, Kirby coiled up before Magdalena Eriksson left for home.

The result was noteworthy for the visitors, who have now won six consecutive WSL games since losing their first match against Arsenal.

Manchester City suffered their third home defeat of the season, and another humiliating setback. Arsenal had thrashed them 5-0 earlier in the season.

The outcome was made all the more disheartening by the fact that the hosts were the stronger team in the first half after going down, but they unable to produce clear-cut opportunities despite their possession.

The only time they came near was in the second half, when Ann-Katrin Berger saved a solid Lauren Hemp effort.

‘We were penalised for our errors,’ they said.

“We controlled the first quarter, played some fantastic things,” Manchester City manager Gareth Taylor told Sky Sports. It didn’t help that they gave up an early goal. We seemed to be in command, but a strong squad punished us. If you make such errors against a team like Chelsea, you will be punished.

“You have to keep moving forward.” If we had gotten three points out of the bag today, we would have made a tremendous stride forward. We’ll keep going ahead because teams are stealing points from one another, and we need to remain in the mix.

“In terms of our performance, I thought we controlled the first half and had many opportunities. The second half was more evenly matched. Our first-half performance was one of the greatest I’ve seen from us.”

“I thought this would be a difficult game,” Chelsea manager Emma Hayes told Sky Sports. In the first half, I felt we battled with everything. We were stuck, we were sluggish, and we couldn’t react as quickly as we should have. I modified the form, and our squad shown their adaptability, and I thought we were tremendous in the second half.

“I can only speak for myself and my team: we were decisive and adaptive. Despite the fact that we were not at our best in the first half, we were 2-0 ahead. The whole squad put forth an outstanding performance.”


Women of Man City

4-3-3 formation

34 Benameur




  • 34 Benameur
  • 10Stanway
  • 8Scott
  • 5Greenwood It was scheduled for 74 minutes.
  • 3Stokes
  • At 69’minutes, 12Angeldal was substituted for Coombs.
  • 24Walsh
  • At 77’minutes, 19Weir was substituted by Losada.
  • Park replaced Beckieat in the 69th minute.
  • 18White
  • 79’minutesHempSubstituted forRasoat15HempSubstituted forRasoat


  • 7Coombs
  • 11Beckie
  • 13Raso
  • 17Losada
  • 30Mace
  • 31Pilling
  • 33 Kennedy

Chelsea Ladies

3-4-3 formation





  • At 77’minutes, 30Berger was substituted by Musovic.
  • 4Bright
  • 7Carter
  • 16Eriksson
  • 22Cuthbert
  • Ingle was replaced by 10Ji for 45 minutes.
  • 8Leupolz
  • At 78’minutes, Reiten was substituted by Charles.
  • At 78’minutes, 14Kirby was substituted for Spence.
  • At 67’minutes, 20Kerr was substituted for England.
  • 17Fleming


  • 1Musovic
  • 5Ingle
  • 9England
  • 18Mjelde
  • 19James
  • 21Charles
  • 24Spence
  • 25Andersson
  • 29Fox

Live Text

  1. Manchester City Women 0 Chelsea Women 4 is the final score.
  2. Manchester City Women 0, Chelsea Women 4 at the conclusion of the second half.
  3. The attempt was unsuccessful. The left footed shot from long range on the left by Janine Beckie (Manchester City Women) is too high. Vicky Losada assisted.
  4. The attempt was unsuccessful. Right-footed effort from the middle of the box by Jessie Fleming (Chelsea Women) misses to the right. Bethany England was a big help.
  5. Manchester City Women’s Corner Magdalena Eriksson made the concession.
  6. Attempt was thwarted. Manchester City Women’s Hayley Raso’s left-footed attempt from outside the box is stopped. Demi Stokes assisted.
  7. The attempt was unsuccessful. Georgia Stanway’s left-footed attempt from outside the box is high and wide to the right for Manchester City Women. Following a set piece predicament, Jill Scott assisted.
  8. Manchester City Women’s Laura Coombs earns a free kick on the left wing.
  9. Sophie Ingle has committed a foul (Chelsea Women).
  10. Manchester City Women have made a substitution. Lauren Hemp is replaced by Hayley Raso.
  11. Chelsea Women’s Substitution Fran Kirby is replaced by Drew Spence.
  12. Chelsea Women’s Substitution Guro Reiten is replaced by Niamh Charles.
  13. Chelsea Women’s Substitution Due to an injury, Ann-Katrin Berger is replaced by Zecira Musovic.
  14. Manchester City Women have made a substitution. Caroline Weir is replaced by Vicky Losada.
  15. The attempt was unsuccessful. The right footed shot from the middle of the box by Bethany England (Chelsea Women) is too high. Fran Kirby assisted.
  16. For a bad foul, Alex Greenwood (Manchester City Women) receives a yellow card.
  17. Alex Greenwood commits a foul (Manchester City Women).
  18. Chelsea Women’s Melanie Leupolz earns a free kick in the defensive half.
  19. The attempt has been saved. Lauren Hemp (Manchester City Women) hits the top left corner with a left footed shot from the left side of the box that is saved. Demi Stokes assisted.
  20. Laura Coombs has committed a foul (Manchester City Women).

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Manchester City Women 0 is the score of a football match between Manchester City and Chelsea. The game took place on June 24, 2019. Reference: man city vs chelsea highlights today.

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