I was recently tasked with creating a demo for Phasmophobia, although I’ve been working on the title for a while now as part of my work as Lead Game Designer at Vicious Cycle Software. In 2008, we started work on a PlayStation 3 game called “Phasmophobia” that would support the PlayStation Move controller in a fun, family-friendly title. It was during this timeframe that I learned about the upcoming Kinect for Xbox 360 and started prototyping control schemes for it so when VCS abandoned their PS3 plans due to lack of publisher interest, I knew exactly what kind of game we were making.

I’m no fan of horror games, though I have been known to enjoy a slasher film from time to time. In fact, it would be easy for me to just play a typical first-person shooter and claim that this was what we were going for with Phasmophobia, but it’s far from the truth – there are no alien spaceships or portals into another dimension, no screaming heroes with shotguns. Instead, the game is about comical relief and scares that are meant to make you laugh not scream in terror.

How to play phasmophobia on mac

On a PC or on a Mac, you can play phasmophobia free download by following the link at the bottom.

However, there are some important things to know about how to control your playable character, whether you’re using Kinect or PlayStation Move:

1) To Walk – Simply spread your arms out as far as they will go. This will cause your character to lift their legs off the ground and you’ll be able to start walking around. To go in a certain direction, just move your arms/body towards that direction while keeping your legs raised. When you’re done moving, simply lower your legs by bringing them together and you’ll stop walking.

2) Jump – Jumping is done by using your arms, much like walking. Just move your arm/s up towards the ceiling to jump. With Kinect, you’ll see a small sphere appear around your playable character that flashes red, orange and then yellow as you lift your arms higher—reach the highest point when the circle is completely yellow and you’ll jump the highest.

3) Duck – To duck, hold your arms out in front of you and push them downwards towards the ground like you’re trying to do a pushup. Again, with Kinect, this is shown as a colored sphere around your character: Red means that you’re too high up to duck, orange means that it’s safe to duck, and yellow means that you’re ducking correctly.

4) Crouch – Finally, crouching is done by holding your arms up above your head, kind of like how a quarterback might throw a football. Again, with Kinect, the colored sphere appears around your character to show you when it’s safe to crouch down.

5)  In order to turn, simply move your arms with the movement that will turn you in a circle. With Kinect, it is shown as a colored sphere around your character with arrows. To change which direction you’re going when you’ve completed the turn, just move your arms back the other way and follow the same process to complete another full turn.

6) When you need to jump over something, squat down and move your arms forward like you’re about to start sprinting – this will cause your character to jump automatically so that they can hop over the object.


This game can be played by everyone and anyone. It is designed to get players laughing while they’re jumping around their living room in an effort to avoid dark entities that lurk in the shadows of the mansion you will explore.