The Tower is a safe haven for all guardians on each of the four worlds that you will visit in Destiny 2. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and plan your next adventure, or just to take a break from the relentless action. The social space features several different vendors who will aid you in your quest to defeat Ghaul and his Red Legion. You will meet Zavala, Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey once again, who were famous heroes in the previous game. There are also other NPCs to interact with.

If you haven’t played the original game, the only thing you need to know is that you are a guardian. The guardians are warriors who lived on Earth protecting their home from hostile aliens. However, one day an army of darkness known as “the Red Legion” destroyed the last city and killed Cayde-6’s buddies. Then they followed with an attack on your home, the Tower. You barely escaped alive after stealing their super weapon, The Almighty – a ship with the capability to destroy entire worlds.

Counting all the asswholes in the room

One thing to keep in mind about the Tower is that it doesn’t offer any weapons or armor you can purchase with glimmer. The only way you can obtain new gear and materials here is by decrypting engrams. You’ll receive them as rewards for completing missions and public events, or just picking them up from fallen enemies. Or you can purchase them from the vendors with shards.

At the top of this page, we showed you a picture of one of those vendors, named Devrim Kay. He is an NPC located on Earth and he has several items for sale such as weapons, weapon mods and shaders. You may be thinking that you need glimmer to buy those items, but the only currency he takes is a type of token called “Seed of Light”. You can also obtain it from other vendors on different planets.

It increases player power, speed, and ammo capacity

Makes you a bullet sponge, too. Transforming enemy mobs into red paste with one shot is what gamers call “God Mode”. What are the benefits of having this item? The Seed of Light increases your power level so you can tackle very difficult encounters much easier than before. Once you acquire it through Xur, every single activity in the game will give you more XP. Bungie believed it would be unfair to have players with higher level equipment participating in the same activities as beginners. So, instead of creating separate levels for PvP, they lower your power level so that everyone is on the same playing field.

It also allows players to resurrect themselves after being killed in battle

When your health bar is completely depleted, there’s a short period of time called “downed mode” where you are allowed one chance to be revived. You can use it once per encounter unless you have the Seed of Light on. However, if you are killed again during this same enemy activity before being revived, it will instantly kill you for good. Players without the Seed of Light will not be given this opportunity to be brought back to life.


While there are many players who wish to obtain the Seed of Light, it is not available for everyone. If you’re planning to get Destiny 2, keep in mind that this item will increase your power level and basically give you “God Mode” status against enemies with lower power levels. If you’re not one of those who want to use it, then don’t rate yourself down. Reach out to other guardians and communicate. Don’t forget that teamwork is the key to victory!